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| Doug's Rants | January 3, 2019

Malware Attack Disrupts Newspapers:

That was the headline in the L.A. Times last Sunday. The attacks came from outside of the country, and were far-ranging across the country, occurring at different newspapers including the L.A. Times and the San Diego Union-Tribune.

Two issues I have ranted about over the years that don’t seem to be on anyone’s radar are potential terrorist attacks on our electrical system and the huge debt we face.

Here’s what I wrote in October of 2016 regarding the possible sabotage of our power grid: “I am not writing this extra rant for sensational fear mongering or to be a wannabe science fiction writer. I’m writing this because I truly feel this is a realistic possibility and think it should be shouted from the mountain tops, particularly by those whose job it is to protect us.” At the time, I quoted Congressman Trent Franks: We are only one act of madness away from a social cataclysm unlike anything our country has ever known.”

If some bad dudes were able to bring these newspapers to their knees, what could a nation who hates our guts do by supplying the resources needed for sophisticated hackers to cripple our electric grid?


Back in the 2016 extra rant, I wrote, Think back to a time your home was without power for few hours, or even a few days. Did it change your way of life during that period? Sure it did; now think what it would be like to be without electricity for weeks, months or even years.”  Newt Gingrich wrote:  “Such an event would destroy our complex, delicate high-tech society and throw all of our lives back to an existence equal to that of the middle ages.”

All of those folks who get so bent out-of-shape over the mention of God or Jesus in any public forum, and who perceive any type of prayer as evil will be praying and begging for God to turn the power back on if this horrible terrorist attack occurs.

Based on what happened to those newspapers last week, we should all be wishing, hoping and praying that the same sort hateful malice doesn’t come the way of our electricity.

Let Hitting the Fan Begin:

Subpoenas hitting the fan, that is, as the Dems take over the House and the subpoenas to harass President Trump start pouring out like Rosie O’Donnell’s swear words and smell like urine on an open fire.

Look, if Trump truly broke the law, he should suffer the consequences, just like any American. But, what makes me bat-crap-crazy is the UNEQUAL justice we’re seeing, or will probably see, in the next two years.

-Why was a blind eye turned when officials at the IRS destroyed records of their illegal handling of conservative groups, when everyone involved knew exactly what crimes were committed, including the president of the United States at the time (Obama).

-When his wife was the secretary of state, Bill Clinton’s speaking fees somehow doubled and tripled, from about $150,000 a speech, to $500,000 for a speech in Russia, and $750,000 for a speech in China. The State Department approved these speeches while Hillary was in charge of the department. Isn’t that some sort of collusion or illegal conflict of interest?   

-Then there’s Uranium One. Hillary Clinton, according to various reports, was one of several Obama administration officials who approved the sale of uranium to a Russian-operated company, whose chairman donated $2.35 million to the Clinton Foundation.

-It’s also been reported that 154 people who met with or had conference calls with Hillary while she was Secretary of State, at least 85 of them donated to the Clinton Foundation.

-For six months in 2012, longtime Clinton aide Huma Abedin was a busy worker bee.  Abedin worked for Clinton’s State Department, as well as the Clinton Foundation, Clinton’s personal office and a consulting firm tied to the Clintons. No crime there?

-I’ve brought up Hillary’s felony actions with her emails so many times in this space, the keyboard almost types them out by itself …

*44 U.S. Code § 3106 – Unlawful removal, destruction of records

*18 U.S. Code § 793 – Gathering, transmitting or losing defense information

As one legal pundit put it: “Anyone else would have been arrested for this. Until there is a massive change in this country, justice is a game.”

-How about the meeting in January of 2016 with Obama, Sally Yates, Joe Biden, James Comey and Susan Rice, when Yates floated the idea of trying get Logan Act violations by the incoming Trump administration, prompting FBI Agents to saunter into the White House a couple of weeks later and ask for casual meeting with Michael Flynn that got him nailed to the legal wall.  That was legally okay?

-Still legally unresolved (it should be, but probably won’t be, with the new Dem-held House) is how the whole Russian Collusion investigation by Robert Mueller (that veered off to as many directions as a two-year-old full of sugar) was jump started.

I’ve tried to explain the deep in the weeds details of this before, but folks told me their eyes glazed over trying to figure it out from me and the legal beagles on T.V.

If you’re not into deep weeds, just trust me and the exhaustive research and investigative journalism that should have blown this up into a scandal bigger than Watergate!

