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| Doug's Rants | October 12, 2017


 Joe Messina, who is president of the Hart School Board and an admitted conservative (his nationally syndicated radio show certainly reflects that) posted a notice on Facebook regarding “Bring Your Bible to School Day.” With that, he wrote: “Exercise your free speech rights. … Don’t be ashamed of who you are.” 

 Oh, my gosh! You would have thought he wrote, “Bring your porn videos to school day,” based on comments like these:

“Don’t encourage Joe to use his f’ed up sense of values in his position as school board president. He is a disgusting human being & his only shield is that radio. Joe is not school board Joe. My kids or any others should not have to hear it at all on a school campus, forget telling them to not listen, if it’s not there I don’t have that problem.”

 “You’re damn right the horror, the atrocities & ignorance perpetrated in the name of that Book & religion are not anything I want my kids a part of so stop being an idiot.”


“Your bible is like your penis. I don’t care what you do with it. Just keep it away from my kid.”

“As usual with Joe he is not saying the whole story, this is an attempt to convert people to Christianity using kids. This is not some theological class discussing religion.”

Wow, how hateful can one be? To be clear, I have not come across or heard that Messina ever let his personal religious or political views influence any of his board member actions. I defy anyone to prove me wrong! That being said, these responses are typical of liberal hypocrisy that emotionally spews out of people who are more concerned with what they deem politically correct than what is actually common sense.

Joe was simply encouraging students not to give in to peer pressure (or their peers’ parental pressure, for that matter), and not to be afraid to stand up for what they believe in.

Do they really think he’s trying to covertly convert the entire Hart District’s student population to a horrible Christian cult? Give me a break.

What If?

I sincerely ask the folks who have their underwear in knots over this to consider the good things that can occur when kids are able to turn their lives around because of exposure to a positive message like Christianity’s. There have been countless stories over the years of lives being restored, and even saved from the ravages of bad life choices because of discovering God. Tell me what is so bad about that?

I really don’t think a student walking around campus with a bible because of the encouragement from a Christian who happens to be on the school board will bring about any harm to anyone, and in fact could help a student a great deal. And besides that, it’s called the First Amendment, so get over it!  

 Angel, Angel, Angel:

Angel Cruz is a young man who contributes to the Gazette’s opinion page from time to time (he’s more than welcome to continue doing so). I have never met Angel, but I feel the need to respond to some of what he wrote in his column last week, entitled “The Crossroads”:

“In Las Vegas we find the culmination of our sins. It is becoming all too clear that shootings in America are a matter of when. The policies we have let slide by the NRA have created a cyclical event of tragedy. …We live in a sick society that venerates success and ostracizes mental health. We cannot not change anything and be surprised it happens again.”

A culmination of our sins … who is the “our” he is referring to? Is it the people who honor and want to protect the Second Amendment, and keep our nation from falling into a pit of folks not being able to protect themselves? Is it the sin of those like Mr. Cruz who never, ever mention the fact that thousands upon thousands of people in Chicago have been shot over the years, despite the city having very strict gun laws?

Is it a sin to react with nonsensical emotion to a tragedy that could have been perpetrated by a bomb, a truck or knife-yielding terrorists? In my opinion, broad-brushed blaming of sin for a Las Vegas type of massacre should be avoided. The only sin committed was that of the killer. Any reasoning of politics or mental health policies as the end-all for these types of attacks makes no sense to me. There will always be mentally ill among us who will find any type of weapon available in order to carry out these sins.

“We are constantly embarrassed by an entitled buffoon who is supposed to be the leader of the free world.” 

I respectfully request Angel Cruz to refrain from name-calling (in my newspaper) that his liberal brethren resort to when trying to get their point across when they don’t like someone’s personality or disagree with their politics. This is not personal, and I know Mr. Cruz would have recoiled in horror if someone would have called President Obama an “ignorant, liberal, constitutional lawyer idiot.”

“Although Republicans are divided in how to gut healthcare for every working class citizen.”

Hold on a minute, does Angel really think the goal is to “gut” healthcare from everyone? Come on, man! Has he noticed what the current healthcare plan has done and is doing to the working class folks? Has he actually read any of the proposed plans, or is this just another emotional, misinformed statement? Does he realize that Democrats are turning a blind eye to the current plan that is adversely affecting so many? Is that any way to look out for the good of the people Angel seems so concerned about?

