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| Doug's Rants | November 8, 2018

Random Election Rants:

 *If Santa Clarita wants all incumbents, all the time, they should keep non-district City Council voting intact. Both the issue of California Republican organizations throwing their support behind the incumbents without specific reasoning and the results of this election are a HUGE indication of the need for districting. The city will suffer without diverse choices and voices of folks who are able to represent us where we live, not a chosen three that live in the same area who are riding the coat tails of name recognition. I find it pathetic that the powers that be don’t or won’t recognize this need and do something to start implementing this badly needed change.

*I wonder if control of the House wouldn’t have shifted to the Dems if the 28 or so chicken-poop Republicans hadn’t decided to take the high road and not run.

*President Trump kicked butt in this election. Yeah, I said it! In Clinton’s first midterm election, he lost 57 seats in the House. In Obama’s first go-around, he lost 63 seats. President Trump lost around 28 seats and helped enrich the Senate with additional Republican seats, so yeah, he did kick butt, and this was evident by the blue wave that turned into the size of waves we see at Castaic Lake!

*Gotta Love these headlines:


Midterm elections prove Trump’s critics still underestimate him as ‘blue wave’ becomes a ripple

 Thank you, President Trump. You’ve got the GOP in great shape for 2020 and left liberals speechless

*The Dems are celebrating their great victory, but what now? Tons of time wasted on retaliatory investigations, impeachment proceedings and yelling about our president?  Not to mention fighting to reverse all of the good stuff that has happened for the good of all Americans, whether they recognize it or not.

*The worst part about this Democrat mess is having to see and hear Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters and Adam Schiff all the damn time.

*A lot is being said that the reason for the Dems success in the House is the Trump backlash. If that is the case, why did Republicans do so well in the Senate?

*Speaking of Trump backlash, it reminds me of Junior High when someone wanted to be friends with someone but wouldn’t be, because that person was a friend of someone they didn’t like. Yeah, real mature. But I know of folks who wanted to vote for a Republican, but refused to, because of Trump. Like I said: real mature.

*The ideology of left was in full bore Tuesday night when Tom Perez, the chairman of the Democrat party, exclaimed, “We know when women are successful, America is successful!”  What, when men are successful it don’t mean squat?

*What has been shoved under the carpet for the past few months is still very prevalent and should not be ignored. The hard facts of evidence regarding corruption of how the Trump/Russian special investigation was fraudulently initiated must be followed through on. If the Dems in the House drop it, the Republicans in the Senate need to keep it very much afloat.

*The president, the Republicans, and the Democrats must STOP ignoring the HUGE Elephant in the room that is the ginormous DEBT that continues to be out-of-control as I write and you read. A debt that will result in painful suffering for ALL Americans if not dealt with, starting now!  For the long-term good of our nation, I feel strongly the government should be shut-down if budget and debt ceiling approvals that address this issue are not passed. It will hurt in the short term, but that’s better than the hurt we will suffer in the long term if no action is taken.

First Amendment Shame:  

I’m writing this portion of the rant on Tuesday with no idea of the election results, but what I do know is this type of thing must stop if we are to maintain adherence to the First Amendment of our Constitution that ensures freedom of expression without restriction.

The headline read: “Theaters dropping ‘Gosnell,’ blocking ticket sales despite film’s massive success.” Gosnell is a movie about Dr. Kermit Gosnell who was found to have killed hundreds of newborn babies who survived abortion by cutting their spinal cords. The movie is about his arrest, trial, and conviction for the first-degree murder of three born-alive babies and the involuntary manslaughter of a patient of his.

In October, the movie grossed $1,235,800 over its opening weekend and was 12th overall at the box office. It had a 99 percent audience score on Rotten Tomatoes (a review website for film and television). But, after the successful opening, theaters began dropping the movie with a distribution expert saying “in a way that’s unheard of for a film performing this well.”

Phelim McAleer, one of the movie’s producers, was quoted a saying “People are saying that they are going to the box office and being told that the film isn’t being shown when it is actually being shown. We are also being told that people are also not able to buy tickets online, that they’re being told not to go, that it’s propaganda.

McAleer also reported Facebook rejected numerous advertisements for the movie on vague grounds it constituted political speech.

It was also reported that National Public Radio (yeah, the same freaking network that is supported by us tax payers) objected to advertising that referred to Dr. Gosnell as an ‘abortionist’. Planned Parenthood (also funded by our government) successfully pressured at least one venue to cancel a private screening.

It doesn’t matter who was victorious this week. What matters is that our nation has to live by the guidelines of the constitution. The aforementioned organizations shouldn’t play judge and jury by trying to restrict a movie they think is politically unjust to them.  Allowing this is a slippery slope towards being a country that our forefathers sacrificed much to avoid becoming at all costs.

