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| Doug's Rants | February 28, 2019

Did They Just Hire Themselves?

 The headline read: A Change for the SCV Chamber of Commerce.

 I’m confused here. I thought the Musella Group was running the Chamber on an interim basis while searching for a new CEO? Now, we find a “new public affairs company by The Musella Group will manage day-to-day operations.” The thing is, the new group (Evolve Business Strategies) is made up of the same guys who were The Musella Group before, so they just hired themselves? What happened to the search for a new CEO – perhaps someone with Chamber experience?

And another thing; in this day and age of extreme political correctness, it’s interesting to have a Chamber of Commerce, which serves a diverse membership,  run by three white guys. I’m just pondering out loud.

I Want Reparations, Too:


 As I was reading about Kamala Harris and her support of reparations to Black folks to make amends for slavery, I got to thinking that I want some of that cash, too. After all I deserve it because I’ve been wronged in my life over the years.

*It all started when I was in my mother’s womb, and she smoked while she was pregnant with me because they didn’t know any better back then. So I want reparation from the government for not being cognizant of the fact my mom’s smoking damaged my psyche to this very day.

*When I was in grade school learning how to write, the desks were those old fashion flat desks with arm extensions for right-handed kids only. Well, I’m left-handed, and I had to learn to write with my left arm up on the desk and my hand upside down. I want reparation from the school district in Tucson for my lousy handwriting which resulted from that, and the inferiority complex I’ve had all of my life because I am left-handed.

*When I worked for USA TODAY newspaper in Phoenix in the ‘90s, I was in middle management. At one point, I hired a young lady to work under me. I trained and mentored her for a few years and she did well. Soon, USA TODAY came under sharp criticism for gender inequality in their management ranks, so lo and behold, they promoted my employee above me and I had report to someone whom I hired and trained. Talk about awkward. I want big-time reparation from USA TODAY for giving into political correctness that was incorrect, causing my masculine insecurity to spiral out of control.

Of course, I jest, but come on; at least this stuff happened to me in my lifetime. Kamala Harris, her parents, or ANY Black person living today has not been a slave, including generations before them. There is not a single white American alive today, nor a person from the generation before, who owned slaves. Don’t get me wrong, the atrocity of slavery is a very dark blight on our history as a nation and should never be forgotten. Also, any form of racism in today’s culture cannot be tolerated.

But it’s just wrong for a presidential candidate like Harris to use the voting carrot of giving billions of dollars to African Americans for atrocities that occurred 200 some years ago. It’s typical political bull-crapping to garner people who will jump to vote for her, thinking cash will float their way just because of the color of their skin and what happened to their ancestors many years ago. Of course, they’re going to think, “Hey, that’s great, we deserve it; our people suffered great harm back then. Show me the money Kamala!”

I’m reminded of the song by the rock group Eagles called “Get Over It.”  In part, it goes something like this:

“I turn on the tube and what do I see
A whole lotta people cryin’ don’t blame me
They point their crooked little fingers at everybody else
Spend all their time feelin’ sorry for themselves,

Victim of this, victim of that.
You drag it around like a ball and chain
You wallow in the guilt; you wallow in the pain
You wave it like a flag, you wear it like a crown
Got your mind in the gutter, bringin’ everybody down
B*tch about the present and blame it on the past
Get over it
Get over it”


As I write this, Michael Cohen is giving his testimony to a committee of the House. Admittedly, Cohen is giving Trump a bit of a bad name, and the Dems are gleefully salivating at his testimony with impeachment fantasies twinkling in their eyes. This, while President Trump is in Vietnam meeting with the North Korean Dictator trying to enact an agreement to keep millions of people, including our own country, safe from nuclear bombs. If the Republicans had done the same thing while Obama was in office, the cries of racism would have vibrated off the House chamber walls!

But I digress. It seems to me that these Dems should put forth the same energy to work on stuff that really matters and affects us regular folks. If the Dems continue down this all encompassing road of impeachment, there won’t be a damn thing for the good of the people that will get done.  Would you call these time-consuming, get-Trump efforts a selfish priority?  I sure think so.

