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| Doug's Rants | November 9, 2017

“Forgive me my nonsense as I also forgive the nonsense of those who think they talk sense.” (Robert Frost)

The headline of the opinion piece in The Signal started off with something I agree with: “Pray that we act against mental illness.” But the writer’s thoughts went straight down the hill to hell with his reaction to Paul Ryan’s statement encouraging prayer after the Texas shootings. Gary Horton wrote: “My gut reaction to Ryan’s exploitative dribble is, ‘Go to hell, you duplicitous bastard and take your make-believe prayer with you!’ Why doesn’t Ryan take a bullet himself and tell us just how well prayers are working for him?”

Really, Gary? Because Ryan called for prayers of comfort you call him a duplicitous bastard? Real mature, thoughtful writing on Horton’s part, besides his callous thought of what prayer is all about. (By the way, the Gazette strives for no name-calling in our op-eds, as we feel it takes credibility away from the writer’s point of view and isn’t the right thing to do anyway.) 

In my opinion, the main point of prayer is for us to be comforted in times of pain and distress. God doesn’t need our prayers, we need them. For Horton to throw such viscous dirt on something that has been a source of great encouragement during these tragedies is shameful.

God gave us all free will, and unfortunately that free will is abused in hideous ways by sick individuals. No matter the amount of handwringing of what should be done to prevent this sort of stuff, it’s still going to happen. No amount of legislation will prevent further incidents. We must realize that man is broken and whether it’s guns, knives, swords, box cutters, or vehicles, this stuff is going to happen over and over. To say prayer is ineffective is barking up the wrong tree.


The sick individual in Texas tried his best to destroy people of faith; the best response to his actions is to reinforce faith through prayer. Horton called for putting aside “hollow, fake, public prayers.” How in freak does he know what’s inside someone’s heart when they pray?

Would Gary Horton be okay with people coming together in Santa Clarita after a devastating fire, earthquake or flood for prayer support even if the prayers wouldn’t or couldn’t prevent the tragedy from happening again?             

Just Let Us Keep More of Our Money!

Someone, anyone, please tell me what the perfect tax plan is! I can’t take much more of this round and round we go, where the tax cuts land, nobody knows. All I hear is it’s good for them, bad for them, good for me, bad for you. Also, it’s written in a language I don’t understand and that’s lawmaker motivated IRS speak!

One thing is for sure, what’s proposed now won’t be how it ends up after going through House committee debates, and only the Lord knows what it will be after the Senate gets done with it. We could end up with a tax cut the size of my bank account — which ain’t very big!

I will say this, though, we the working people work our asses off to support our families, churches and help out those in need when we can, while Congress is in pissing matches with each other as to where and how much money they should take or not take from us. Get over yourselves and let us keep more of our money so we can cover what needs to be covered in our families’ lives with some left over to make some extra purchases that will really juice this economy!

While you’re at it, cut taxes FOR ALL Americans, don’t pick and choose who will and who won’t, based on anything other than earning money the legal way. Just do it across the board; it’s the right and fair thing to do, because each and every one of us deserve to keep more of what we make, even if it is a ton of dough.

The government’s main responsibility is to provide security for us and ensure a fair shake at prosperity for its people. The real problem is not tax revenue, it’s them wanting to hang onto more of our earnings because of the exorbitant amount of spending they want to do. Of course, there is absolutely no discussion of that going on. These guys and gals in power can do anything, almost, to affect what is best for you and me, but do they even seem to have two clues as to how to do that? They remind me of something I heard recently: “If their brains were made of dynamite they wouldn’t be able to blow their nose.” 

Quips & Quotes:

Speaking of puking money, do you realize the state of California’s spending has increased $36 billion over the last six years? Not even a smidgen of that was spent on transportation and now we’re to believe the new gas and car taxes (we didn’t vote on) are going to be used for that? (Ranter)

I know what happened in Texas was horrible, but do you know how many people in Chicago were shot the same weekend? The answer is 29 — the question is — why isn’t there ever the same reaction to Chicago shootings every week of the year as there were with the Las Vegas and Texas shootings? (Ranter)    

Why did the liberal Washington Post give four Pinocchios to Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi for their claims regarding the new tax proposal? (Ranter)

I’m feeling a bit better about this tax thing after reading the following: (Ranter)

“Yes, this is a tax cut bill. It is most importantly a job-creation, income-increasing bill. It is also a powerful political move that will guarantee the GOP holds the House of Representatives and wins four or five additional Senate seats. And keep in mind that every year the GOP holds Congress and the White House there will be another tax cut. Four tax cuts in the next four years. So, this bill is just a start. A very good start.” (Grover Norquist, president of Americans for Tax Reform)

