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| Doug's Rants | September 13, 2018

Anonymous, This:

The world of anonymity is now attacking President Trump from all fronts. It looks like his hateful detractors are so devastated from the lack of impeachment ammunition they hoped to have had by now, they are resorting to spineless anonymous reporting as another avenue to bring him down.

If you ask me, it’s a chicken-crap way of reporting and writing a book. This newspaper could have field day publishing articles full of anonymous quotes, but we won’t do it (The Gazette will attribute quotes from anonymous sources on occasion, but our policy requires at least one named, qualified source in order to run a story. In fact, there are three anonymous letters we’re sitting on regarding concerns about goings on within the local Chamber of Commerce, but there will be no reporting on the issue until at least one person is willing to go on the record).

It’s so easy and lazy to hurl out anonymous stuff that is damaging to someone, and it is just wrong. The New York Times should be ashamed, and if there is a gutless wonder on Trump’s team that did indeed send the letter to the newspaper, they should have the stones to resign and show their face for all the world to see. If they were to do that, it would be a good example of newly found courage on the leaker’s part. But really, one has to wonder if the Trump-hating New York Times fabricated the whole thing.

As far as Bob Woodward’s book filled with anonymous sources, I really have to wonder why if someone feels it’s so important, as well as their duty to push out such damaging information for the sake of American’s awareness of an inept administration, they won’t divulge their identity? And if Woodward is such a professional journalist, why he doesn’t realize that someone who won’t put their name where their mouth is might just be full of “you-know-what.”


I’ll tell you one thing, though. The conviction of Vice President Pence’s response to the letter and the book describing the administration he is so deeply involved in – not resembling anything close to what was written in the letter and the book – leads me to believe something smells beneath the pages.

And another thing; can you imagine what the outcries would have been if the New York Times or Bob Woodward would have pulled the same anonymous nonsense regarding Barack Obama’s administration?  Wait a minute, that never would have happened!

Welcome Back Barry!

Wow, let the reminiscing begin! This rant used to be full of Barry Obama’s (my apologies, he did legally change his name to Barack) musings. Now he’s back, and better than ever. Thanks Barry, I mean Mr. Obama. Thanks for reigniting the ranting fodder you used to supply in abundance for all those years.

Let’s get to it. Mr. Obama pronounced President Trump as a “shameless demagogue who protects the privileged and the powerful while undercutting U.S. interests abroad and exploiting racial, ethnic and religious divides at home.” Gosh, I missed this guy; I miss his skilled articulation of empty rhetoric that is void of backed-up facts.

His take on the Benghazi tragedy and cover-up was that Republicans in Congress “embraced wild conspiracy theories, like those surrounding Benghazi.” This brilliant remark was made despite the facts, and nothing but the facts showed a complete deceitful conspiracy occurred.

My favorite from last week was in regard to the historic tax cuts, when Obama said Republicans “implemented tax cuts without regard to deficits.” Without regard to deficits? Deficits?! He’s critical of Trump and the Republicans for disregarding deficits?  Was he being serious right then? Does he not recall that he added more to the deficit than any of his predecessors combined?   Welcome back, Barack, indeed!                      

 It’s The Opposite of Justice & Fairness:

 The Mueller investigation into Russian collusion, with the Trump campaign and the ignoring of mounting evidence of undeniable corruption that started the whole thing, beginning with Hillary Clinton (maybe even Barack Obama), careening down and through to Loretta Lynch, James Comey, Sally Yates, James Clapper, John Brenner, Christopher Steele, Andrew McCabe, Rod Rosenstein, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, Bruce Ohr and his wife Nellie Ohr, is a complete crock of crap!  It’s not right, it’s not fair, it’s a travesty of justice, and it’s maddening that nothing is being done that even points toward the direction of any kind of investigation of what’s in the crock.

How can the pile of evidence that is there for all to see not even ignite discussion of an investigation being needed, or draw attention from the main stream and cable networks? All the while, the Mueller probing is coming up empty, like a negative colonoscopy.

The deep state, as it’s called, is doing a royal screw job to Trump, as well as all Republicans, as Mueller slow-walks his investigation right into the midterm elections. I guess Mr. Mueller is in favor of a blue wave rolling into Congress, which is why he’s a allowing the stale poison of this hoax of an investigation to linger.

Where are the leaders of the Republican Party on this mess and why aren’t they shouting from the chambers about the travesty of all of this? Don’t they care its hurting efforts to stem the blue wave that is building momentum? Why aren’t we hearing from Mitch McConnell, Tom Cotton, Ben Sasse, Paul Ryan, Kevin McCarthy or even Steve Knight?  Do they want Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi running the Congressional show come January? Come on!!

 Who Needs Barack?