-Will there be an investigation as to why Robert Mueller deleted the damming texts of FBI agents Peter Strock and Lisa Page, which described their hate for Trump and their love for Hillary, while they were part of the Trump investigation team? Should Mr. Mueller be charged with obstruction of justice?

We know the Dems in the upcoming House are licking their chops at shooting legal arrows all over President Trump with every attempt to bring him down using impeachment and indictments. I hope and pray “some powers that be” with an ounce of the firm belief of JUSTICE FOR ALL will fight for that kind of justice, not just the hypocritical justice they want so badly for the President they hate with all their might.                                

 Quotes, Quips & Headlines:

 “I predict that Gary Horton will call me all teary-eyed and blubbering saying ‘I have seen the light, Steve! Donald Trump is a man for the ages and I love him! I will never write another column critical of him again!’ Or maybe not.”  (Steve Lunetta, from his column in The Signal newspaper last week)

*That one made my day! (Me)

California job market keeps a robust pace (Headline)

Tax cuts a boon for company earnings (Headline)

State job market expands at a robust pace (Headline)

*I couldn’t believe my eyes; all three of these headlines were in the LA Times! The only thing they didn’t do was blame Trump for this success, like they do everything else.  (Me)

UCLA fires Steve Alford: (Headline)

*Alford wasn’t the only coach who lost his job this past week, several college football and NFL coaches were fired, too. All of these guys got fired for NOT getting the job done and had nothing to do with their personality or people skills. Dems and low information types don’t care about the job President Trump is getting done, they just don’t like the guy so they want him FIRED.  (Me)

“The American people have a right to know how much taxpayer money is being thrown at Mueller’s massive investigation. Judicial Watch has never before seen this level of secrecy surrounding the operation of a special or independent counsel.” (Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton)

*Damn right, we do. This farce has gone on way too long (since May of 2017) and now they won’t divulge how much it has and is costing us tax payers to pay and provide security for this guy?! If I was President Trump, I’d tell Mueller, “You’ve had more than enough time to come up with something, and you’re costing tax payers a ton of money, so YOU’RE FIRED!”    (Me)

Is California at the tipping point?  (Headline)

*If it wasn’t, it will be now with the chokehold the far left-leaning Dems have on our state legislature.  (Me)

Who Knew?

 I guess I should have known, but I didn’t think the rant on climate change two weeks ago would ignite more love from my Facebook fans.

“Oh look a man with zero education regarding climate sciences is ranting about how he knows soooooo much more than actual experts in the field  Thanks random old man, your pointless and inaccurate rant about climate change has been noted. Now get back to yelling at kids to get off your lawn.”

 “I gave Doug the benefit of my ‘click’. Despite his typically ignorant and self congratulatory rant, I do think he’s stumbled onto an important observation: It’s the wealthiest, most influential slice of the planet’s population that has the greatest impact on our climate, and they (we) aren’t doing nearly enough. So thanks Doug, in your backhanded way, for focusing a little more attention on a dire situation.”

“Oh Doug, I must correct you on multiple aspects of this article, starting with the drought/rain remarks. First of all, when you see an overall rise in global temperatures, water begins to evaporate because of the heat. Looking at this hurricane activity, water begins to evaporate from the oceans into our atmosphere. Then, wind carries it over to land, causing heavy storms. But in other areas, water evaporates from the land, soil, etc. leading us into drought.”

“Secondly, the politicians coming in with this New Green Deal are spearheading us into a new age of American innovation. Instead of drilling for oil and creating hideous pipelines, we can cultivate new and improved methods for using renewable resources, not that we don’t have enough already. The New Green Deal would also improve upon expanding infrastructure for electric vehicles, as well as funding research into new types of battery packs that would make charging times go down and take range way up.”

“Your attacks on these amazing women who are working to form this bill (once the Democrats take the house in January) show how close minded you really are. Calling them “Lady Libs” because they’re active supporters in the fight that stops climate change shows that you’re only for having a government that consists of old men who take money from oil companies and deny climate change. Please never post your insufferable articles as they show your lack of knowledge.”

“Does this guy actually get paid to write this baloney? Bologna? Cold cuts? Go make me a sammich Dougy! Lol”

 “No, no one’s going to pay Doug to rant – except possibly local advertisers if enough people here click on his link. Count me out in the future.”


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