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| Doug's Rants | November 22, 2017

Cowardice Spreads in Santa Clarita:

Just as the sexual harassment claims spread like wildfire from one coast to the other, so goes the cowardly acts of anonymous posts in our valley. It first hit the Gazette in early October when one of these cowards posted something alluding to the accusation that we are a racist newspaper (see this week’s Bill Miranda article). Then the no-name, no-face “Just The Tip” sent us an email accusing a certain individual of being the one who submitted the racism quip, but that person (with a full name) responded that it wasn’t him, in fact he had never even heard of the group’s newsletter he was purported to write for.

Now we hear of the anonymous postings of private correspondences sent by a member of a local school board to an acquaintance. The name of this chicken crap group who sent these out is called “scvleaks”, another one of those immature, non-accountable cowards.

Come on, you gutless wonders – grow a pair, and when you send out this anonymous stuff, look in the mirror and ask yourself if this is the kind of cowardly person you really want to be. Then ask yourself – if I think this is important enough for this information to get out, why am I so afraid to let folks know I’m the one doing this?           

 Tax Man Blues:


Unless I’m missing something, the tax situation the wife and I have isn’t changing for the good as it sits now. That’s just great, just freaking great; all this time I’ve been writing how tax cuts will finally help Americans get out from underneath the wet financial blanket Obama left us, yet the Suttons will still be smothered under the same damn tax situation we’re in now. What a country!

What happened to stiff, right-leaning tax cut hawks? They’ve been replaced with weak-spined populists who are afraid of their own political shadows. These populists (including the president) believe most voters don’t want the rich to get any tax relief, while others do. They’re falling right in to the class warfare fray that Democrats have hung their hats on for so many years.

It really makes no sense to me. The top 10 percent of earners pay 95 percent of all taxes, but we still have to listen to the crap from the lefties about the rich getting a break, and then the populists say, “No, they’re not getting a break, we’re takin’ it to them.” Both sides are way off base on this, as far as it should really be.

I just don’t get why there have to be winners and losers in this deal? Why are wealthy folks getting no breaks and middle income folks like us are getting virtually no relief? Why can’t every stinkin’ one of us from the bottom to the top all get the same cuts without messing around with deductions, exemptions, credits and whatever else they detail us to death with? Playing the deduction and exemption game is what is going to hurt my family in this mess.

Why ask why, I guess is how it goes. If an entity that is the federal government can’t even come up with a budget that breaks even between revenue and expenses, how in the freak do we expect them to have any common sense about anything? How in the world can someone with at least half a brain not see you shouldn’t, can’t, or won’t go into a budget year guaranteeing to lose billions of dollars?

No wonder they can’t see their way to fair tax reform; it’s beyond their realm of common sense thinking. When there is someone who can’t perform a job correctly, three questions need to be asked. Is it a lack of ability, a lack of direction or a lack of willingness? In this congressional case it looks like all three are in play.

Quips & Quotes

As I grind my teeth (my dentist loves that) over why Congress is so intent on making sure tax cuts pay for themselves, but they won’t lift a freaking finger to cut expenses, it comes to light that millions of our dollars have been used to hush victims of congressional bad boy sexual behavior. So, what you’re telling me is these guys don’t have to pay for their screw-ups, but WE DO?! (Me)

Remember when President Obama told Bill O’Reilly (on a pre-game Super Bowl show) that there was not “even a smidgen of evidence” that the IRS targeted Tea Party Groups? (Me)

IRS admits Tea Party, other conservative groups were targets during Obama era”  (Headline)

“The IRS’s use of these criteria as a basis for heightened scrutiny was wrong and should never have occurred. It is improper for the IRS to single out groups for different treatment based on their names or ideological positions.” (Jeff Sessions, attorney general)

It’s a sad state of affairs when one turns on the cable news networks the evening the tax bill was passed in the House and ALL of them were only talking sex, as in Roy Moore and Al Franken’s bad boy behavior. It’s a sick sign of the times when this type of news (bordering on gossip news) trumps (no pun intended) long-awaited tax cut news. (Me)

Franken’s problem isn’t a he said-she said dispute, left for his constituents and the rest of the country to try and judge. It’s right there for the world to see in full-blown color. So, why this nonsense about a Senate Ethics Committee investigation? If Franken were a Republican, can anyone really say with a straight face that there wouldn’t be universal screams for his head, reverberating so emphatically that his political life might be over already?” (Lauren DeBellis Appell)

“Hey, New York Times, if your August standards and practices require calling Donald Trump a liar, isn’t it time to start calling Bill Clinton a rapist?” (Ann  Coulter)

I wonder how all the no Trump, no wall people are feeling now after the border patrol agents in Texas were ambushed and brutally beaten by illegals just our side of the border. I will defer once again to the border patrol agent I met who told me the wall is absolutely necessary. (Me)

The uranus, whoops, I mean the uranium scandal is brewing hot and heavy these days, with exhaustive investigations by John Solomon of The Hill, Sara Carter of Circa News and Jay Sekulow of American Center for Law and Justice. If I was slick Willie and his bride I’d be afraid, very afraid. (Me)

“When Hillary was beginning her job as President Obama’s chief diplomat, federal agents observed as multiple arms of Vladimir Putin’s machine unleashed an influence campaign designed to win access to the new secretary of state, her husband Bill Clinton and members of their inner circle, according to interviews and once-sealed FBI records.

“Agents were surprised by the timing and size of a $500,000 check that a Kremlin-linked bank provided Bill Clinton with for a single speech in the summer of 2010. The payday came just weeks after Hillary Clinton helped arrange for American executives to travel to Moscow to support Putin’s efforts to build his own country’s version of Silicon Valley, agents said. The bank that paid Bill Clinton was promoting the Uranium One deal’s stock.” (John Solomon, The Hill)

I heard someone locally say that the near record temperatures we have now are because of global warming. Oh really, could it be it’s just normal high pressure that builds over our region several times a year and has done so since God created this place? (Me)

“If global warming were science, it wouldn’t need a PR campaign. You don’t have to sell science. Science doesn’t need a marketing plan. Science doesn’t need a political action committee. Science doesn’t need donors. Science doesn’t need to run ads. Science is, by definition, science. It’s tested to the point of infallibility, and only then are conclusions published. And even then it’s ongoing.” (Rush Limbaugh)


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