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| Doug's Rants | January 17, 2019

All Things Work Together for Good:

The Bible tells us that God works all things together for good, even the perceived unpleasant stuff. Now, I’m hearing rumblings from this infamous government slowdown that seem to be good. Don’t get me wrong, people who provide protection and safety not getting paid is not a good thing. But, other than those folks, we’re starting to hear that the rank and file who work deep in the swamp aren’t so necessary after all, and actually could be a drag on government productivity.

Some government bigwig was reported as saying, “We do not want most employees to return, because we are working better without them.”  He went on to lament that only 15 percent of the government workers he’s involved with really care about their job. The rest aren’t motivated to get the job done, and spend much of their time not doing what they are supposed to be doing, and it doesn’t matter because they can’t be fired. Tardiness, excessive absences and just plain insubordination run rampant. No wonder I’ve heard the phrase, “good enough for government work” since I was a kid.

Now, government departments are finding ways to streamline the work, tighten their belts and weed out needless procedures. You know, just like regular companies that can’t afford the financial bloat of dead-beats sitting around, living off the breast of guaranteed government work without the consequences of being lazy and inept.

The thing is, though, when these workers return after their forced and necessary vacation, they will slip back into to the murky waters of the swamp, enjoying it thoroughly. At that point, I guess God will have to come up with a different way for swamp crap to work together for good.


Fuel to the Fire:

It seems I’ve been ranting in the wind (better than peeing in the wind, I suppose) when it comes to the corruption of the Obama administration that was carried over  from his term like rotting meat left behind to gag the new president in 2017.

Take the revelation that the underlings of Obama’s FBI actually freaked out so much over the firing of James Comey that they started an investigation of Trump being an agent for Russia, without going through the proper channels or authorization. This just adds fuel to my ranting fire about the thoroughly corrupt goings-on that started with Hillary’s email felony pardon, all the way to Mueller’s investigation.

Knowing what we know already about the lynch mob/vigilante-type thinking of the FBI/DOJ vs. Trump administration, this new information validates the fact that  politics from the Obama administration seeped into the depths of law enforcement and justice areas of government, making our founding fathers spin in their graves.

Are They Crazy?

 Did these seemingly intelligent agents really think the new president was some sort of “Secret Agent Man”? (I like that song from many years ago). Was there any sort of evidence, real suspicions, or any kind of common sense basis to go on? It doesn’t appear that way. They just went bonkers, like liberals attacking conservatives on Facebook or during useless protests, fed by unreasonable emotions. This time, though, those unreasonable emotions emanated from a pure hate for Trump, especially after he fired their buddy.

The one thing they seemingly didn’t stop to ponder was that their other buddy (Rod Rosenstein) was the one who recommended Comey be fired for various and legitimate reasons.

Did they really think they could be knights in shining armor by ousting the new president, saving the nation from his horrifying, treasonous actions?  It’s almost as if they formed their own FBI cult and drank the Kool-Aid, without realizing what they were doing was highly illegal. It could have, and maybe even still will, result in serious convictions.

If you think you will hear about this corruption from the mainstream media, think again. Oh yeah, you’ll hear about it all right, but it will be in the almost drunkenly gleeful context of believing that President Trump is finally going down hard, because he really is guilty of being in bed with the Russians. Or so they think. Stay tuned.

A Dark Blue Wave is Coming at Us:

 During the election season, we kept hearing about the “Blue Wave” that would engulf us come 2019 with the Dems taking over. But, the wave we’re seeing now is  dark blue, if socialism/communism can be colored dark blue.

Recent Headline Examples:

Mayor of New York City pitches plan to seize private property of problem landlords, opponents cry ‘communism’

 Governor of California asks tech industry to help pay for housing

 Ocasio-Cortez set to join Chairwoman Maxine Waters on key financial services committee, will push for drastic changes 

Ocasio-Cortez hits CBS for not having black reporter, producer on 2020 election team

 Critics decry firing of black NFL coaches

 Of course, we constantly hear about free or heavily subsidized healthcare for all, free college tuition and open borders with financial support for all illegals, along with anything else to soothe liberal guilt and shame for living in such a hateful nation.

It bewilders me that these folks think everything can be forcefully engineered to make the world a fair, pain-free, socially just, abundance for all, land of milk and honey without the masses of hard-working, responsible types suffering the consequences.

Life is not a bump-free road, whether it’s coaches, white or black, losing their jobs because they didn’t win enough games, or reporters, black or white, not being qualified to be on a broadcast team. Even plight of the financially less fortunate.

History has taught us that when social and economic ills are attempted to be artificially fixed, it causes more problems than it solves. And, in some cases, like in Venezuela, the consequences are very dire.

Let’s hope that during this liberal fantasy time period we’re in, somehow, some way, someone sees the light through the dark blue wave and can convince some of them this is the wrong road to go down.

Quotes, Quips & Headlines:

 “Little did I know it appears that they were all in it together. I mean Rosenstein, Comey, Mueller, McCabe, the whole crowd and they were out to get this president, no matter what. I don’t think they sincerely believed anything about Russia.” (John Dowd, former White House attorney)

“About 85 percent of the national media are in the business of getting Trump out of office.”   (Bill O’Reilly)    

 To be a liberal requires one to immediately relinquish 10-20 IQ points. With absurdities such as: “Walls don’t work, Trump colluded with Russia, high taxes are good for the economy and  life doesn’t begin at conception,” it’s no wonder they appeal to emotion, not reason.”  (radio host Dan Bongino)

*Emotion, not reason. Have you seen any political debates on Facebook recently? (Me)

Former top FBI lawyer James Baker subject of criminal media leak probe (Headline)

*Oh really? This scandal keeps getting better and better.  (Me)

The longer President Trump holds out to receive funding for the wall, the more his support will continue to shrink. While his most conservative supporters may be lauding his efforts to take a hard stance on receiving funding for the wall, the swing voters who were instrumental to his success in 2016 are quickly leaving him.”  (Doug Schoen, Fox News)

*Unfortunately, I tend to agree with him. (Me)

A big new Caravan is heading up to our Southern Border from Honduras. Tell Nancy and Chuck that a drone flying around will not stop them. Only a Wall will work. Only a Wall, or Steel Barrier, will keep our Country safe! Stop playing political games and end the Shutdown!”  (President Trump)

*Fortunately, I really agree with him. (Me)

Democrats are moving to censure Rep. Steve King. Why the no-fly zone over the bigoted, incendiary comments made by Rep. Maxine Waters?  (Larry Elder)

“So we CAN’T afford to shut the government down but it’s OK to spend billions to fund illegal aliens that cross the border illegally, VERY TWISTED.” (Diamond and Silk)

“We love and support our President. He’s done more for black people than any other President in our lifetime. While others may stab him in the back, we will always have his back!”   (Diamond and Silk)

 * I just love those two ladies. (Me)

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