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| Doug's Rants | April 11, 2019

Scary Stuff:

The headline read: “Bernie Sanders is the Democratic front runner.

The article went on to say he raised more than $18 million in the first three months of this year. I got to thinking, yeah, so what? But the more I thought about it, and after talking to a friend about what it would actually be like if the dude became our president, I began to get scared – very scared. I imagined myself curling up in a fetal position with a pacifier in my mouth after his victory is announced; becoming the very snowflake I made fun of after Trump was elected.  I envisioned becoming so fraught with fear, that it caused me to experience one of the greatest nightmares of my life: I was in the grips of WRITER’S BLOCK!

I talked myself down and started in on some intense psychological self-evaluation. What I discovered was I would really be crestfallen over millions of my American brothers and sisters being head over heels in support of Uncle Bernie. It’s like when one of my sons did something stupid as a teenager, and I would yell, “WHAT ARE YOU THINKING?!”

What Are They Thinking?         


Seriously, it baffles me to bat-crap-craziness that so many folks think the policies which Sanders wants to put in place are what’s needed and best for our country.  I don’t want to sound mean or overly critical, but shouldn’t his supporters be of right mind and see how damaging these things would be, if actually implemented? Medicare for all, free college tuition, universal basic income, reparations for slavery … To even attempt to pay for all this rigmarole, taxes would have to be raised above the stratosphere, causing destruction of the current economy that is on fire right now.

Diving further into my psyche, I became aware of what really bothers me about the throngs of folks who desperately want this stuff in place; it’s these Bernie supporters who fail to recognize the psychological impact it could have on Americans. It would be “spoiled kid syndrome,” resulting in a massive malaise of people not learning to deal with the struggle of having to work, strive and stress to achieve what they want in their lives.

There are already signs of this when we look at the younger generations today who have had everything handed to them, and it shows in their work values and life attitudes. I’m reminded of teachers I know from elementary to high school who talk about parents going to the nth degree to protect their kids from any sort of problems they encounter and to shelter them from the pain of life.  Can you imagine what it would be like if generation after generation had everything handed to them from the government, like how Uncle Bernie wants? People would grow up not ever knowing what it’s like to work and struggle, and that would have horrible ramifications for all aspects of American culture as we know it today.  I hope and pray this realization would somehow engulf the minds of the folks before they vote for Sanders.

Is the Giant, Slow-Lumbering Worm Finally Turning?

“The worm is turning” is a term that has been used for a baseball team when coming out of prolonged hitting slump. The giant worm I  refer to is the absolute corruption of the FBI and DOJ regarding Hillary’s crimes and the Trump/Russian investigation, looks like it may be starting its slow turn towards justice. Attorney General Barr gave a veiled warning he is concerned with what he’s learning and will be looking hard into it. Accompany that with the Chairman of the Senate’s Judiciary Committee, Lindsey Graham, promising he will dig hard and deep to get to the bottom of what could and maybe should be a scandal bigger than Watergate. Turn worm, turn!              

Shouldn’t they be Squirming?

As I watched the Dems moan, pout and drill Bill Barr over the Mueller investigation, I couldn’t help but think that they either don’t know about the corruption eruption that will be exploding (making Trump’s investigation look like a picnic), or they are in complete denial.

Is there any way they aren’t concerned, knowing Hillary and her team deleted 33,000 subpoenaed emails, basically acid-washed hard drives and physically destroyed computers and cell phones?  We now know from records obtained by Judicial Watch the exact date and time the software program BleachBit was downloaded and used to wipe her hard drives clean. It was March 11, 2015 at 11:42 am. They crow about President Trump’s possible obstruction of justice, but oh my, goodness, what did she do, just chop liver?

Proving the investigation was rigged so as not to threaten Hillary’s presidential aspirations (which seemingly started at the top, like in the Whitehouse) could rattle the swamp so hard it will drain all over itself!

The investigation proving that same FBI and DOJ pulled some of the most deceitful legal methods to try and derail the Trump campaign and presidency should have the Dems squirming in their collective seats. If they are squirming, they’re doing a good job of hiding it. Let’s see how long they can keep it up.

Mini Rants:

 -I keep hearing from both sides of the aisle: “The American people want this, they want that … Americans are concerned about this and that … All Americans care about is that and this.”  From where I sit, many – if not most Americans – don’t know or care about what the peeps in the swamp are talking about.        

 -I’ll be glad when the full Mueller report is released; I’m tired of the Dems’ whining and lamenting that Barr somehow took matters into his own hands when issuing his brief on the report.

-With all of the news that pours out of the swamp on a daily basis, most of it from the Dems in the House, one would think they are really getting stuff done for us, right? Wrong. From what I can tell, they haven’t done a damn thing in their first three months other than investigate Trump and gnash their teeth over the Mueller report. Perhaps they should check recent polls on what Americans really care about, and get after that!

The Dems keep denying there is an emergency crisis at the border, even though officials who are neck deep in the situation keep shouting it out. My question is, how many of the doubting Dems have actually stepped foot down there before talking out of the wrong end of their body?

-Does Beto O’Rourke think his cry to eliminate borders and his claims that the Trump administration is similar to the Third Reich in Germany will really help him become president?

-I’m hearing the Democrat presidential wannabes saying, “We need something completely different for America.”  Hmm … something different as in the Obama days with record numbers of people on government assistance programs, an anemic economy with high unemployment and business suppression via high taxes and smothering regulations? Maybe one of these candidates should check out how the how the economy is doing under Trump and be careful what they wish for or promise.                   

 Quotes, Quips & Headlines:

 AG William Barr Testifies at House Hearing (Headline)

*Maybe it’s just me, but now that the Dems have taken over the House, they sound unintelligent and amateurish during these hearings.  (Me)

Barr grilled on how he narrowed 300-page Mueller report down to 4-page summary in 48 hours (Headline)

*Barr is a better man than I am. The tone and the stupidity of the Dem’s questions would have caused me to answer them in a very unprofessional manner. Like, “You stupid turd! That is probably the dumbest question I’ve been asked in my life!” or “That question has been asked of me three times already this morning, have you been listening, or just thinking about what you’re going to say when it’s your turn so you can garner as much attention for yourself as possible?” (Me)

It’s Time to Start Calling Evangelicals What They Are: The American Taliban (Headline posted on Facebook)

“Been saying that for years, actually got kicked off FB for 39 days for saying … Alt-Right Christians are a ….disease upon humanity” (Facebook post)

“Extremists of the religious type are just as dangerous as enemy factions; in fact, they are the enemy as certain as any other extremists. And a major threat to this country. No wonder they cater to such an evil moron as trump! I don’t believe he has faith of any kind except power and money. He’s a wannabe dictator and has to be stopped at all costs now; I don’t think we can handle two more years of his destruction!”   (Facebook Post)

*Further examples of the war on Christianity that I’ve been ranting about recently. (Me)

House conservatives form new Anti-Socialism Caucus (Headline)

*I bet that will shake up Bernie and the A.O.C gang. (Me)

Evening News skips March 196K jobs rebound, 3.8 percent unemployment  (Headline on Media Research Center website)

“Every day it becomes more evident that the liberal news media are no longer simply a megaphone for liberals in Washington, New York, and Hollywood. The media are now leading the radical Left and using their platform to push a socialist agenda.  (Statement from Media Research Center)

Fox News discussed the Green New Deal more often than CNN and MSNBC combined (Headline)

*Is it because CNN and MSNBC realized how stupid it is, and didn’t want to be embarrassed by it? (Me)


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