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| Doug's Rants | September 7, 2017

Contemplative State of Mind:

As I sit down (I know, I know, sitting is the new smoking, but those ascending desks are too expensive) to rant, I find myself in a contemplative state of mind. Why? I don’t know, but I’m just going to go with it and see what happens.

*Why do dogs tear up their own beds and then seemingly regret it when they have nothing soft to lie on?

*Should the Gazette’s office be closed on Indigenous People Day (formerly known as Columbus Day)?

*I heard that one of the reasons L.A. wanted to get rid of Columbus Day was Christopher was a sexual deviant. Hmm … it’s widely known Martin Luther King Jr. was a chronic adulterer. Should they change that holiday to African American People Day?


*Should the Gazette’s office be closed on Martin Luther King Day, because one year when we were open I got accused of being a racist? Can you imagine what could happen in this day and age if we’re open?

*Okay, I’ll give it to them. Climate change is horrible and man is causing it. You, me and billions of other people are causing it! It’s the reason for the terrible hurricanes that are occurring. OK, now are you happy?

*With that confession out of the way, let me ask this: What should I do differently than I’m doing now? If I do those things will I still have to be concerned about North Korea, the $20 trillion national debt, or even the exorbitant cost of living in California? Or will reducing climate change solve all problems?

*Will we ever get to vote for our own mayor?

*Will the Bill Miranda/Latino Chamber controversy ever die?

*Will John Musella and Hunt Braly ever think the Gazette’s coverage of Bill Miranda and the Latino Chamber is fair and balanced?

*Would Musella’s PR firm ever agree to represent the Gazette?

*Will the Goldmans (owners of KHTS ) ever speak to me again?

*Will the wife of a certain school board member stay angry with me?

*Will Scott Wilk ever shake hands with the Signal owners?

*Will I live to see the day when we can drive from Canyon Country to Newhall on Via Princessa?

*Will my friend Chris Ball and I ever agree on anything political, especially the minimum wage issue?

*Will there ever be a hospital on the east side of town, so when I have my first heart attack I can go in an ambulance on ugly Sierra Hwy instead of beautiful McBean, but get there quicker?

*Will Steve Knight ever include hot topics in his newsletter such as North Korea, tax reform and staving off single payer health benefits, instead of FBI building tours, Simi Valley Eagle Scouts and Antelope Valley ribbon cuttings?

*Will Nancy Pelosi or Maxine Waters ever say anything that makes sense, or has a smidgen of common sense involved in their talking points?

*Will the Democrats provide anything but crickets when it comes to supporting President Trump against the North Korean dictator who wants nothing more than to annihilate us? Will their hate for the man supersede their concern for us Americans?

*I like things black and white, full of common sense and void of unnecessary emotion, but this DACA thing violates all of those in my brain.

*If anyone thinks Congress can get their selfish act together to pass legislation in six months regarding DACA … I surely don’t know what to tell them.

*If anyone thinks Congress can get anything done on the debt ceiling, tax reform, healthcare, DACA, the wall, or declaring war on North Korea, good luck with that.           

*Is it true Bernie Sanders is currently the country’s most popular active politician?

*Is it true Kamala Harris, our senator, is widely speculated to be a 2020 presidential candidate for the Democrats?

*Is it true she is going to co-sponsor Bernie’s single-payer health care legislation so she can latch herself onto America’s most popular politician for a shot at the presidency?

*If I don’t vote for her for president will that make me a racist, a bigot and a woman-hater?

 *Am I the only one who thinks the Republican Party’s contemptible incompetence and unwillingness to fully back the Republican president will result in devastatingly bad results at the polls in the future?

 *Will this continued pathetic Republican failure result in socialists within the Democratic Party taking over, resulting in big government tyranny that has wrecked other nations?

*Will anyone join me in saying God, please help us?

A Bit Eerie:

I came across a fireside chat by President Roosevelt from 1941. It immediately struck me as eerie, as it relates to what we’re facing now with the threats and missile exercises North Korea is doing.

Obviously, these statements I pulled from the president’s radio address were in regard to Hitler, his actions and threats at the time, but they sure seem apropos to what’s going on now.

Our nation was staring a mentally ill dictator in the face back then; today we are in a stare down with a man (boy) who could even be sicker than Hitler was. Should we just wait for the kid dictator to kill thousands of Americans, or should we first kill thousands of North Koreans?

As awful as this sounds, it’s the brutal reality we face. How long President Trump and his advisors wait is the agonizing decision they need to make. The question is, how long should they wait?

Here is some of what President Roosevelt said:

Our type of democratic civilization has outgrown the thought of feeling compelled to fight some other Nation by reason of any single piratical attack on one of our ships. We are not becoming hysterical or losing our sense of proportion. Therefore, what I am thinking and saying tonight does not relate to any isolated episode.

 It would be unworthy of a great Nation to exaggerate an isolated incident, or to become inflamed by some one act of violence. But it would be inexcusable folly to minimize such incidents in the face of evidence which makes it clear that the incident is not isolated, but is part of a general plan.

 His intention has been made clear. The American people can have no further illusions about it.

 There has now come a time when you and I must see the cold, inexorable necessity of saying to these inhuman, unrestrained seekers of world conquest and permanent world domination by the sword: You seek to throw our children and our children’s children into your form of terrorism and slavery. You have now attacked our own safety. You shall go no further.

Normal practices of diplomacy — note writing — are of no possible use in dealing with international outlaws who sink our ships and kill our citizens.

I assume that the German leaders are not deeply concerned, tonight or any other time, by what we Americans or the American Government say or publish about them. We cannot bring about the downfall of Nazism by the use of long-range invective. But when you see a rattlesnake poised to strike, you do not wait until he has struck before you crush him.

My obligation as President is historic; it is clear. It is inescapable.

 It is time for all Americans, Americans of all the Americas to stop being deluded by the romantic notion that the Americas can go on living happily and peacefully in a Nazi-dominated world.

 We have sought no shooting war with Hitler. We do not seek it now. But neither do we want peace so much, that we are willing to pay for it by permitting him to attack our naval and merchant ships while they are on legitimate business.

 I have no illusions about the gravity of this step. I have not taken it hurriedly or lightly. It is the result of months and months of constant thought and anxiety and prayer. In the protection of your Nation and mine it cannot be avoided.

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