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| Doug's Rants | April 4, 2019

The Beat Goes On:

Two weeks ago I wrote about the book entitled, “Dark Agenda: The War to Destroy Christianity. The premise of the book is “Christians are being targeted by secular leftists; they want to destroy Christianity in America.”      

I find it rather troubling that in the past two weeks since I wrote that rant, we continue to see evidence of what the author is addressing in the book. While I’ve been criticized in the past for focusing too much on religion in this space, I feel it’s important to expose the potentially dangerous persecution of the spiritual foundation which our founding fathers established.   

I’ve made it clear over the years I’m a Christian, but I do realize many readers don’t hold that same belief system. I do not resent or judge those folks whatsoever, but I want to expose what I feel is terribly wrong with a segment of people pushing to undermine the freedom of religion, motivated by the notion that Christianity is evil,  wrong and unfit for anyone. I would hope even folks who do not share my beliefs would see the danger in this.

No Chick-Fil-A for You:


Air travelers in Buffalo and San Antonio who were looking forward to eating at Chick-fil-A in their airports will have to make other meal choices, after the deals with the fried and grilled chicken chain were snuffed out by local politicians and officials. Was it because Chick-Fil-A wanted lower rent or less revenue sharing from the airports?  Oh no, they were concerned about the chain’s anti-LGBTQ history and voiced worries about its inclusion policies.

One official put it this way: “Chick-Fil-A has a long history of supporting and funding anti-LGBTQ organizations … As a state entity, we have a responsibility to avoid doing business with corporations who fund hateful and divisive groups.”

Oh my word, are these people aware of the $500 million of tax payer money awarded annually to Planned Parenthood in part to kill unborn babies?  Talk about hateful and divisive. Does that mean if the government wants to put post offices in those two airports, they will be turned down too?!

If you’re like me, you’re thinking: Oh my gosh, who are these hideous sounding groups Chick-Fil-A donates to that caused them to lose their lease deals in the airports? Well … what I saw was the “Fellowship of Christian Athletes,” “The Paul Anderson Youth Home” and “The Salvation Army,” which, according to pundits, «spread an anti-LGBTQ message” and teach “homosexuality is a sin.” Seriously? Chick-Fil-A got booted from the airports because they donate to The Salvation Army and Fellowship of Christians Athletes? Are they serious right now? From what I know, these organizations are the opposite of divisive and hateful.

Does Chick-Fil-A refuse to serve LGBTQ folks in their restaurants? Do they break the law by not hiring people who identify as such?  Here is their stance:

“We want to make it clear that our sole focus is on providing delicious food and welcoming everyone – not being a part of a national political conversation. We do not have a political or social agenda. More than 145,000 people from different backgrounds and beliefs represent the Chick-fil-A brand. We embrace all people, regardless of religion, race, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation or gender identity.”

My strong feeling is that the reasons for these discriminating actions by officials in Buffalo and San Antonio are based on the CEO and many in upper management being strong Christians. Sure, the CEO has expressed his negative views on same-sex-relationships, but as an American, he has every right to do that. By all accounts, the company does business in an honest, ethical manner, and for their business to be punished is further indication of the war on Christianity.


The movie, that is, which tells the true story of a former Planned Parenthood executive who quit the organization to become a pro-life advocate. I’m sure you saw all of the commercials on TV for this movie, right? Oh wait, you didn’t. Do you know why?  It’s because all of the television networks except for Fox News would NOT accept the ads.

That’s right. In this day and age of networks fighting for all the ad revenue they can get, the money offered them to promote this film was turned down?!  The reason they gave; the sensitive nature of the movie. Oh really, the sensitive nature of a film that deals with an organization which receives $500 million a year from the USA? This is coming from some networks that show graphic violent and sex scenes unabashedly, which they accept gobs of advertising dollars for.  They sure don’t turn down the big advertising bucks for those shows, do they?

If you ask me, this review of the movie says a lot about the war on Christianity these days:

“Propaganda doesn’t come more putrid than Unplanned, which is the perfect way to spend a Friday or Saturday night if you’re a die-hard right-to-lifer who views Planned Parenthood as a scourge upon the face of the Earth.  Smacking you upside the head with its message for 110 god-awful minutes via every cornball cliché in the (not-so-good) Christian-movie book, it’s a leaden, self-righteous and wholly rancid affair, designed only to preach to its choir by maligning the non-profit organization.”

The networks refusing these ads wouldn’t have anything to do with the production company of the film producing Christian-based movies, would it?  This is a sad and pathetic point in time that is indicative of the war on Christian values and beliefs. As I alluded to earlier, even if you aren’t a Christian, this stuff should concern you greatly.

