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| Doug's Rants | November 15, 2018


I’m bewildered beyond belief! How can my home state of Arizona turn so blue so fast by electing a left-leaning Senator? (I was going to add “woman” to that sentence, but for political correctness reasons, I caught myself).  Is it because of the large number of Mormon folks who live in Arizona that were ticked off at President Trump for the way he treated their own Jeff Flake? What about Texas, where Ted Cruz got elected by the skin of his teeth, or Florida, where Republicans Rick Scott and Ron DeSantis are in recount-voting hell?

Arizona, Texas and Florida, what happened? Is it because so many folks who used to live in blue states have moved in for weather and cost of living reasons and brought their left-leaning ways with them? Is it the dreaded Trump Derangement Syndrome that has infected millions of low information voters? Voters who have no clue as to his actual job performance, but just know he’s a Republican, so a no-vote for any Republicans in the name of Trump?

How sad is that? These folks should have logged on to promiseskept.com to see exactly what this president has accomplished for them. And maybe then they would have put their big boy and girl voting pants on and voted for people who would continue to fight for what’s right for all of us. But noooo, he’s a jerk, so all Republicans are jerks, too. Let me ask this: If Mike Pence was president and accomplished the same things as Trump has, would their thinking be any different?

An example of Trump Derangement Syndrome happened to me when I sent a friend a list I saw of the numerous incredibly nice things Trump has done for regular folks over the years, changing many a life. His reply:


“I will only say that having a ton of money and doing some good things with it (that I’m sure his accountant suggested) does not make for a good president, and certainly doesn’t make for a good man.  I have never seen a president talk so much about how wonderful HE is.”

 There you have it; nothing about his acts of kindness or the actual job President Trump has done was even taken into consideration. This is a perfect example of why so many voted Democrat last week without an ounce of true understanding of the issues that face us or the man himself. An honest assessment of my good friend’s limited knowledge of what has been going in Washington would show he really isn’t aware of many of the president’s accomplishments. He just knows the guy is not a good president because of his personality.

 A Lot of Question Marks:

 As Nancy Pelosi takes over, leading the likes of Katie Hill, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the record number of women lefties in the House, what are their goals? If you take a look at the cartoon on page 7, it gives us a pretty good idea of what to expect. But, as for all of the Dems in the House and those who voted for them, what do they really want to see accomplished?

We’ve heard their empty rhetoric about healthcare changes and creating more wealth for the middle class, but I heard precious little on what they are going to do get that done. Throw money we don’t have at the problem like Obama did. We know how that worked, right? Have any of them noticed how well the economy is doing these days, and if so, how are they planning to improve upon it? Maybe the question should be, “How are they planning on trying to screw it up?”

Do they want to raise our taxes and take money out of American’s pockets that Trump and Congress put in? Do they want to raise the corporate tax rate back up and cause layoffs? Do they really want a healthcare system that could strangle our economy with higher taxes to pay for the thing, while at the same time sending the dangerous debt into the stratosphere?

Methinks they’ll be so busy trying to investigate and impeach the tar and feathers out of Trump, that nothing of their pie-in-the-sky fantasies will come close to getting done, let alone get through the Senate.

I Resemble That Label:

 The song “I’m proud to be an American” is a great one, but I’m also proud to be an angry old white guy, a defender of the problem of whiteness, toxic masculinity and the war on masculinity. I’ll fight until the end to show that those labels are complete hogwash nonsense. And if being a nationalist means that our country is the number one priority for us and the president, then count me in. I’m damn proud to be member of that club, and if anyone thinks that being a nationalist is some sort of racist thing, I call bull excrement on that, too, and they can kiss my ranting butt! (That’s a mature thing to say, right?)

If nationalism means what’s best for my country, my family, including my grand kids, than I’m all freaking for it! The notion that nationalism is a terrible thing is just another target on President Trump’s back for arrows to be shot at him. If he claiming America is his number one priority and the spineless leaders of European nations don’t like it, then I like it even more.

Is It Just Me?

Is it just me, or are the numbers of ballots that creep in well after Election Day seeming a little, you know, like something smells in the bottom of the trash can?  Someone claims thousands of ballots showed up in Florida and still need to be counted. Where were they, in a box in the corner of a basement that someone stumbled across?

Now we’re hearing that Christy Smith might actually defeat Dante Acosta more than a week after Election Day. How can they count so many ballots in an eighteen-hour time period last Tuesday, and then take days on end to count the rest?!  And answer me this: why do the newly found ballots always favor the Dems in catching up in races that Republicans were previously thought to have won and not the other way around?

 Ranting Match:

 I’ve met my ranting match; Terri Lovell is president of Santa Clarita Republican Women Federated. These are excerpts from a column she wrote that was published in last Saturday’s Signal newspaper and man, oh man, did she nail it.

One can only imagine how wonderful our roads and freeways could be, had the Democrats in the California Legislature not raided the highway funds to provide drivers’ licenses, free college tuition, free health care and free legal services to illegal aliens.”

“How much more can Gavin Newsom and the California Democrats suck out of us before we shrivel up and die? In their minds, our hard-earned money is an endless source of uncollected tax dollars.”

“Have we come to believe that only those who have ascended into the halls of political victory have the wisdom and the power to dictate our values and to shape our social norms? Have we been so beaten down by self-hating Hollywood liberals, who know nothing about the real world, but lecture us on a daily basis about how we should think and behave? How far left is California willing to go?”

Who Knew?

 Last week’s rant was posted in a local Facebook group. I didn’t know I’m so loved!

