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| Doug's Rants | May 23, 2019

Can They Even Pretend to be Professional?

It’s pretty common for me to rip the likes of CNN, MSNBC, the L.A. Times and the rest of the mainstream media with cutting sarcasm as their ultra-biased news coverage drifts further to the left. But, when I think seriously about it, it really is a serious matter, as they are not giving folks a fair and balanced account of what’s really going on, leaving many unaware of critical issues. Take for example the huge storm clouds on the horizon regarding the origins of the Russia/Trump investigation, and despite the headlines from this week alone, the mainstream media is completely ignoring it.

-Barr: “Answers have been inadequate on origins of Russian probe,” “Russia probe review raising more questions”  

-Declassification of key Russian probe documents could be right around the corner

-Secret FBI transcripts from Russian probe could be game changer


-Nellie Ohr deleted emails exchanged with DOJ husband Bruce Ohr

-Judicial Watch releases email exchange between State Dept official and Bruce Ohr targeting Trump with Steele dossier material

Obama’s FBI, DOJ may have spied on trump admin, not just campaign

-Obama-era FBI, DOJ officials worried what Barr’s review into Russia probe could find

 We have been bombarded with supposed Trump scandals by the mainstream media with relentless coverage, and even though it’s covered with a definite bias, these are totally legitimate issues that should be reported.

The huge elephant in their newsrooms is the blatantly biased ignoring of this simmering, soon-to-be boiling over scandal. I feel they have an absolute obligation as professional news organizations to cover all issues, even if it makes them feel politically uncomfortable. It’s just not right that millions of folks have no idea about this brewing scandal because the powers that be at these media outlets simply don’t want something covered that is detrimental to their political ideologies.

I can hear my left-leaning friends right now saying, “Doug, freaking Fox News is just as biased, only the other way.” I say hold on – Fox News has covered every nook and cranny of the Russia/Trump story and almost every one of their talking head panels includes a lefty, who vociferously touts the Democrat side of things.

As left-leaning as Walter Cronkite was, or how liberal Huntley and Brinkley may have been, those guys and other news media outlets during that era did a professional job of covering ALL of the news, leaving it up to viewers and readers to decide what they did or didn’t like.

I would think all news organizations today would want to emulate the ways of their news forefathers and strive for the same balanced coverage. The mainstream media continuing this unbalanced, unprofessional reporting is terribly shameful, but what’s really shameful is for them to continue to try and shape the news instead of professionally reporting it.

Whose Economy is it?

Democrats running for president are frequently asked about the red-hot economy and President Trump. Their answer: It’s Barack Obama’s economy.

Eric Swalwell: “President Trump was lucky enough to come into office as our nation experienced a long and remarkably steady streak of job growth thanks to President Obama’s policies.  He hasn’t managed to get in the way of that, despite his tax cut for the rich, his trade wars and his administration’s epic instability.”

 Michael Bennet: “We’re in the 10th year of a recovery that started in 2009 when Barack Obama was president.  Donald Trump since being elected in the last two years, and I will confess, even he couldn’t screw up the momentum that we had been going on for the eight years that Obama got elected.”

Joe Biden: “I know President Trump likes to take credit for the economy… Just look at the facts, not the alternative facts. President Trump inherited an economy from Obama-Biden administration that was given to him — just like he inherited everything else in his life.”

Bernie Sanders: The truth is that half the people in this country today, despite the good economy, are living paycheck to paycheck, and millions people are working two or three jobs just to put food on the table.”

This campaign rhetoric is complete poppycock, and meant to suck in low information voters who will gullibly lap it up. These types of folks are not aware of what Obama’s economy was like during his eight years, but I’ll give them a hint; his economy was at the wrong end of a shut out the whole nine innings. Trump’s economy is four grand slam home runs after four innings!

The first bull manure I’m calling is Bernie Sanders’, for saying “millions of Americans” are forced to work two or three jobs just to survive. Of course, he doesn’t mention that many more Americans are working than when Obama/Biden were running the show, or the many millions who are gainfully employed with just one job. The other fact he fails to mention is that only 5 percent of the workforce has more than one job. Hardly the crisis Bernie wails about.