Quotes, Quips & Headlines:

“It (Trump’s presidency) has caused a lot of us to go through individual and group therapy. It has caused a lot of us to feel a bit of despair, and depression, and anxiety, and fear. And I say don’t let the bad guys win.” (Kamala Harris)

*I say don’t let the snowflakes win. (Me)

“Many Democrats are FOR driver’s licenses for illegal immigrants, but AGAINST voter ID laws.”  (Tomi Lahren, Fox News)

*Am I remembering correctly, that if you have a driver’s license, it’s really easy to register to vote and you don’t have to show I.D. before voting?  I may be slow, but I think I’m beginning to see the methods to the Democrats’ madness.  (Me)

“What’s really happening here is that the 76-year-old Biden is now trying mightily to reconcile the old Democrat Party of Bill Clinton and Ted Kennedy with the ever-shifting liberal PC codes of the present.”  (Laura Ingram)

“Joe Biden is about to politically perish on that MeToo line. Democrat fanatics see him as one of the last remaining stumbling blocks to creating their socialist utopia. They need to stop him before he even enters the race.”  (Laura Ingram)

Biden accused of unwanted kiss, may have kissed his chance for Dem nomination goodbye  (Headline)

*I don’t know why, but I kind of feel sorry for Uncle Joe. He reminds of the guy in the movie “Death of a Salesman.” (Me)

“We are actually talking about something substantive. We are not calling anyone names, People say, ‘Tea Party of the left,’ and I find this phrase very interesting. Because the grounding of the Tea Party was xenophobia, the underpinnings of white supremacy.”  (Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez)

*Since I identify with the Tea Party, I think she just called me names, but I’ll let Tucker finish this one.

So, it’s official. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a moron and nasty and more self-righteous than any televangelist who ever preached a sermon on cable access. She is not impressive. She’s awful.  (Tucker Carlson)

A liberal paradise would be a place where everybody has guaranteed employment, free comprehensive healthcare, free education, free food, free housing, free clothing, free utilities, and only law enforcement has guns. And believe it or not, such a place does, indeed, exist. It’s called prison.”  (Joe Arpaio, former Maricopa County Sheriff)

Letters to the Ranter: 


 I’m really grateful to see Robert Patrick Lewis having an article again.  Please keep him as a regular. Your “rants” are really truthful and funny.  Love the memes too. 




Love the newspaper, especially Doug’s Rants! Humor with facts, not expressed in other media!




What else?  Isn’t it great that after 2+ years at $1,000,000 a month the Mueller investigation is finally over and President Trump is not a Russian.  Some of us knew that from the beginning. HEY WAIT A MINUTE! SOME OF US KNEW HE WAS NOT A SPY SO SINCE WE ARE WAY DOWN ON THE FOOD CHAIN MR. MUELLER MUST HAVE KNOW HIS INVESTIGATION WAS BASED ON A HOAX.

He let the investigation continue anyway.  Do you think that would have anything to do with the Republicans losing the HOUSE?  Were the silly upsets due to the barrage of FAKE ERRONEOUS NEWS?

Maybe we should have all of the elections that caused seats to be flipped be re- run. 

 Now we get the gentleman from Burbank who wants to spend a few million more dollars looking for that which is not there.  Hey Adam have you seen the pot holes in the roads.  Maybe we could fix the pot holes with money going in to the pie holes. 




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  1. Eric Goldin on April 7, 2019 @ 2:29 pm

    – Regarding Chick-fil-A


    Leftists have become, in my opinion, paranoid schizophrenics. They are constantly seeing bigotry and hatred when there isn’t any to be found whatsoever, while ignoring actual cases of extreme prejudice. These people are in perpetual fear of the straight white Christian male boogeyman that they’ve conjured up in their minds. They scream like maniacs anytime they even get a whiff of dread inside of them about the possibility of bigotry. They’re like the boy who cried wolf. These idiotic far-leftist cretins have slandered innocent people so many times that they should never again be taken seriously. They’re nothing more than circus clowns! In my mind, they belong in the looney bin!

    I’m one of the few people who has still never eaten at Chick-fil-A (I’ve heard their food is quite delicious), but I can say that they are being treated very unfairly. As far as I know, Chick-fil-A has never refused service to a gay person. Chick-fil-A has never told an LGBTQ person that they aren’t welcome at their restaurants. Even though I highly disagree with the Cathy’s Family personal stance that homosexuality is a sin, I still respect the right they have to their personal convictions and beliefs. We have freedom of religion in this country. A Christian has the right to a personal conviction. They have the right to be open about their personal religious beliefs. They shouldn’t be threatened by these thugs. Leftists have become the very thing they hate: they are literal fascists! Leftists have become so crazy in their fascist tactics that they have become the Gestapo. This political correctness policing needs to stop!

    If leftists wanted to make a true statement against homophobia, they would condemn the religion of Islam and all of the Islamic nations and Islamic groups that promote discrimination, violence and hatred against gay people. Leftists won’t do this because they don’t actually care about homophobia. The only thing leftists care about is bringing down straight white Christian males.

    – Eric Goldin

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