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| Doug's Rants | September 28, 2017

Just Shut-Up (Stand-Up) & Play!

 It’s bad enough we have to listen to self-serving, self-centered, idealogical sniveling during awards shows and concerts (just shut-up and act or sing), but now the political poop has invaded the sports arena. Oh my goodness, I really wish these NFL players would resist polluting our means of distraction from regular political nonsense and just do what they get paid to do.

A friend of mine had a good example of the absurdness of this all, pointing out it’s like if a surgeon had you on the table and before you went under, he or she sat down in protest and carried on about racial injustice.

I will add, what if a grocery store clerk stared you down and gritted his/her teeth, gave you an evil eye and muttered “black lives matter” before ringing up the groceries? In other words, this type of immature behavior does not belong anywhere at anyone’s job.

If this sort of thing did happen on the job, the SOBs would be fired! (When President Trump said the SOB should be fired for disrespecting the flag, he said what millions of Americans have been thinking.) FREE SPEECH DOES NOT APPLY TO THE WORKPLACE!


It is Sad:

 It’s sad that emotionally-driven actions with seemingly little thought given to those actions have crept into an incredibly popular sport. It’s sad that millions of unsuspecting young fans who idolize these guys are led into thinking that America is infested with what the player protests represent. It’s sad these kids are being brainwashed into thinking America is a horrible place, because of what they see these guys doing on TV.

It’s sad that these protests are condoned, yet praying before and after high school football games is strictly prohibited, and if the coach is involved he will be fired!

It’s sad that when Baltimore played Jacksonville in London, England last weekend, the players kneeled during the “Star Spangled Banner,” but rose to their feet for “God Save the Queen,” and this was on foreign soil! What’s really sad is the thousands of military personnel around the world, many in harm’s way for our country, who witnessed this on the Armed Forces Network. Even sadder is the number of wounded warriors who wish they had knees.          

 The NFL Joined the Club:

 The NFL joined the political hypocrisy club in a big way, and like all political hypocrisy, it reared its ugly head in the form of attempted political correctness vs. reality. The league is very strict when it comes to on-field behavior and attire. Players are not allowed to exhibit anger or celebration with gestures such as a finger across the throat, mimicking shooting a bow and arrow or any sort of indication of disrespect or over-the-top celebration.

Also, their rules are very explicit as to the players’ conduct during the national anthem, with steep penalties for breaking those rules. We’ll see if the NFL upholds the standards they are so proud of by showing their integrity and carry out the punishment for last weekend’s antics.

When five Dallas area police officers were gunned down by a Black Lives Matter fanatic last year, the Cowboys requested to wear a patch paying tribute to them. The league turned down the request, citing rules against political statements on uniforms.

When some players requested to wear commemorative patches on 9/11 last year (a Sunday), the league refused based on the same policy.

When a player wore a T-shirt during a post game interview he was fined thousands of dollars for what was on the shirt. What did it read? “Know Jesus, Know Peace.”

With hypocrisy like that, who needs liberals?

Now, let’s cut the crap and concentrate on stuff that really affects each and every one of us. You know, like going to war with North Korea and tax reduction to fix what financially ails many families and businesses. Maybe concentrate on the debacle that is our healthcare system and let the irrational, nonsensical, selfish football players drift off into a non-story and quit wasting our time.

Speaking of Absurdity:

I know we’re running a story on this, but I have to weigh in on this crock of crap, even before I see the article Lee Barnathan is writing. A gentleman wrote a column in The Signal last week entitled “Messina sends the wrong message.

I knew the piece was heading left as soon as I started to read. He went into a typical liberal narrative with something about a child of Middle Eastern descent being encouraged to leave his mom’s arms to walk into the first day of kindergarten. What this had to do with the guy’s beef about Hart School Board President Joe Messina, I’ll never know.