“They are looking to destroy our already thin social safety net in other ways. They offer no option to illegal immigrants but to hide in fear of a government they desperately want to be a part of.”

 The key word is “illegal.” The safety net was created for legal citizens, including immigrants who became citizens by the proper means.                                    

“Ripping apart regulations and increasing tax cuts for the wealthy — this is a recipe for the next financial crisis. How much of our livelihood will we give up until we see these politicians never had us in mind?”  

The receipt for the next financial crisis is already out of the oven and ready to burst from too much heat. The $10 trillion of increased debt that the previous administration saw fit to ignore is looming, large and dangerous. Regulation reforms and tax cuts for all Americans will bring about an increase in livelihoods, including Angel’s and his friends. By the way, all of the policies President Trump is trying to get through are with us in mind, if only more representatives in Congress shared this vision!

“We need to realize that we don’t need an upper class strangling us to give up our wealth to them.” 

I’m confused, isn’t that what happens when a nation falls into socialism, as many liberals wish would happen to America? Mr. Cruz is falling for the same misunderstanding that numerous young people are today. Many members of the upper class are the ones who create businesses and jobs, enabling the rest of us to gain our own wealth.

I want to thank Angel for proving a springboard to stimulate a portion of this week’s rant — keep up the good work!

Letters to the Ranter:


On Monday October 9, most of the U.S. will be (was) commemorating Columbus Day.  Unfortunately, the L.A. City Council (where I live) voted 14-1 to abolish Columbus Day because 500 years ago, the council claims he was tried for slavery and mistreatment of the indigenous people.

What they don’t understand or care is that only 180 years ago their own party, the Democrat Party, committed genocide against America’s indigenous people known as the Choctaw, Chickasaw, Seminole, Creek, and Cherokee.  Maybe they haven’t heard about the “Trail of Tears” where thousands of these indigenous people were rounded up by the newly formed Democrat Party from their southern homelands and forcibly marched hundreds of mile (where many died) to Oklahoma territory.

Why?  The Democrats selfishly wanted the land to grow their cotton, tobacco, etc., using black slaves to do the labor.  My question to the council:  Are you exercising your typical hypocrisy, or stupidity?  The Democrats have a very sordid past in regards to the indigenous and black people.  Lynda


I am so sick and tired of hearing about the disrespect shown by the NFL players. You can throw in the Hollywood cry babies as well. Both of these groups earn millions of dollars selling their skills to the public. Don’t they understand that they are alienating half of the base that allows them to earn these ridiculous amounts of money?

 I am not a football fan but I am a movie goer. I can’t bring myself to see a Mel Gibson movie due to his stupid religious rants. There are several other Hollywood actors that I categorize in the same way. I stopped watching the Oscars and other award shows due to their political rants most of which are not based on facts. Don’t these idiots understand that they may be killing their golden goose? Where else would they earn their millions?I don’t see NFLers or Hollywood types with the skills or education to replace their paychecks.

 FINAL COMMENT: When I was in business selling to the wholesale trade with 10 sales people they were given three basic etched in stone rules. #1. No politics   #2  No religion  #3  Never park in a space provided for customers. These cry babies better wake the hell up!!  Ron

**Letters to the Ranter are submitted “as-is,” and are not edited for spelling, grammar or punctuation. The Views and Opinions expressed in these columns are those of the writer, not necessarily those of Valley Publications/Santa Clarita Gazette.**


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  1. Joe deserved every bit of the criticism he got and more. If our school board president was Muslim and encouraged kids to bring the Quran you conservatives would have your panties in a wad! Please, stop with the hypocrisy. Anthony Breznican Jamie Osgood Skolnik Nanette Meister

  2. I wish that creep would just go back to selling propane or whatever he used to do. Maybe he huffed too much of it over the years.

  3. Doug, do you listen or watch Joe’s Alex Jones inspired show?! Do you read what he puts out from Right Winged Propaganda sites? Obviously NOT! The parents of the school district must be made aware of his show, the content and what he says on social media. Take it to the people, let the voters decide if they want “Little Alex Jones,” presiding over their kids school board. I hope he continues to be exposed for the Racist hate he spews out.

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