“Small business owners pay their taxes through the individual tax code. This means they will save from many features of the tax plan, such as the doubling of the standard deduction and the lower rates across the income spectrum. These two provisions alone will save ordinary small businesses thousands of dollars a year in taxes that can be reinvested back into their businesses, employees, and communities.” (Steve Moore, economist)

“During the fall and winter, I watch the NFL on Sunday, and it’s not that I’m some great patriot. I was in the Navy for a year, didn’t go anywhere, didn’t do anything, but I have overwhelming respect and admiration for anyone who puts on a uniform and goes to war. So the only thing that I can do in my little way is not to preach; I will never watch another NFL game.” (Vin Scully)

When the left-wing media was reporting on Vinnie’s comment they criticized him for being just an old baseball guy who knows nothing about football. These know-it-all people had no clue that Scully called NFL games for many, years on CBS. (Ranter)  

 I was watching Fox News and Fox Business the other evening to get their take on the new tax proposal and, boy, did they have a lot of interesting analyses going on. I switched over to CNN to hear what those folks thought about it, fully understanding they would be ripping it to shreds. But guess what, they weren’t even discussing it. The entire conversation revolved around President Trump and how much trouble he is in with the Russian thing blowing up in his face. The bosses at CNN are really tuned in to what matters most to Americans, right? (Ranter)

Speaking of being in or out of touch with most Americans, compare these statements and see which of these resonates as to what matters for you and your family. (Ranter)

“Finally, every day we learn more about the extent of coordination between his campaign and the Kremlin to undermine our democracy. It is clear from Trump’s behavior and efforts to derail the Russia investigation that he has something to hide. I believe that special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation will reveal the facts and in the final analysis Congress will have no choice but to impeach this president.” (Maxine Watters) 

“When Donald Trump campaigned for president he told the American people that he would stand up for working people and take on the political and economic establishment. One year since his election he has repeatedly reneged on his promises by supporting the interests of the wealthy and powerful at the expense of working families.”  (Bernie Sanders)           

“Trump has some solid achievements. For example, an improving economy, a top notch national security team, deregulation, radical decreases in illegal immigration, the routing of Islamic State, a robust stock market, increased consumer and business confidence, low inflation and unemployment, booming energy production.” (Victor Davis Hansen, Senior Fellow at Stanford University’s Hoover Institution)

Letters to the Ranter:

Damn, you’re good!  Whether it’s your writings, analysis, or responses! I love the way you call out the big mouths that think they are saying something new, and only repeating what they want to hear and believe, without any research of what might be significant or insignificant with another point of view.

Hang tough!  Your one of my biggest and favorite hero’s. And it matters not to me if you publish this or not ~ I want you to know I’m still one of your biggest fans!  – VaNile

Ranter’s Note: Read the following with a grain of salt as it comes from another one of those who do not have the mature courage to reveal their identity.

It’s pretty clear that the person writing anonymously for rightonscv is Ron Bischof. There are too many similarities in the writing style including the yourlogicalfallacyis.com links in his comments online which if you’ve ever followed the comments on the signal is his go to way to infuriate any with a view in opposition to his.

If you read the signal Ron is a regular contributor. He’s also an indignant, self righteous piece of shit. His style of writing is unmistakable. His arrogant tone is different from your arrogant tone. Ron prefers to pretend he’s smarter than others and gives the air of being some highly educated Republican establishment elitist. He’s a wannabe. You simply tend to pretend that you’re wiser than everyone else. You’re both wrong.

 But if you’re not sure read through the signal’s comment section from some time ago to notice the similarities. You could even place examples of his writing into some sort of online tool to check for similarities. It does seem he is attempting to mask some of his style however. But the similarities are unmistakable. – Just The Tip

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Doug Sutton is the publisher of Santa Clarita Gazette, Canyon Country and Pet Me Magazine. Doug is active in Rotary Club of Santa Clarita, Heart of the Canyons Church, and a past board member of the local Chamber of Commerce. Doug and Jeannie have been married for 34 years, living in the Santa Clarita Valley for over 20 years, raising their 3 sons here.

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  1. Hi Doug.

    I read with amusement the anguished cri de cœur by the anonymous coward “Just The Tip” who appears to be wounded by my words of logic and reason at The Signal.

    My assumption is this is one of the Leftist sock puppets that are annoyed with the real name policy for forum participation at that publication. I’ll stipulate that regular participants in the comments have enjoyed detecting and exposing it and fellow travelers as frauds.

    For the record, I’ve never written anything for “rightonscv”. If fact, it’s the first I’ve heard of the web site and this “courageous” sock puppet appears to be projecting their own behavior.

    Unlike this adolescent Leftist, I don’t hide.


    Ron Bischof

    P.S. Thanks for the “rightonscv” tip, “Tip”!

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