“Wow. This guy is SERIOUSLY deranged. He didn’t DRINK the Kool Aid, he’s been PICKLED in it!”
“Wow. This is some confederate flag waving, red maga hat wearing, doesn’t have the capacity to understand the current political situation, bullshit. Glad I don’t read this garbage all the time.”

 “Doug makes the same face that white women make when they call the cops on innocent people of color.”

“Did you read the article? It was basically a temper tantrum.”

“I see why this was in the free paper. No one would pay for this.”

“This is seriously the ravings of a lunatic.”

 “I went to wipe with this rag then realized I was reading it on my phone.”

“Like a lot of the commentators, I find these rants to be incoherent, too.”

“Is this the voice of half the Santa Clarita Valley? He should be in a monthly throw-away advertising rag! Knight is out. Less Trumpism is good!

 “Dear Doug, are you that insecure that you need to bring up partisan rhetoric of years gone past.”

 “Yes he is is.”

 Quips, Quotes &, Headlines:

 Tucker Carlson on angry protesters outside his home: “They Were Threatening My Family To Get Me To Stop Talking” (Headline)

*Many feel that if they were Tucker Carlson, and someone was trying break in their door, scaring the living daylights out of their wives, they would have said, “If you mother #$%*^&@ ever even touch my front door again, it will be the last door you ever touch in your life!” (Me)

I honestly cannot empathize with Tucker Carlson’s wife at all.” (Vox reporter Matthew Yglesias)

*This is the type of “man unkind” tendency that is propelling someone to get seriously hurt or killed over stuff that decent people are able to not take personally and disagree with civilly.  (Me)

Katie Hill Makes History (Headline)

*When Michael Bloomberg tells Katie to jump, is she going to ask how high? (Me)

Discovery of gnatcatcher nest slows Whittaker-Bermite clean-up (Headline)

*Only in America do we put species over people (Me)

Letter to the Ranter:

 Re: Doug’s comment in last week’s rant:

“*The ideology of left was in full bore Tuesday night when Tom Perez, the chairman of the Democrat party, exclaimed, “We know when women are successful, America is successful!”  What, when men are successful it don’t mean squat?”

Doug, let’s face the facts – the modern Democrat party and progressive leftists are waging a war against white men. We shouldn’t sugar coat it or pretend like it’s not happening. They aren’t even trying to hide it. The Democrats may as well write in their official party platform that they hate white men. They don’t care at all about the great accomplishments that white men have done for this nation and the entire world. There have been many great things accomplished by women and minorities, but an entire political party shouldn’t just promote the accomplishments of non-white people. A political party is supposed to work for the entire nation – including white men! The Democrats are trying to dehumanize white men! The truth is – it was white men who actually made it possible for women to be successful. Majority white nations were the very first countries in the entire to give women equal rights. The United States, Canada, and European nations were way ahead of the rest of the world in giving women equal rights. Islamic nations, African nations, and many Asian nations are still way behind majority white nations when it comes to women’s rights. Democrats are waging a racist and sexist war. People deserve to know the truth. – Eric


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About Doug Sutton

Doug Sutton is the publisher of Santa Clarita Gazette, Canyon Country and Pet Me Magazine. Doug is active in Rotary Club of Santa Clarita, Heart of the Canyons Church, and a past board member of the local Chamber of Commerce. Doug and Jeannie have been married for 35 years, living in the Santa Clarita Valley for over 20 years, raising their 3 sons here.

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  1. “If nationalism means what’s best for my country, my family, including my grand kids, than I’m all freaking for it! The notion that nationalism is a terrible thing is just another target on President Trump’s back for arrows to be shot at him. If he claiming America is his number one priority and the spineless leaders of European nations don’t like it, then I like it even more.”

    Doug, I couldn’t agree more! Leftists have forgotten the meaning of the word “nationalism.” They have conflated it with the extreme nationalism of the fascists during the early 1900s. There is nothing wrong with healthy nationalism. Nationalism, at its core, is just a passionate love for one’s country and a willingness to put the needs of your own people above the needs of other nations. Any good leader should be a nationalist. A leader is supposed to put the needs of his people above the needs of others. That’s what we elect our leaders to do. Our top politicians should be looking out for the needs of the American people first and foremost. I am absolutely outraged whenever politicians talk about solving the problems of the world as their top priority. What about the needs of the American people? What about us? Donald Trump’s slogan of “America First” is one every American should embrace. Even if you hate Donald Trump with every fiber of your being, it doesn’t change the fact that “America First” is something we should all accept. “America First” is the right thing to do. We have to look out for our own family – our fellow Americans – before we start to virtue signal and show how humanitarian we are by doing charity for the rest of the world. This is at least how the government should act, and this is the creed that our politicians should follow religiously. Before we try to get that fuzzy feeling inside of us by helping impoverished nations, we must first do what is best for our own homeland. Before we’re philanthropic, we must be nationalistic. Before we feed the third world, we must feed the poor and starving right here in the United States. Before we help underdeveloped nations, we must solve our own infrastructure problems. Before we care about the world, we must make America great again!

    Anything taken to the extreme is bad. Too much ice cream is bad. Nationalism is only bad when taken to the very extreme. Mussolini’s and Hitler’s idea of extreme nationalism was wrong because they used it to justify the conquering of people who they deemed inferior – and because they felt their nations were entitled to more land. Nationalism is only wrong when it turns into conquering, pilfering, racism and prejudice.

    If any people had the right to be proud of the accomplishments of their nation, it would be Americans. The United States of America is the greatest nation that has ever existed!

    – Eric

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