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| Doug's Rants | September 6, 2018

Hypocrisy Revisited Again (Again and Again). 

As I write this, the Kavanaugh hearing is under way, and up to this point it’s been a complete joke. The Dems are yelling loud and clear that not all of the documents they have requested have been provided by the Justice Department, among others. I say welcome to the club! You guys have sat in silence while the FBI and the Justice Department have slow-walked and non-walked the thousands of documents the House Judiciary Committee subpoenaed related to how the Russian collusion investigation got started.

Now that the shoe is on the other foot, the Dems are howling (barely above the screeching protesters at the hearing) about the unfairness of it all. I won’t even get into how one of their top tier lady Democrats not only withheld subpoenaed documents, but actually destroyed them! Didn’t hear much about that from them either and on and on the hypocrisy goes.                

One Guy’s Sensitive Ranting:

I’m fully aware abortion is a very sensitive subject, especially for women who believe strongly in their reproductive rights. If you have read this column for any length of time, you know where I fall with my spiritual beliefs as a Christian. However, I’m not coming at this from that angle. I’m simply approaching it as a human being with my own sensitive thoughts.


I really started thinking about abortion recently when some things garnered my attention, almost at once.  One was the whole the Kavanaugh hearing where Democrat Senators and spectators alike were so juiced up over the nominee getting on the bench and getting rid of Roe v. Wade.

Another was I ran across Oprah Winfrey Promoting “Shout Your Abortion” Movement. Their proclamation is “Abortion is normal, our stories are ours to tell. This is not a debate.”

The other was the 6-year-old girl, and the 4-year-old and 2-year-old boys who were at our house all of last week visiting from Indiana, along with their mom and dad. In other words, Grammy and Grandpa were blessed with their grandkids invading our home with all of the love, hecticness, and tears from typical kid trivial matters and the hollow sound of sudden quietness when they left.

A not-so-joyful experience my wife and I had in 1989 was the stillborn birth of what would have been our second son. The baby was 5 months along and came out with a fully formed body and a delightful looking face. And, if memory serves, that innocent little guy would have been legally eligible to have his life terminated at that point in his life.

Again, purely from this guy’s heart and experiences, I just can’t comprehend how anyone can be so adamant about wanting to kill an unborn child.  Is it because they haven’t experienced the joy of kids and grandkids, the gut wrenching experience of  a dead baby in my wife’s arms and wanting him so badly to be alive?

I just can’t fathom how anyone can “Shout Their Abortion with glee and pride or scream during a Senate hearing that the evil nominee under the microscope will ruin women’s lives if approved.

I surely understand the need in extreme circumstances to end an unborn child’s life, but does the fight for that right have to be expressed with such vehement anger and even joy over it? There are thousands and thousands of childless couples who would love more than anything to experience the joys and frustrations that come with loving and raising a child. To me, that’s what we should be shouting about in Senate chambers and movements.

Can’t Let This One Go:

A “Reader Letter” in last week’s Sunday Signal garnered my attention, similar to the way any Anti-Trump proclamation does. Though, this one drew Steve Knight into the fray. In part, the reader wrote, “His being a former police officer and upholder of law and order… The former assertion is irrelevant when it comes to running for political office, but the latter assertion raises questions.

Why? Because if one is for law and order then one must be in favor of a strong judiciary, starting with the Department of JusticeThat department, though the head is selected by the president, is there to serve the people … It is not there to become a tool for the president to vilify and bring down his political opponents, critics, or impede investigations. That is dictatorial.

He (Knight) cannot both support law and order and be in favor of Trump. That is the height of personal hypocrisy. Until Knight clarifies his position one way or the other, he is a flawed candidate. 

Hmm … I find this confusing. What Knight’s thoughts are regarding President Trump’s law and order policies are irrelevant to the office he is running for. Knight’s own beliefs are what’s important in his bid to hold the office. To label anyone with the “height of personal hypocrisy” because they do or don’t support someone and agree or disagree with that person’s beliefs is not hypocritical. And it certainly does not make them a “flawed candidate.”

