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| Doug's Rants | May 17, 2018

Why, Doug, Why?

 Someone asked me why I write about Trump so much. I didn’t know if they were a supporter or a hater, so I said, “To bug you.” The person chuckled slightly and changed the subject. The real reason, though, is to help off-set the rampantly biased Trump Derangement Syndrome news that emanates from most media outlets. I’ve discovered there are many folks that do not follow this stuff closely, so they only hear the negative peripheral noise, resulting in a skewed perception of the president. While I don’t consider this column as some sort of great mass communication forum, I do want to do a small part to help get a side of Trump out there that many don’t hear or read about.

 It’s All In The Scoreboard:

Hey Trump haters, how about taking a look at the scoreboard. When a ball game is on the line you look at the scoreboard. It doesn’t matter much how the team is playing, just what the scoreboard indicates. Stealing a portion of one of Bill Clinton’s lines: It’s the scoreboard, stupid!

Speaking of scoreboards, President Trump is a game changer, upsetting so many political apple carts; his detractors are slipping and sliding on squished apples with looks of bewildering puzzlement.


CNN and MSNBC actually crack me up as they franticly spout out, pore over and gnash their teeth about irrelevant stuff intended to soothe the souls of Trump haters as the scoreboard shows an ever increasing blow-out.

A couple of nights ago a panel on CNN (I’ve written it a hundred times or so, but most Fox News panels include at least one liberal to offer another side of an issue, but the one righty CNN used to have they fired) were anguishing over low morale in the White House, why the First Lady kept her surgery a secret, and Stormy Daniels being the one who could bring down the Trump presidency.

My favorite was the panel launching into the president because he talks with Sean Hannity on a regular basis. These people really got worked up over this and I actually started laughing out loud at the spectacle on the screen. Of course the panel did not touch on any relevant issues like a big boy network should. I guess they can’t see the scoreboard.

 Sick of Winning Yet?

 When The Donald was campaigning he threw out the line, “We’ll win so much, you’ll get sick of winning.” At the time I thought it was a pretty dumb thing to say, but hey, who knew?! Rush Limbaugh even said, “Now he’s having to keep promises other presidents made.” You gotta love it!

Just last week the winning ramped up with the announcement of black unemployment at an all time low, overall unemployment lowest since 2000, negotiating the release of three Americans from North Korea and the capture of ISIS’s top five most wanted.

It doesn’t end there. The historic moving of our embassy to Jerusalem (which other presidents promised to do, but didn’t), the summit with Kim Jong Un that six months ago nobody thought remotely possible. Trade agreements are being renegotiated. He got us out of the Iran-Obama deal and out of the Paris climate debacle. The economy is on fire as a result of deregulation, corporate/personal tax cuts and we’re seeing record small-business profits. What’s not to love? Scoreboard Baby!

 It Would Make ‘Em Wanna Die!

 As talk percolates of President Trump possibly winning the Nobel Peace Prize it makes me laugh even harder than watching the CNN funny pundits. Can you imagine how the liberal left and the conservative “Never Trumpers” would react if he actually won the thing? Oh my word, the gut-wrenching, emotional despair that engulfed Hillary land when Trump won the election could erupt bigger than the volcano in Hawaii.

Speaking Of the Award:

According to the official Nobel Committee in Oslo:

In addition to humanitarian efforts and peace movements, the Nobel Peace Prize has been awarded for work in a wide range of fields including advocacy of human rights, mediation of international conflicts, and arms control.”

Hellooo … take a look at Trump’s scoreboard in these areas and tell me who should win the prize instead of him? He certainly deserves the award more than Obama did and it shouldn’t be a popularity contest, but a results oriented award. I would hope the Nobel Committee members don’t fall prey to Trump Derangement Syndrome.     

 Bernie Sanders Supporters Take Note:

 Before I got caught up in Trump scoreboard watching my intent was to decry socialism, but time has gotten away from me. I do want to point out some of what I’ve been reading regarding the tragic existence that has engulfed the people of Venezuela.

“Schools are closed because teachers aren’t being paid, and the schools can no longer afford to serve lunch. Most hospitals are closed. There are shortages of just about everything – food, medicine, even the paper on which to print passports if people even try to leave. Many Venezuelans are fleeing the country on their own.

 “There was a study that came out a couple months ago that found that over half of Venezuelans report losing weight in the last year with an average loss of 20 pounds. People are dying of treatable diseases because of a lack of medication.”

 Trying to govern a country by socialistic means can result in these horribly avoidable living situations that these innocent people are having to endure. I hope folks that love the stuff Bernie Sanders wants to do will take note and think twice about living under socialism.


Quips, Quotes & Headlines:

 Reports Indicate Secret FBI and CIA Mole Spying on Trump Campaign: (Headline)

“Now we know – the FBI tried to get a Russian billionaire to help on the (phony) Trump collusion narrative and he told them it was ludicrous.” (Laura Ingram on Twitter)

We have yet to see any credible evidence or intelligence that led to the opening of this investigation. … I think what it really means, I think it will look badly on the Department of Justice and the FBI on how they conducted this investigation.”  (Rep. Devin Nunez)

*Folks, I know it’s really complicated, but I hope you’re trying to follow this mess that started with Hillary Clinton’s email obstruction of justice all the way to now. If you do the research I think you’ll find that many facts point towards an incredible scandal that could make Watergate look like a fraternity prank. (Me)

 Russian company indicted by Mueller says charge is baseless (Headline)

* Looks like Trump may not be the only one Mueller isn’t finding evidence on, the poor guy. (Me)

“About the derisive comment made about John McCain by a Trump staffer, did President Obama personally apologize when a senior Obama administration official aide called Israel Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu “chickenshit” and “coward”?! (Tweet from Larry Elder)

Trump’s rising approval rating scrambles Dems’ midterm strategy (Headline)

* Keep ‘em jumping, guessing and anxious, Donald (Me)

Kim Jong Un was so upset about dead baby turtles he had the farm manager executed, defector says  (Headline)

*So this is the warm fuzzball Trump is going to negotiate with? (Me)

Postal Service Loses $1.3 Billion During Last Quarter (Headline)

*In just one quarter? Think of all the hostages Obama could have gotten released with that kind of money. President Trump hasn’t paid a dime for the hostages he’s gotten released and I bet if we turned the Postal Service over to his private company this kind of loss would disappear quickly! (Me)

Colombia clamping down on Venezuelan refugees trying to enter their country (Headline)

*I hope the supporters of SB 54 don’t hear about this, they could have a nervous breakdown. (Me)

Letters to the Ranter:

 Read this https://santaclaritafree.com/gazette/opinion/letter-4 and made me laugh at the end when he/she writes: “I (for) one, will not be reading this publication nor the paper until this issue is addressed officially.”

 How will they know if it has been addressed officially if they are not reading the publication? Cheers! Brian


You mentioned in the rant last week that the Dodgers suck and I have to agree with you. As long as they stick too tightly to playing analytics baseball they will have a problem because they have become predictable and every team is able to use that to their advantage as they have made their adjustments from 2017. The Dodgers are still trying the same strategy from 2017 and it is not working out this year as homeruns are way down and they can’t come up with any clutch hits. If they thought Darvish tipping pitches was bad then perhaps tipping the whole game is worse and they should occasionally make a decision not supported by analytics so that they are not so easily pegged. I also think Roberts is losing control of the team. They can still get hot as they have in the past but this year does feel different. 




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