 Who needs Obama to rip President Trump when we have our own Gary Horton:

“Trump didn’t have to dehumanize, decivilize, demodernize our nation. He didn’t have to stoke racism. He didn’t have to select a cabinet that’s more like a motorized turnstile and featuring staff more like Larry, Moe and Curly than serious cabinet heads. He didn’t have to spite science. He didn’t have to (likely) commit election fraud, tax fraud and all sorts of likely soon-to-be-disclosed criminal acts in order to get elected. And he didn’t have to be facing potential impeachment charges just a short 20 months into his presidency.”

“Revealed as part carnival barker, part schoolyard bully, part shell-game shyster, part insane narcissist and besty with proven criminal operators – Trump’s blown his chance to be great.”

Gee, I remember getting ripped for writing that the closest thing Obama ever came to running something was as a community organizer and it showed in his job performance. I cringe to think about what would have happened if I described him in the same manner Horton did with Trump, because much of Horton’s ripping of Trump could easily be attributed to Obama.

Interestingly enough, Gary forgot to mention any of the good things President Trump has done for this nation, including getting back to being the world power we can all be proud of, not a money-throwing wimp nation that was an absolute embarrassment. And of course, he had no mention of the stellar economy Trump has ushered in compared to the anemic economy that was plagued with over-regulated, over-taxed and over-socialized policies with the previous regime. Whoops, did I really say that about the do-no-wrong former president?

Quips, Quotes & Headlines:

“I had a great year, I just don’t remember which one it was.”  (Chris Ball)

Fitton (Tom Fitton, president of Judicial Watch) pointed out that Comey was fired, Strzok was fired, former FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe was fired, and he thinks that Mueller should be next. (Excerpt from an online article)

Maxine Waters goes on Trump ‘impeachment’ tear, vows to ‘get him.’ (Headline)

*I almost feel sorry for her. It seems she could be slipping into some sort of dementia state.  (Me)

Ken Starr says he considered perjury charges against Hillary Clinton. (Headline)

*Fits her profile, don’t it?  (Me)

“Trump is damaging the dream of America more than any terrorist attack ever could.” (Joe Scarborough, MSNBC)

*Joe posted this on the 17th anniversary of the horrific day in our history. I won’t write what I want to about this insane, idiotic statement the guy made. It wouldn’t be fit to print.  (Me)

“Unfortunately, it appears Bob Woodward has used perpetual leaker Steve Bannon as a co-author for his book. His non-stop, self-centered leaking is why Steve was fired from the White House in the first place.” (Chris Christie)

“The only reason that we have an outsider business man President is because of you, your lies, your policies, & your divisiveness. Barack, you elected Trump & there is nothing you can do about the fact that he’s sitting in the oval office … So, thank you, Barack.” (Judge Jeanine Pirro, Fox News)

“Obama says the upcoming election is the most important in his lifetime; he may be right. Democrats are keen to undo the progress we have made over the past year, and they could. Let us hope voters won’t give them the chance.”  (Liz Peek, The Hill)

Letter to the Ranter:


Your writing was very thoughtful, very skillful and very appreciated.


Ranter’s Note: This was in response to the abortion portion of last week’s rant.


You know, I might have written that OP ED that has the left in a tizzy.  I’m not sure, at 80 years old it is hard to remember what I had for lunch.  Do you think the thing was postmarked from Greece? I wonder how many of the paid protesters walk along holding their sign then when the time comes they vote PRESIDENT TRUMP’S agenda. I wonder if they get paid more for the silly outbursts, maybe even more if they are shown being hauled out by security.

Theatre prevails!  Hollywood obviously has taken over Washington DC!  AHA maybe that’s it we are watching the making of a movie.  It could be called THE SILLYBUSTERS. Have you noticed the deep scowls on the faces of the left.  Could it be they are ashamed of what they are doing?  Nah they are concentrating on all the money they are making because PRESIDENT TRUMP is making our country GREAT again.  Could it be that they will vote his agenda too? OOPS Football kick off.  Got to go.  Talk about silly!    Dan





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  1. There are a few cases where anonymity is completely justified. If an atheist in an Islamic theocracy, for example, wanted to criticize the teachings of the Quran, he would actually be completely justified in not revealing his name. Many Islamic nations give out draconian punishments to anybody who dares criticize Islam or the writings contained in the Quran and Hadith. I wouldn’t blame any person for wanting to remain anonymous in that instance. I also wouldn’t blame an American citizen (who had a career in the private sector) who wanted to criticize one of our politicians, but they were afraid of losing their job if their employer happened to be a huge fan of that politician – and thus wanted to remain anonymous. Technically it would be illegal for an employer to fire a person for criticizing a politician, but a boss could come up with any excuse to terminate an employee they don’t like.

    However, in this particular case regarding Donald Trump, anonymity is not at all justified. This person was apparently working in the Trump administration. Anybody who is a career political pundit or working in a high-profile government position should never hide under anonymity when criticizing a politician. This piece of crap has no honor and no testicular fortitude. They made outrageous claims about the mental health of Donald Trump – with absolutely no proof – and they have the nerve to not even reveal their name. They must’ve hidden their name in shame because they know their words are nothing but feces!

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