As far as the current Department of Justice goes, I would ask for examples of President Trump using the DOJ as “a tool to vilify and bring down his political opponents, critics, or impede investigations” and him being “dictatorial.”

On the contrary, my thought is that it’s the upper echelon of Obama’s DOJ and the present day departments that have violated the creed of “serving the people” and have and are doing their best to “bring down” those they deem as their “political opponents.” They have made concerted efforts to “impede investigations.” One only has to look at the goings on of the Hillary investigation, as well as the current tangled web of the launching of the Trump/Russian investigation.

Quips, Quotes & Headlines:

Democrats interrupt start of Kavanaugh confirmation hearing: (Headline)

*It was a great stage for Kamala Harris and Cory Booker to market themselves for their presidential run in 2020. The problem for them, though, is they looked foolish doing so. (Me)

“Totally out of order display, incredible lack of civility, violation of protocol along with other Dem Senators during opening of Kavanaugh hearing. Ginsburg was much more unpalatable and to the left of the political spectrum than Kavanaugh is to the right but no one pulled the BS tactics Dems are employing to mollify the left wing whackos. Dems no longer believe in rule of law but must resort to protest and violence to countermand the Constitution and our laws. (Rocky, a blogger)

“Kavanaugh’s daughters rushed out of chaotic, hot hearing.” (Headline)

*Sad day when the guy’s own young daughters can’t stay to witness their Dad’s historic day. Hope the grandstanding Dems and their rude and crude supporters are proud of themselves. (Me)

The America of John McCain has no need to be made great again because America was always great.”  (Meghan McCain, during her father’s memorial service)

Meghan McCain, by all accounts a good and genuine person and a solid, articulate voice for conservatism on The View, delivered a powerful, eloquent eulogy that would have been perfect were it not for her desire to not just memorialize her father, but also bash the sitting president.” (Scott Morefield, Town Hall)

*I find it sad that distasteful politics were inserted into the memorial service. (Me)

Why Not Build a Never Trump Party That Believes in Nothing?  (Headline)

*Yeah, if you’re a Republican who doesn’t believe in President Trump or the Democrat way, where does that leave you?   (Me)

Letter to the Ranter:


No personal insults here.  You’ve put in your time over the years on your “rant” and that alone is pretty stand up. But ranting should be ok only when ranting is factual.  You say in your latest, “President Trump’s approval ratings are stronger than ever.” This is echo-chamber make believe. Facts are: The latest ABC News/Washington Post survey, released Friday, showed the President at 36% approval and 60% disapproval. 36% approval.  60% disapproval.  And this poll is not an outlier. 

It seems Americans are getting pretty much done with the graft, grifting, tax-stealing, insulting, mobster-acting, everyone-around-him indicted or pleading, fake submitting (North Korea, etc), not honoring John McCain with flags half mast… it’s just gotten to be too much. We are a more civil people than this.  We are more decent than this.  We care for our neighbors more than this. 

Doug, we have a common criminal in the White House.  They say you become the company you keep.  Well, from porn stars to foreign agents to jail birds, Trump is surrounded by such unsavory folks that you would never allow in your home.

 So – rant on.  But please keep to the facts.  This is a DEEPLY unpopular president.  One of the least popular ever in the history of the Republic.  This is not a rant.  It is not make believe.  It is not a talking point.  Trump is either loathed or disliked by 60% of the American public. Please cast your rants more truthfully and I think people will give you more credibility.  Gary

Ranter’s Note:  Gallup and Rasmussen polls show a combined average approval rating of 43 percent for the period of 8/29-9/3.




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  1. Kavanaugh lied. End of story.

    In the USA, a Judge is meant to determine the Truth. No games, no payoffs, no promises. A Judge is not allowed to Lie. Kavanaugh lies.

    No other excuses, please. The man LIED. It is against the Law.

    In fact, this Turkey, Kavanaugh, should be Fired!

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