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| Doug's Rants | June 6, 2019

Meat Eaters’ Rights Day?

The headline read, “Activists Observe Animal Rights Day by Holding Funerals For Dead Cows, Pigs and Chickens.” The story started off with, “As with any funeral, there were plenty of tears.” That was followed by a quote from a lady attending one of the funerals: “I get emotional because when I think of the abuse, you don’t think of it as abuse.” She’s got that right, because what abuse is to some people is the majority of people’s breakfast, lunch and dinners.

Look, if someone doesn’t want to eat meat, that’s their choice, but for the life of me I’ll never understand why these extremists feel the need to carry bloody corpses of farm animals in their marches, with many sobbing at the same time. If you ask me, God put these animals on earth for the nutritional well-being of humans. These folks seem to be putting the value of animals above people. (B.T.W., I’m all for the protection of pets and even some others facing extinction.)

Maybe steak, pork and chicken eaters should unite and hold a “Meat Eaters’ Rights Day” celebrating the gift of great food that feeds millions of Americans every day. Because if we did, the number of people in the street rioting would dwarf the number of nonsensical, emotional activists who set their sights on causes that bewilder the majority.

In the meantime, I’m looking forward to the thick, succulent pork chop I’m going to have at my favorite restaurant this weekend, the juicy steaks I’ll throw on the grill and the delicious chicken marsala my wife makes!


 More Bewilderment:

This headline read, “NBA teams moving away from title of owner.” When I saw this, I thought this smelled of political correctness, and sadly, that’s what this is. The article went on with, “Multiple NBA teams have moved away from the title of owner, instead opting for more racially sensitive terms like CEO, chairman, majority stakeholder, or governors.”

Notice the key words here are “racially sensitive terms.” They can’t be serious right now. The owner of a business entity shouldn’t be called an owner, because someone may think it could cause folks to relate a mere title to slave owners?!

“We refer to the owners of our teams as Governors; each team is represented on our Board of Governors,” an NBA spokesman said. Holy crow, because one NBA player mentioned on a Lebron James podcast that he didn’t like the term “owner,” the league panics and goes into fearful political correctness mode?

Now the Philadelphia 76ers changed the titles of their owners to Managing Partners. The Clippers changed the title of their owner to Chairman, and the Toronto Raptors renamed their owner President. But wait; there could be a sign of some sanity here, because the player who started the whole thing is on a team that is keeping their title as Owners. Let’s hope the Golden State Warriors don’t fall prey to pressure that is sure to engulf other NBA teams.

This reminds me of the Dem presidential candidates touting the need to compensate African Americans for the ills of slavery some 200 years ago, just to appease the emotional needs of those with the political correctness disease.

Come on now, these guys who own NBA teams worked hard for the money to buy their team. THEY OWN the business entity, just like many across the land who own various types of businesses. Just because the entity happens to be a basketball team with the majority of employees (players) being African American, that shouldn’t result in a wave of historical panic to appease those with short-sighted views of what’s really important.

Maybe This Will Help?

I’m still getting people saying, “Doug, this Russian thing with the FBI doing bad stuff to get the Trump investigation going is still too complicated for me to follow.”  The first thing I encourage them to do is read the book “The Russian Hoax,” which lays out perfectly how the whole thing went down.

Based on what I read in that book, and following the saga on Fox News (because none of the other networks have yet to touch the story), I’m hoping these questions will help to clarify things a bit for some.

-What were the roles of Obama and his lieutenants in the Trump investigations? Everything about the beginning of this fiasco points to them.

-Why did the spy Christopher Steele meet with Russians close to Vladimir Putin in 2016, telling him the wildest sort of rumors about Trump, which Steele then wrote up in his “dossier” for Glenn Simpson’s company called Fusion GPS?

-Was the motivation of the Russian sources, Steele, and Simpson to fraudulently   influence the 2016 campaign?

-Who at the FBI and Justice Department claimed the dossier (funded by the Hillary Clinton campaign) was credible enough to use as evidence for wiretap warrants on Trump campaign advisor Carter Page?

-Did any of the court judges question the FBI’s extra efforts to pursue Carter Page with wiretaps that allowed them to secretly listen in on those around him, possibly including Trump?

-Who was behind the Trump/Russian leaks full of bull excrement that flooded the news media?

-Has anyone been held accountable for the FBI’s supposedly lost or accidentally erased text messages and emails pertinent to the investigation?

-Why was the FBI team selected to investigate Trump hand-picked, with most of the agents being Trump haters?

-Why did Robert Mueller choose all Democrats to be on his special counsel team, with some of them even donating to Hillary’s campaign?

-How could Mueller’s investigation not lead him to the corruption of what initiated to his call to duty?

-Mueller must have started at the beginning, and being the supposedly brilliant investigator he is, wouldn’t he have smelled the dead rat in the swamp?

-If he did uncover this corrupt mess, why wasn’t it included in the infamous “Mueller Report”?

I hope this isn’t as clear as muddy swamp water, but stay tuned; repetitive listening and reading is the best way to learn things, and you’re bound to be deluged with it during the upcoming months.

Quotes, Quips and Headlines:

New York Times bans reporters from CNN’s Don Lemon, MSNBC’s Maddow shows for being too partisan (Headline)

*The New York Times did that? Did hell freeze over too?  (Me)

New documents show FBI gave Clinton lawyer special treatment (Headline)

*I have a feeling there are going to be a lot of these types of documents pouring out with proof of the Obama administration’s bad-boy behavior.  (Me)

“Mueller’s comments about DOJ policy not permitting a sitting president to be charged with a federal crime were entirely gratuitous. They were designed to inflame an impeachment effort and maximize the political damage to Trump. If a sitting president can’t be charged with a crime, then what was the point of Mueller’s appointment to begin with?” (Stephen Meister, The Epoch Times)

*That and a whole host of other questions need to be answered(Me)

“It’s just as dangerous to the continuation of self-government and our republican system, republic, that we not allow government power, law enforcement or intelligence power, to play a role in politics, to intrude into politics, and affect elections. (William Barr)

*If you were Hillary, Comey, Brennan, Clapper, Lynch and even Mr. Obama himself, would you be getting nervous to the point of lawyering up? I sure would be.  (Me)

“While the other states bans (abortions) made the news, Georgia’s ban prompted Hollywood to engage and attempt to boycott the state where the industry spends a significant amount of resources filming television shows and movies. In fact, Georgia’s ban became so controversial it prompted actress Alyssa Milano to suggest women should stop having sex with men until the ban is reversed.”  (Nicole Russell, The Epoch News)

*Why can’t these people just do what they get paid to do? In other words, shut up and act! And another thing; she doesn’t want the government telling women what to do, but she is telling women to not have sex with men? Go figure. (Me)

Gun free Chicago sees most violent weekend of 2019, 50 Shot, 10 Killed (Headline)

*Point and counter point made? (Me)

Youths sue for a livable climate (Headline)

*Maybe they should sue for a brain bigger than Winnie the Pooh’s   (Me)

Goat Yoga At Gilchrist Farm To Raise Money For Santa Clarita’s All-Girls Scout BSA Troop (Headline)

*Wait a minute; if it’s an All-Girls Boy Scout Troop, aren’t they Girl Scouts?  Color me confused on this one. (Me)

Letter to the Ranter:

 Good read, Doug.

By the way, Vicky’s letter was a hoot and a reminder that we need to remove the rafter in our own eye so we can see clearly how to remove the splinter in the eyes of others. I can certainly understand why she doesn’t post such on her Facebook page!  Ron


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