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| Doug's Rants | August 3, 2017

Equal Opportunity Fairness?

 As reported in this newspaper recently, there is a controversy brewing between residents of the Sand Canyon area and The Sand Canyon Homeowners Association (SCHOA). KHTS has requested the list of email addresses of the homeowners for the purpose of creating “a hyper local information portal for Sand Canyon.” As you can imagine, there are folks who aren’t happy about this.


I’m not going to get into the aspect of whether it’s ethical for a homeowners association to hand over email addresses of some unsuspecting residents to a for profit media company. I’m not going rant that I would love to have the same email list enabling this publisher’s Canyon Country Magazine to create the same sort of information portal with the monthly Sand Canyon news we deliver each month.



Instead, I’m going to address the unfair and damaging email that Ruthann Levison, SCHOA’s communications director, shared about this newspaper by KHTS owners Carl Goldman and Jeri Seratti Goldman to 800 of my neighbors. This was done without giving me the opportunity to defend the Gazette writer, our publishing integrity and this newspaper’s reputation to those residents.


An open letter to Sand Canyon Residents from the Goldmans stated “the article in the Gazette about our intentions is inaccurate.” Nowhere in the letter did it address what was inaccurate, what we got wrong or what should have been written. It was a flat, unwarranted, defamatory slam. The letter containing the slam went directly to Sand Canyon homeowners via email.


The following is the letter I sent to Mrs. Levison:


 Ruthann, please forward to the Canyon:


In regard to Tuesday’s email from the Goldmans to 800 of our neighbors, I was surprised to see it forwarded. It was a public relations piece that claimed an inaccuracy in a well-researched, factual article in the Gazette. They included no evidence for the statement, yet it cast doubt on the credibility of our writer and of our publication. 


Her response:


Good Morning Doug,

I have considered your request and have decided not to submit your writing to the SCHOA community. While I am mindful that you wish to set the record straight in response to the recent comments by KHTS, please note that SCHOA is not the proper forum for your response.

You have an existing facility to respond directly to KHTS and to your readers.

As you know, SCHOA is very interested in providing direct access to emergency information provided by KHTS for our canyon residents, if they wish to receive it, as this methodology appears to be a reasonable, more efficient and necessary method of effective and timely communications for the future.

As such, this is the sole perspective of SCHOA and thus, I prefer that SCHOA not intervene in conflicts such as the one you have described. Please note that if KHTS makes a request to respond to your further communication to them, if any, in a separate forum, SCHOA will decline to provide a platform for their response.

Urgh! The problem is that she let the cat out of the bag and then decided the association was not the place to allow my defense of the unsubstantiated allegation.


I will say this, the article in question was based solely on facts and verified comments from a SCHOA board meeting the writer attended, in addition to emails from association members.


As much as I would like to think that every member of SCHOA reads the Gazette in one form or the other, the fact is they don’t, and now this newspaper has been besmirched to those who don’t follow us, without our opportunity to set the record straight.                   


A Very Serious Situation:


While the left-wing media locks in on Russia, Scaramucci, General Kelly and the certain downfall of the administration, the North Korean madman keeps practicing his country’s missile skills. At the same time, millions of Americans (especially millennials) are going about their lives zeroed in on themselves and their personal fulfillment, totally unaware, or not caring about this pending threat.


Then there are those who don’t think the madman would ever actually attack us because he knows we would annihilate his country. Do you really think a guy who torches and allows his people starve, many of them in labor camps, gives two rips about his country?


So, what to do? Just hope no missile with a nuclear warhead ever gets this far? Rely on our ability to shoot down any missile heading our way? Hope and pray China can talk some sense into the guy? Even if we could engage in some dialogue with the dictator, would we believe him like England believed Hitler?


This was really brought home by Senator Lindsey Graham:


“There is a military option to destroy North Korea’s program and North Korea itself. He is not going to allow (President Trump) the ability of this madman to have a missile to hit America. If there’s going to be a war to stop him, it will be over there. If thousands die, they’re going to die over there. They’re not going to die here. And he has told me that to my face. And that may be provocative, but not really. When you’re president of the United States, where does your allegiance lie? To the people of the United States? This man Kim Jong Un is threatening America with a nuclear-tipped missile.”


We all hope and pray this never happens, but we must, every one of us, be prepared for the horror we will witness if an attack on our part occurs over there. If it does, it will be because our leaders will be acting to protect us. I’m sure you remember how 9/11 affected this country; can you imagine how a nuclear attack on Honolulu would bring us to our  knees, in more ways than one?


Letters to the Ranter:



I was designing an answer to the lib Bess in your opinion section who fits the bill as the rest of the whining libs and attacks on Trump! All we need to do is focus on why the damn Obamacare is so expensive because of all the added Federal and State employees adding another TPA before any of the business sent in and out between the client/insured and insurance company. And, all the new rules and regulations caused by the feds reporting (already have that for last 100 yrs) necessary to comply with ACA rules!


I have never in 54 years been so damn mad doing all the extra work between clients and insurance companies and getting paid 20% of what we previously made before damn Obamacare and have 5 times more work! Ask any broker! If they weren’t such idiots who don’t know what hell they are doing we could spend the time and have a forum, but unfortunately wouldn’t change as they don’t qualify or know what they are doing!


Check my article I wrote for you and tell them all they have to do to reduce costs is focus on those 3 solutions:


  1. Feds prosecute fraud!
  2. Work Rx to reduce costs of development as noted.
  3. Have Mal practice insurance for doctors more reasonable to save cost, not passed onto patients, but keep them accountable! James



We received a letter in the mail the other day from our insurance company, stating that they could not make an arrangement with the only hospital in our community to be a preferred provider. You would think an insurance company as big as Anthem Blue Cross and the only hospital in Santa Clarita, Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital could come to a compromise. Instead, if we have an emergency need, we have to go the San Fernando Valley. And what about all of our doctors we have in SCV, do they work out of those other hospitals? How about the insurance companies, hospitals, doctors, lawyers all put the people first? What a concept…. Deanna



I just read your current Rants and I of course agree with the seven points you made about the Obama/Clinton administration failures. There is one more point that I feel I must add. Obama did a shameful thing when he threatened and succeeded in holding up Federal funds to all of American Academia unless they came up with a policy of young male college students often unfairly charged with sex crimes to be charged with guilty until proven innocent instead of the traditional American way of innocent until proven guilty. Shame on him for that. So many young males unfairly convicted of that while colleges have always been the safest places for young American female college students.  Robert



The liberals who wanted to try and impeach President Trump as soon as he took office (with no proof or evidence about collusion or obstruction of justice) should look into their own closet. Would collusion look like then President Obama telling Russian President Medvedev he “would be more flexible after he is re-elected (in 2012)”. Or would it resemble then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton signing off on the sale of 20% of U.S. uranium reserves to a Russian-owned mining company? Also, name calling is a favorite tactic of people void of ideas. Those who routinely condemn “hate speech” think nothing of calling Trump and his supporters fascist, racist, blank-o-phobe (fill in the blank), hater, anti-Semite and worse.(By the way—liberals/leftists are the ones who engage in all of these charges against Trump and his supporters, not Conservatives). Voters weariness of this tactic possible contributed to Trump winning. Many protestors practicing those behaviors they project onto President Trump is unconscionable.  Phil



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