Republicans to Introduce House, Senate Resolutions Declaring Debt a National Security Threat:

That was a headline this week, and I must say, it’s about freaking time someone in Washington is ringing this alarm. I’m a big Trump supporter, but he is dropping the ball big time on this one, and I find it disappointing.

But, at least two members of Congress have the foresight to present these resolutions that will hopefully garner some urgent attention. Their statements when announcing the resolution were home runs, and every person in and out of Washington should take heed.

Senator David Perdue:

“Ultimately, the debt impacts our ability to fund priorities, like providing our men and women in uniform with the resources they need to protect Americans. This debt crisis will only get worse, and if we don’t act now, our country will lose the ability to do the right thing.” 

Rep. Andy Biggs:

“If we do not change our course, we will be responsible for one of the worse catastrophes this nation has ever experienced; the crash of the American economy and the demise of a superpower.”

 Got Spending Cuts?

The answer is a resounding HELL NO. We have no spending cuts to curtail any of the exploding debt, and it in fact looks like the budget for 2019 will have us spending $1trillion more than the revenue we will be filling the tax coffers with. How on God’s earth can a budget be put in place that will ADD $1trillion to a debt that is already over $22 trillion, with interest to be paid that will surpass $192 billion?!  Is it too much to ask the intelligent men and women in both houses of Congress to pass a budget that at least comes somewhat close to breaking even, like every household and business in America strives to do?

The federal government brings in more than enough revenue to pay for what America really needs and then some. The problem is that needs and political wants are two different things and aren’t close to meeting one another, and won’t be until spending is brought way under control.

Blank Check Thinking:

One would think the Dems in Washington would love to save billions of dollars of interest payments so they could use it for their Santa Claus efforts to have everything for everybody free, right?  Wait a minute; they don’t care about the cost of anything or the ramifications of adding to the debt. They just want to spend-spend-spend to fulfill their vision of a utopia state in a land of milk and honey. Their shortsightedness of the dangerous debt that will escalate is sickening. Could they (or will they) ever see the grave danger of debt damage before it’s too late?  By the way, Republicans aren’t much better.

Quips Quotes & Headlines:

“There are a lot of reasons not to be transparent in what we do in government, it could be really misleading if the government is overly transparent about the information it collects because it is not always accurate.”  (Rod Rosenstein)

*Oh, like him using the incredibly inaccurate, bogus dossier that ignited the Mueller investigation he’s behind?  (Me)

 “Trump, not the border, is our national emergency. Do you want to confer extraordinary powers upon Donald Trump at a time when he faces extraordinary threats to his ability to stay in the White House?” (Mary Anne Marsh, Fox News)

*Nothing worse than a Fox News lefty (Me)

“Venezuela was my home, and socialism destroyed it. Slowly, it will destroy America, too. Though so many of us Venezuelans fled to the USA to escape from the destructive consequences of socialism, liberal politicians like Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., and Rep. José Serrano, D-N.Y., have praised the same kind of policies that produced famine, mass exodus and soaring inflation in Venezuela.”  (Daniel Di Martino from an interview on CNN)

As the bumper sticker reads, “Socialism is Stupid.  (Me) 

“Our planet is going to face disaster if we don’t turn this ship around. And so it’s basically like, there is a scientific consensus that the lives of children are going to be very difficult and it does lead, I think young people, to have a legitimate question. Ya know, should—is it okay to still have children?” (Rep Alexandria Ocasio Cortez)

“I do not believe that human activity is causing these dramatic changes to our climate the way these scientists are portraying it. That’s what I do not – and I do not believe that the laws that they propose we pass will do anything about it. Except it will destroy our economy.”   (Marco Rubio)

“For every expert that says humans are the cause of climate change there are 10 more who say we aren’t.”   (Bradley A Blakeman)

 Ex-Clinton staffers slam Sanders over private jet flights (Headline)

*Don’t Brother Bernie and his presidential opponents realize that jets emit green house gases into the air, which will end the world as we know it 12 years from now? (Me)


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