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Katie Hill was interviewed on CNN the day after the mud hit the fan with the Barr letter (she is very well-spoken when appearing on these network shows, by the way) and was asked by the info lady, “President Trump said I sure hope they look at the other side of this, of how this whole thing got started. What do you think he was referring to?”

Hill: “I don’t know; who knows what the President thinks.” Really? Neither one of these ladies who are waist deep in the swamp of Washington is aware of the corruptness that ignited the Mueller investigation?  They haven’t heard of the New York Times Best Seller, The Russian Hoax? They don’t know that James Comey admitted leaking information (which turned out to be bogus) to the press with hopes of getting the probe launched with former CIA Director, John Brennan, doing the same thing?

They aren’t aware of the other officials in the FBI and DOJ who hated Trump so much that they used concocted evidence to try and bring him down because they couldn’t fathom the idea of him becoming president? They haven’t heard the evidence of these officials rejecting the result of the election and thinking they could save their liberal brethren from Trump by burying him in Russian collusion dirt?

Seriously? These two ladies didn’t know anything about this stuff? I find that really hard to believe and would venture to guess they just didn’t want to expose the liberal CNN audience to such atrocities conducted by their own ilk.


Did You Notice?

During the heat of the denial-fest regarding the Mueller report, CNN and the like didn’t come close to addressing the corruption that was the foundation of the whole mess. Not a word (that I heard) was mentioned regarding the dossier as the sole reason, and it all started with Hillary Clinton paying for it. Robert Mueller had to have known it, based on his kinship with James Comey. It was written by somebody paid by Hillary, Christopher Steele, who worked with a guy named Glenn Simpson; and it was used by the FBI, who knew that it was totally bogus to get a warrant to spy on the Trump administration.

Pointing His Way?

Not many in front of the cameras will even suggest that the corruption of this time period could very well have started with the Obama administration. I and many others think the former president pulled the strings of Loretta Lynch to get Hillary out from underneath her email crimes. She did that by washing her hands of it and told James Comey to take care of it with the veiled instruction (call it a matter, not an investigation) to make sure Hillary got off scot free.  What else could motivate the director of the FBI to stand in front of the nation (when it should have been Attorney General Lynch), rattle off the crimes Hillary committed and then state she wasn’t going to be charged because of some nonsensical reasoning?  It had to be the guy in the White House at the time motivating Comey, don’t you think?

If Obama wanted Hillary to win so much that he went to those extremes to clear her, wouldn’t he pull the same sort of strings to derail Trump winning? As Lindsey Graham inferred in his news conference this week, STAY TUNED!

Everything They Touch is Turning to Foolishness:

I would think the Dems are feeling like the Lakers these days (foolish) because they have the greatest player in the world, but can’t win many games. The Dems are so sure of themselves with brimming confidence that their way is the way to save the nation from Trump and ourselves. Yet, not much is going their way these days. Most of them were sure as rain Trump was an agent of Russia, and now they are feebly trying to say the findings aren’t true, with some of them ruefully back tracking from their blown-up assertions.

I would say most on the left put their entire Trump-is-a-traitor confidence in the reporting by CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, The New York Times and The Washington Post. Now their confidence in these biased, Trump-hating news sources has been shaken to its core, as demonstrated by TV ratings this week (Sean Hannity had 4 Million viewers Monday Night compared to CNN’s 950 thousand, ouch!). Now there are outcries that the Times and the Post should give back the Pulitzer prizes they won for the in-depth reporting they gleefully did on the collusion investigation.

Foolishness Continued:

Aside from their obsession with Russian collusion, the Democrat’s outlandish Trump-hating contrasted to the backdrop of his wide-scale success at home and abroad is causing their foolishness to become magnified. Not only do they ignore the HARD FACTS of the Trump administration’s overwhelming success compared to that of Obama, they are pitching the most foolish policies one can imagine. No border walls,  guilt money to African American folks for slavery some 200 years ago, Medicare for all, free daycare for all, free college for all, and of course, the putrid Green Deal that is so ludicrous it makes even some of the best of libs shake their heads.

Why most of their foolishness is coming back to haunt them is easy to see, and it’s simple. Most Americans are intelligent (at least semi), level-headed, common sense people. Even those who grew up with left-leaning tendencies can see how foolish this way of thinking is, because it just doesn’t make sense! For those who do champion these ideas, I would ask them to use their embarrassing and foolish feelings from the Trump Russian fiasco as a learning tool.

Fox News:     

The Headlines read, “Is Fox News having moral qualms about itself?” and “Are we losing Fox News?”  It sure seems that way. Last week, I wrote about Judge Jeanine being suspended for a politically incorrect comment, and now they’ve hired Donna Brazile, who couldn’t cut it at CNN and was guilty of feeding Hillary questions ahead the presidential debate.

Rupert Murdoch’s son is now running Fox News and is reported to lean way left of his father, with a wife who is ultra-liberal, which could explain a lot. Combine this with the rumors that the regular newscasters hate being lumped in with the conservative opinion shows the network is best known for.

If this is the beginning of Fox’s demise, it isn’t a good thing. The Media Research Center has documented that the evening news coverage of Trump by ABC, CBS, and NBC in 2018 was 90 percent negative. That has a huge, skewed impact with 23 million Americans watching these network news shows each night. It’s even worse when you include the biased, hostile coverage at CNN, MSNBC, NPR and other liberal outlets.  Is it okay to say GOD PLEASE SAVE FOX NEWS?

Quotes, Quips & Headlines:

City to consider changes in mayor selection (Headline) 

*Am I the only one who thinks the only change should be the voters of Santa Clarita electing a mayor? (Me)      

“For some reason, Americans chose Trump to be their partner for four years. And he has responded by beating the body politic with right after right hook and staying out late carousing with the Russians.” (Josh Heath)

*Hey Josh, Americans chose Trump to be our president, not our partner. We voted for him to make America great again, and if you would take off the blinders of hate you have for the man and focus solely on the actual job he has done as president, you will see he has made great strides in doing just that. Stick to the facts, my friend, not the hyperbole of your liberal brethren.

The Mueller report finds no evidence showing Trump’s team of collusion with Russia, but stops short of exonerating Trump on obstruction of justice. Knowing Trump, he probably tried to do exactly that. Two more years of chaos, race baiting, grafters, con artists, shame, fear. Sad  (Bette Midler)

“Everything out of your mouth is a lie. There were never Russians, only Hollywood media moguls and their actors in their news rooms and on Twitter. Aka u! Kavanaugh justified, Gorsuch justified, Juanita Broaddrick justified, Trump justified. You’re complicit in treason & a fool.”  (Anonymous reply to Bette Midler)

“Trump should pardon General Flynn this week and he should throw in the words “fully exonerated” just to melt lib brains.”   (Buck Sexton)

“Will any media executives, hosts or reporters be fired for their complicity in promoting a 2-year hoax that undermined the nation & sought to cripple the Trump presidency? CNN? MSNBC? NY Times? The Fox prime-time opinion hosts, all of whom have been smeared & boycotted, got it right.”  (Mark Levin)

*Yeah, Fox will suspend Judge Jeanine for some benign comment, but these companies won’t do squat to their people who were and are utterly incompetent. (Me)     

“President Trump should now go 100 mph and get things done, good things like he has been doing.  People have to get this collusion crap out of their heads, get over the personality conflict they have with him and support him as he gets down to the needed business of this country.”  (Doug Sutton)

“Let me get this straight, Donald Trump is not exonerated, but Jussie Smollett is?!?! So much for white privelege.” (Larry Elder)  



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