Reading on, it soon became clear the writer was drifting into left-wing, emotional never-never land. Bottom line: Joe Messina is a staunch conservative with a successful radio show, and because Messina’s political beliefs don’t line up with the writer’s, he has no business being a school board member.

This type of thinking is common in liberal land, where emotional rhetoric never seems to meet reality. I don’t think Joe’s conservative talk show, his political views on state or national issues, and certain websites he cites have ever spilled into his performance as a school board member. If the writer in question has exact examples of Joe’s political views, his radio show or other personal beliefs influencing his board decisions on the educational well-being of students, then write about those. The dude should shed his emotional dislike of Messina, his political views, and present some cold facts, instead of the nonsense he spewed.

Letters to the Ranter:


Evidently Mr. Bess is quite the Shakespearean scholar. I wonder how fluent he is in Socrates: “It is better to remain silent and thought to be a fool than to speak and remove all doubt.”  Dave


 I just got home and read your rant. Just hours ago watched entire Donald Trump UN speech which I thought was GREAT on every level. Anyone who didn’t agree 100% doesn’t love America. But you knew that. Anyway, great piece and we are in simpatico. And Pelosi saying how great it is illegals moved here…God Help Us. Go DT.  Harry

Howdy Doug,

 I just gotta rant too. I will not watch the NF after todays disrespect for our flag, our national anthem and our country. WTF? Why is CBS and the NFL politicizing my game day. F.U. No thank you. I will have way more fun gardening, walking my dogs, riding my bike or playing cards and games with friends and family. F the NFL.

 Riddle me this Batman. How many NFL players have served our Country? Zero. Do they realize how much opportunity is in America ??? Opportunity, freedom and liberty made possible by sacrifices of  those who R.E.S.P.E.C.T.E.D. our flag and Anthem. Or are they themselves the exception? How about they play ball in one of the 115 countries that don’t even have a McDonalds restaurant?

 I have been blessed with friends. Black, white, brown, Mexican, Canadian, South American, Indian, European, Asian, Philipino, Pakistani, Croatian, Armenian, named a few  But No No No,  listen to the media…actors…news casters…sports figures…politicians…they want you to believe 95% of the Country is divided, the world hates us, and it is ALL President Donald Trumps fault. Nothing could be further from the truth. That is just the crap CBS, the NFL and a jock named  Penn call “news” news. People who live in a bubble. Far from the reality of daily living to make ends comfortably meet. Pretty depressing huh ?

  Yes it is. Truthfully it is. But I have fortitude. Moral fortitude. Christian fortitude Fortitude in all faith. Fortitude in what I believe is right and wrong. AND most importantly, fortitude in mankind.. Later today I saw a white person with  “I HATE WHITE PEOPLE” T shirt. I just shrugged at her and smiled. I hope some day she gets it and stops spreading the hate.  Tim

P.S. I guess i ranted too quick. there is an NFL player, Villanueva, who served. Thank God he ignored the hype about racism and stood for his flag. Half Kudos to Mike Tomlin and the Steelers for not “showing up” for the kneel down. They would get my other half if they showed up and stood up. 

 I do read Doug’s Rant every Thursday before Bowling. I do not agree with Doug on many issues, but appreciate his candor.  However last week he did mis-inform his readers during his rant concerning the ESPN anchor lady by stating: 

“Did he do this on the air, as the anchor lady did who bashed Trump? NO! Schilling stated his feelings on his own Facebook page!”

The ESPN Anchor Hill did a tweet and not on the air. If Doug took a few seconds and google searched “ESPN Hill” he would have conducted honest reporting. I expect more from Doug. 

I would be disappointed in Doug if he does not bash the Health Secretary for wasting 300k of taxpayers’ money by using private airplanes. I look forward to next Thursday’s Rant. 

Please give the Serenity Prayer to Doug. If he is going to stay in California he needs to say this Prayer daily.  

God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, Courage to change the things I can, And wisdom to know the difference. 

-Jim Arnold, Newhall


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