What the other candidates don’t tell the people they’re trying to get votes from, is that the economy began to turn around the day after Trump was elected. The stock market took a sharp turn up, and has continued to soar ever since. The stock brokers of the land were confident that a businessman in the White House meant good things for the economy, and they sure were right.

Donald Trump slashed government regulations, even calling it stealth tax-cut type of action, by eliminating 100 old regulations for every new one passed. Those heavy rules hampered companies’ abilities to turn a profit, and after that, profitability began to chart upwards.

Towards the end of 2017, Trump got the GOP to pass tax reform. Soon after, companies announced they would be giving out bonuses, raises, and increased charitable contributions.

Despite what the Dem candidates would have us believe, Trump took over an anemic economy of high unemployment, slivers of growth and record numbers of people on government assistance, replacing it with an economy that’s been to the moon.

There are now more job openings available than people to fill them, and the unemployment rate is at a record-breaking low, especially for minorities and women. Wages are up, taxes are down and we are kicking economic butt. This is no fluke. This is a businessman in the White House who knows what it takes to be successful, and it’s not by liberal, idealistic ideas touted by empty suits who are spouting utter nonsense in an effort to win over their clueless, low information   brethren.

A Thought from Mrs. Ranter:  

Seriously not wanting to get into the abortion debate, because at its core, I agree that government should not dictate a moral issue. I’m saddened that we’ve come to this point; that abortion itself is up for discussion. That we are not all appalled at the concept of terminating a pregnancy at any stage. The moral compass of humanity has strayed so far that this is an issue at all is sad to me. The scores of women who have had and regret their past abortions, the scores of women who are barren, the people now speaking out that are the result of an event that would today have allowed and encouraged them to be aborted. Pregnancy is part of the miracle of life, regardless of gestational age or the conditions under which it occurs. That our society is even having the discussion/argument is incredibly sad to me.

Quotes, Quips & Headlines:

 Nancy Pelosi Claims Democrats have always acknowledged the border crisis (Headline)

*Yeah, before Trump came into office. Now they say it’s a fabricated crisis. (Me)

Facebook Says Suspension of Candace Owens’s account was a Mistake (Headline)

*That’s what they said about the IRS targeting conservative groups. There is no excuse for political discrimination. (Me)

 Amash Gets Republican Primary Challenge 2 Days After Calling for Trump’s Impeachment (Headline)

*What took so long? (Me)

Harris Proposes fines to close gender pay gap (Headline)

*Seriously, Kamala?  (Me)

 Men paid more than women in Kamala Harris’s senate office and campaign staff (Headline)

*She best get her checkbook out!  (Me)

 It turns out the attorney general is Sean Hannity, and Sean Hannity is the attorney general! I mean, every talking point from Fox News gets repeated!” (Jeffery Tobin, CNN)

*CNN is just jealous because Fox News viewership dwarfs theirs, and stupid remarks like this are one of the reasons why.  (Me)   

“We choose abortion in this country not because it’s a right we are owed as women. We choose abortion because we have forgotten how to love. We don’t know how to love with the same kind of love that our Creator used when he formed us, in the womb, single, unique and unrepeatable.” (Lisa Wheeler, Fox News)

*Good argument for not allowing abortions for rape and incest victims. Those babies deserve to live as much of the rest of us.   (Me)

 “I’m not sure there is an issue (abortion) more divisive and difficult. … This is a grenade in American politics and where the shards and pieces go, we do not know.” (Bill Bennent)

*Sad, but very true. (Me)

 Letter to the Ranter:

First you have a columnist (Ronnie Nathan) who calls himself an “extreme Centrist”.  All he did was crap on President Trump and took no centrist positions.  Now, you have a columnist (Will Durst) who calls himself a “Raging Moderate”.  And what does he do?  Same thing.  His whole column-crap was on our great President Trump.  Please, next time any of those two write for your publication, please refer to their columns as “From the biased anti-Trump left”.  Robert


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