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| Doug's Rants | January 5, 2018

Why, California, Why?

 Why does our state have to be so anti-business? I’ve ranted about it, I’ve felt the impact on this business, and I’ve spoken with dozens of business owners over the years who have bemoaned the fact of this state’s over-the-top regulations, fees and taxation actually hurting their businesses and families financially.

Just this week I made a routine visit to a Gazette advertiser (family-owned business) who became emotional over the huge amount of extra unemployment tax the state hit them with at the end of last month (covered on this page and in the news section last month). It put a huge dent in what they could do for their families for Christmas and it wiped out their expansion plans for the New Year, which included new hires. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Oh yeah, and they indicated the possible need to cut back on their ad spending in this newspaper, proving that trickledown economics works, for better or worse.

It Gets Better & Better:

 I’ve ranted in the past about minimum wage being a vulgar word to me and the coming bane of business owners, especially in this business-friendly state (not). It drives me worse than bat-crap-crazy how anyone with a smidgen of smarts cannot see how harmful it is to businesses and worse to those currently employed, as well as future job seekers.


I saw where a mid-size manufacturing plant in Pacoima has incurred a $600,000 increase in wages because of the minimum wage increase. So, you know what they’re going to do? Increase factory automation over employees! Estimates are indicating that when the $15/hour is in full effect, it will cost California 400,000 jobs!

This is pure insanity! A government should not dictate to a business what wages they HAVE to pay. And sure enough, what happens when the government gets involved in anything, it gets SCREWED up!

Ah, but look what happens when government gets out of the way and allows for natural flowing economic ways. After the recent tax cuts and Trump’s deregulation efforts, company after company has announced bonuses and wage increases for their folks. Why? Because they will have more money to do so! What a freaking concept, don’t you think?

But California … no way, they think the best way to help out their folks is to force businesses to pay more, even if the funds aren’t there, and on top of that, tax and regulate the crap out of them so they get buried in a financial hole that isn’t good for anyone. Will it ever change in this wonderland of California? You tell me …

It Worked:

 The Dems were full-throated in their insistence that no matter the facts, (who needs facts?) the Republicans’ Tax Cuts & Jobs Act would make most Americans’ taxes go up. The liberal media joined right in with them and it looks like it worked. The propaganda worked because polls indicate the majority of the folks out there think the plan is unpopular and will kill Republicans’ chances in November’s election.

When the people who took the surveys were pressed as to why they didn’t think the bill would help Americans, most cited media reports. Man, our media is almost as effective as Russia’s, Iran’s and North Korea’s media in missiling their people.

It looks like, though, the reality of the tax cuts could greatly expose liberal media bias and the dishonesty of the lefties in Congress who vocally persisted with the lies. I saw somewhere three random families were interviewed and based on what they had heard expected a tax increase or would not see any tax savings. The interviewer had a CPA examine their situation and flat out showed they would be paying less in taxes.

Since the bill was passed there has been example after example of these types of misguided notions being debunked, much to the pleasant surprise of many. A mother with an income of around $40,000 who didn’t think she would be affected will keep about $1,300 more per year. A married couple with a joint income of over $150,000 a year thought they would pay more taxes, but will actually pay about $650 less under the GOP tax cut.

Even a positive report about a California couple’s situation surfaced. They have three children, a small business, and an income of $300,000. They believed that because California is a high-tax state and they wouldn’t be able to deduct state and local taxes it would hurt them. Instead, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act will save them nearly $13,000 in taxes.

By all indications, these types of examples will take hold in 2018 and maybe, just maybe, Americans who rely on blips of liberal media news and talk with their friends who hear the same blips, will dig deeper to see what reality is and lose the low information label.

Forget About It: (with a New York accent)

I say forget about Obama’s Democrat days with higher taxes, choking regulations, bigger government, smaller economy, lower take-home pay and fewer jobs. Those are the forgettable, bad ole days. If the likes of Gary Horton (Signal columnist) want to whine with “we’ve achieved a new tax scheme that creates trillion dollar gains for our nation’s very most wealthy” and “we’ve just made a very real choice to trade our future national wealth to guild a very select minority of super rich today,” so be it.

As for me, I’ll take a bigger economy, more jobs, more take-home pay, fewer regulations and lower taxes with more money in our pockets. How anyone would want to go back to the days between 2009 and 2016 is beyond my comprehension.

If the folks could learn to trust right-leaners and not left-leaning media types and congresspersons, we could all be better off. If you don’t believe that, please tell me why, but give me facts, just the facts, without emotion-driven reasoning that does not deal in reality.

Quips, Quotes & Headlines:

 North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un just stated that the ‘Nuclear Button is on his desk at all times.’ Will someone from his depleted and food starved regime please inform him that I too have a Nuclear Button, but it is a much bigger & more powerful one than his, and my Button works!” (President Trump)

“Talking heads are freaking out over this tweet. Why, is that because everything else that has been said has calmed this wacko bird into submissive humility?” (Me)

 “Trump saw the Iran protests coming” (Headline, January 2)

“Oppressive regimes cannot endure forever, and the day will come when the Iranian people will face a choice. Will they continue down the path of poverty, bloodshed, and terror? Or will the Iranian people return to the nation’s proud roots as a center of civilization, culture, and wealth where their people can be happy and prosperous once again?” (President Trump, September, 2017)

“Stanford band nearly gets booed off the field after attempting to trash Trump” (Headline)

Thank you Stanford Band. People like you are why Trump is president. Ridiculous display.” (TCU Dad)

“I am an utter waste of space as an individual and really serve no function other than to take oxygen, food and shelter that could be better used by the rich. And I am so grateful that Republicans have the courage to state this fact.” (Josh Heath, from his column in The Signal newspaper)

“Looks like Josh has drunk the Kool-Aid of Republicans wanting to push Grandma over the cliff in her wheelchair; yep, we’re all just a bunch of murderess, uncaring jerks.” (Me)

Trump administration calls on Iran to unblock Instagram, other social media amid protests” (Headline)

“The president often blocks individual people from seeing the @realDonaldTrump Twitter feed.” (Maggie Haberman of the New York Times)

“Oh c’mon. Blocking individual people from your twitter account is not quite the same thing as a government blocking an entire country from using social media platforms to organize an insurrection.” (reply to Haberman’s tweet)



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