Besides that, don’t you think it’s sad and galling that the people behind this form of censorship find this despicable man — who committed despicable crimes of murder ­­­— worth defending?

High School Football Travesty:

*It may not be a big deal to many, but it is to the coaches and players on Valencia High’s football team, along with their friends, fans and families. They played Mater Dei High in their first playoff game last week and got trounced. It isn’t right, it’s not fair, and it needs to be changed. Mater Dei is private school that recruits great athletes with scholarships and is one of the top ranked schools in the NATION. Valencia High is a public school that relies on the luck of the ‘good athlete draw.’ Make it right and fair, CIF (California Interscholastic Federation). Private schools should play private schools and public should play public schools. Kind of like apples playing apples and oranges playing and oranges (if you will).

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a Canyon High guy (one of our sons played football for them), so I’m no Valencia fan, but it’s still not fair to any public school football team who will be playing a private school in the playoff weeks to come. There are many states that have implemented the separation of private playing public, why can’t California do the same? Or is it another butt-backwards way of this state?

I Just Can’t Pass This One Up:

DEMOCRAT: You have two cows.
Your neighbor has none.
You feel guilty for being successful.
Barbara Streisand sings for you.

REPUBLICAN: You have two cows.
Your neighbor has none.
So what?

SOCIALIST: You have two cows.
The government takes one and gives it to your neighbor.
You form a cooperative to tell him how to manage his cow.

COMMUNIST: You have two cows.
The government seizes both and provides you with milk.
You wait in line for hours to get it.
It is expensive and sour.

You sell one, buy a bull, and build a herd of cows.

Under the new farm program the government pays you to shoot one, milk the other, and then pours the milk down the drain.
Quips, Quotes &, Headlines:

“I have found the more you baby sit the more babies you create.” (Dennis Verner, who is the 52nd most influential person in Santa Clarita, commenting on dealing with prima donnas)

Crowd at Trump rally sings ‘Amazing Grace’ after woman collapses  (Headline)

*Would we have seen that at one of Obama’s rallies last week?  Not with the former president being a friendly acquaintance of Louis Farrakhan.  (Me)

Trump Forces Attorney General Jeff Sessions Out (Headline)

*Thank goodness. It’s about time. Let’s get somebody in there with some stones. (Me)

“Farrakhan leads ‘death to America, Israel’ chant in Iran” (Headline)

“Today, I warn the American government that sanctioning Iran is a big mistake. America is plotting to undermine Iran’s interests. I understand how the enemies have plotted against the Iranian people and I would like to stay alongside you to stop their plots.”  (Louis Farrakhan)

I say we don’t let this jerk back into our country! This reminds me of Hanoi Jane Fonda flirting with the North Vietnam officers back in the day. This crap probably doesn’t rise to the standard of treason, but maybe it should.

“To EVERYONE who had the guts to put your name on a ballot, I salute you. It’s takes a lot out of you, & your family, to run for office. I ran, I lost, & it stung. But I learned so much about voters, issues, why people vote, and about myself. God bless you for getting in the ring.” (Dan Bongino)

“Watching the press conference. Media out of control. President is terrific in dealing with them. You’d never see such animosity and rudeness by the press with a Democrat president.” (Mark Levin)

“Poor Speaker-to-be Nancy Pelosi will spend the next two years trying to restrain jackasses like  Maxine Waters and Adam Schiff and socialists like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, whose antics all but guarantee Trump’s re-election in 2020.” (Larry Elder)


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  1. “*The ideology of left was in full bore Tuesday night when Tom Perez, the chairman of the Democrat party, exclaimed, “We know when women are successful, America is successful!” What, when men are successful it don’t mean squat?”

    Doug, let’s face the facts – the modern Democrat party and progressive leftists are waging a war against white men. We shouldn’t sugar coat it or pretend like it’s not happening. They aren’t even trying to hide it. The Democrats may as well write in their official party platform that they hate white men. They don’t care at all about the great accomplishments that white men have done for this nation and the entire world. There have been many great things accomplished by women and minorities, but an entire political party shouldn’t just promote the accomplishments of non-white people. A political party is supposed to work for the entire nation – including white men! The Democrats are trying to dehumanize white men!

    The truth is – it was white men who actually made it possible for women to be successful. Majority white nations were the very first countries in the entire to give women equal rights. The United States, Canada, and European nations were way ahead of the rest of the world in giving women equal rights. Islamic nations, African nations, and many Asian nations are still way behind majority white nations when it comes to women’s rights.

    Democrats are waging a racist and sexist war. People deserve to know the truth.

    – Eric

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