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| Doug's Rants | May 10, 2018

Ranter’s Note:

In last week’s rant I wrote that no one had responded to my invitation to write in regarding the “plagiarism” controversy that permeated Facebook and this newspaper. The fact is, I left town after finishing the column and was unaware of a response submitted the following day. I stand corrected and thank Mike Devlin for his letter.           

Tuesday Night:

I switched back & forth between the Dodger game and the City Council meeting and both were unwatchable to me. The Dodgers because they suck right now and the Council meeting because it sounded like a basketball game with a bunch of drunken students yelling at each other. All that was missing were cheerleaders with pompoms and a male yell-leader with a megaphone. The emotional, nonsensical rhetoric that flowed from the liberal speakers was too much for me to listen to.

However, I was proud and pleased to learn Wednesday morning that the motion to oppose California’s sanctuary way of thinking was passed unanimously by our council. I was actually proud of my buddy Bill Miranda, who was quoted in a Signal article, “(We keep hearing), ‘there are three of you running for election and you better be careful’; Understand one thing: It’s not about elections. It’s about doing the right thing for the right reasons. If that means I don’t get elected, so be it.”


And to the Bob Kellar detractors, who keep bringing up his statement from the past about being a racist, just stop! You are taking his comments from that time completely out of context; quit using it to unfairly slam the gentleman. By the way, I agree with every word he said on that day.

I Don’t Get It:

Gina Haspel is her name and if torturing terrorism suspects was her game back in the day, I’m fine with that. She has been undergoing a Senate confirmation hearing this week to be director of the CIA (hopefully she has been confirmed by the time you’re reading this).

I just don’t understand the trepidation over the water boarding that happened after 9/11 which is one of the things the Dems are using to oppose her confirmation.  They say it’s not right to treat any person that way, especially if it’s done by the hands of Americans. Really? If it worked to save one of their loved ones’ lives would it be okay then? If it helped stave off future terrorist attacks and saved thousands of American lives, doesn’t that justify it? Come on, these guys crash planes into buildings filled with people, pull chicken crap stuff like blowing up innocent people at public events, cut journalists’ heads off and these naysayers are gnashing their teeth over something that makes these haters and killers of Americans suffer some, without coming close to what they did or would do to us?                     

Just Once …

Just once wouldn’t you like to hear a Liberal on a Fox News panel (it wouldn’t be on CNN or MSNBC; they rarely have a Conservative on their panels) say something like, “You know you’re right; it does seem a bit strange that the FBI and the Department of Justice didn’t prosecute Hillary Clinton for her obstruction of justice shenanigans, even though the evidence was plain as day, but are going crazy after Trump for something they haven’t been able to prove after a year of investigating.

Or “You know if I was a Republican I’d be ticked off that Robert Mueller selected all of those Democrat Hillary supporters to be on the investigation team going after the president. I know if Hillary was president and there was an investigation into her destroying classified emails and the investigators were all Republicans, I’d throw a fit!”

How about, “I actually think Mueller should man-up and admit he hasn’t been able to find any evidence that Trump broke the law and shut the investigation down for the sake of our country; we’ve got some bigger fish to fry that really matter.”

Wouldn’t you fall out of your chair if a Dem said, “The corruption inside the FBI and the DOJ have exposed that the real collusion is between Fusion GPS, the Hillary Clinton campaign, the Democrat National Committee, the Russians, Christopher Steele and even the Obama administration.

I would be flabbergasted if Juan Williams (Fox’s resident Liberal) said, “You know something, I have no idea why the FBI and Rod Rosenstein of the DOJ are refusing to turn over documents to the House Judiciary Committee even with the threat of impeachment hanging over their heads, they must really have something to hide if they’re not buckling under to that kind of pressure.”

Can you imagine one of the liberal lawyers that are on Fox News saying, “I thought the two attorney generals under Obama were a joke, but Jeff Sessions is as screwed-up as they were. I’ll tell you one thing, though, at least they protected the rear ends of Obama and Hillary, but this Sessions guy is a real wimp. Is he even showing up for work these days?

Yeah I know, this stuff will never be said by a Liberal within an earshot of any Conservative, even after the house of cards that is this whole mess comes crashing down.

Quips, Quotes & Headlines:

Trump Numbers Still Climbing Despite Continuous Negative Coverage (Headline)

Go Donald, Go! (Me)

CNN’s April Ryan Bashes Melania Trump: ‘She Isn’t ‘Culturally American’ (Headline)

I don’t think CNN is culturally American. (Me)

John Kerry Rides to Iran’s Rescue (Headline)

There’s just something about that guy that rubs me the wrong way, I can’t put my finger on it. (Me)

New York AG (Eric Scheiderman) called everyone a racist, and called girlfriend a ‘brown slave’ (Headline)

 Mueller just lost a key New York ally (New York AG) against Trump (Headline)

See, God does work all things together for good. (Me)

Letters to the Ranter:


The recent venomous attacks against Bill Reynolds, impugning his character in both social media and in local SCV publications, have nothing to do with plagiarism and everything to do with politics. Had he not been a pro-Trump supporter and against SB 54, he would not have received one scintilla of criticism. That’s the reality. As for the plagiarism aspect, Bill has never represented himself to be SCV’s Carl Bernstein. He’s a non-paid columnist, a blogger of sorts, that has selflessly devoted 1000’s of hours of his time to promote Veteran issues and to memorialize numerous SCV Veterans and their families in his enormously popular Veteran’s Page in The Signal. For Bill to have to assign attribution or to footnote the information he provides in his news articles, for which he receives no salary nor compensation, is just an excuse from his those on the Left to attack a man who happens to be a Conservative. To say otherwise is simply political cowardice. Max


Ranter’s Note: This gentleman responded to my request of someone letting me know what Obama accomplished during his term.                             


Here you are, in no order.

  1. Ended the Great Recession of 2008
  2. Reduced the unemployment rate from Over 8% to 4.7 upon leaving office.
  1. Saved the US Automotive industry
  2. Killed Osama Bin Laden
  3. Developed and instituted the plan to eliminate ISIS.
  4. Development of the ACA
  5. Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform
  6. 858 Billion Dollar Tax Cut
  7. Raised Fuel Efficiency Standards
  8. Clean Power Plan
  9. Nuclear Deal with Iran
  10. Trans-Pacific Partnership
  11. Paris Climate Agreement
  12. No personal scandals!

 There is more if you want them. What has Rump done? Attacked the environment, established a revolving door of appointees, advisors in the White House. Paid off a porn-star one month prior to the election. Supports white supremacists. Torn down everything his predecessor created. Alienated all of our allies, torn down the Justice Dept, attacks his own cabinet members, accepts foreign money by booking rooms and events at his own properties, denigrates women and minorities.

Rant away Doug, facts don’t lie, but Rump does! Lawrence



I was happy to see my recent contribution concerning pies and politicians appear in your current (4 May) column. Needless to say I’ve been a fan of your brand of rhetoric for a long time, and I’m sure you’ve got a large chunk of Santa Clarita just as anxious to see your next issue come out as I am. Dale


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