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| Doug's Rants | June 27, 2019

Here I Go Again:

 As I was taking a break from chasing my grandkids around in Indiana last week, I went on The Signal’s website to see what was going on back home. The first thing that popped out to me was the headline “City to recognize June as Pride Month.” I cringed, thinking back to what I wrote on May 31 regarding my issue with the LGBTQ+ community being recognized and promoted as some sort of special political-type group in the public sector. I was really hoping there would not be a need to address this again (it’s not a comfortable issue for me to rant on), but now with this story about my city doing the same thing, I can’t just let it go.

I will add that if anyone is discriminated against, mistreated or targeted for any reason, the full extent of the law should be enforced to right those types of wrongs.

Before I get too far down this road, this is some of what I wrote on May 31 regarding this issue.

“To avoid getting in some trouble here, I want to be perfectly clear; I am not a homophobe. I can’t relate to the LGBTQ+ community but I do not judge, condemn or have any ill will towards folks who live their lives in that manner. I have had gay employees and friends throughout the years and never gave much thought as to who they were in relationship with. In fact, I’m good friends with a publisher of another weekly newspaper in California who happens to be gay and we get along great and his personal relationship never comes up.


“However, I am confused about the need for people who identify this way to promote and connect the LGBTQ+ lifestyle with their profession.  If someone is in any type of business – entertainment, sports or otherwise – I don’t care who they have sex with; I care about them as a person, how they treat other people and how they do their job.”


Why did the city feel the need to recognize the LGBTQ+ community? I understand the desire to encourage inclusion of all Santa Clarita Valley citizens in political and cultural aspects of our city, what I don’t understand is the need to celebrate a certain group of people’s sexuality. Aren’t they just people who live their lives in Santa Clarita the same way we all do?

I’d feel the same way if it was Old White Guy and Gals month, Straight Parents’ month or a month celebrating Heterosexuals. What if we celebrated bald guys, overweight guys, gray-haired guys and gals, or even those who color their hair? Wouldn’t that seem foolish?

I guess what really bothers me is the city seemingly falling into the trap of pursuing political correctness in order to satisfy the ever-increasing need of those who think emotional idealism is the end-all be-all to solve problems which really don’t matter much in the scheme of life.

This is what I also wrote on May 31, and the offer still stands: “I hope you can see where I’m coming from on this subject, and I strongly urge anyone who disagrees with me and wants to respond in writing to please do so. I will gladly publish it.”

It’s All About Job Performance, Right?

While the Dems relentlessly pursue every avenue of impeachment they can fantasize about, President Trump is relentlessly doing a kick-butt job with the tasks he was elected to do. Sure he doesn’t articulate his performance all that well, but neither does the best coach in the NFL, Bill Belichik, and all he does win, win, win.

I don’t care how you feel about the guy, but tell me how you can argue with his job performance. The one that is jumping out at me right now is how the price of oil is not currently shooting through the roof. In years past, the shenanigans that Iran is pulling these days would have caused the oil market to break out into a conniption fit. But with our oil production gushing at a record pace after Trump took the shackles of Obama’s energy paranoia, we can basically tell the rest of the world to buzz off because we don’t need their stinkin’ oil!

I find it refreshing and encouraging the way President Trump is dealing with the other countries that are causing us problems. While some thought he was going to be a war monger and others now think he is being a wimp, I think he’s applying the shrewd negotiating methods he developed in the business world to maneuver us through these problems without the “lead from behind” idealism crap that plagued his predecessor.

Oh yeah, how about the economy, stupid (James Carville’s famous line)? Talk about kicking butt, who could have imagined how well it’s soaring these days. Of course the president isn’t going to bat a thousand on everything he strives for. But if you ask me, he’s doing one heck of a job for America, and if you want to argue that, go ahead. However, I ask you to deal with just the facts and nothing but the facts, not your assessment of his personality!

 South Carolina Welcomes Candidates:

That was the headline last weekend. I quickly scanned the article to see how these Dem candidates stood on the issues facing our nation these days. Oh, my goodness! Most of what I saw was waist-high rhetoric meant to out-soothe their competitors for the voting souls of likeminded liberal voters. Throw in some Trump-bashing hate speech and you have the makings of perfectly empty campaign speak. What a striking difference in their campaign pledges compared to those of then candidate Trump who laid out his plan to make “America Great Again” with point-by-point plans.

 Keep America Great:

That’s the new slogan for the President’s re-election campaign, but for many, it’s ammunition to throw non-factual dislike at the man, the job he is doing and the danger we face if he is re-elected. But, I’ll tell you where the real danger lies, and that’s if any of the Dem candidates end up as president.

It is absolutely frightening to hear them talk of the amount of spending it will take to cure their perceived ills that plague us Americans today. It reeks of so much socialistic thinking you would think we’re living in different country during an election season.

Even if we discount the spending they tout, the notion of their way of thinking is just plain wrong and goes against everything this country was founded on. I’m writing this before the two debates, and while I hope it doesn’t happen, let’s see how many socialistic and other crazy promises are spouted out of their mouths.

 Quotes, Quips and Headlines:

“Being fat isn’t your fault, getting pregnant isn’t your fault, flunking out of high school isn’t your fault, but having an ancestor half a millennium ago who’s feudal lord owned a slave, that’s totally on you?” (Larry Elder)

*If the Dem Candidates push hard for reparations to African American folks, I call total bull manure. Not one of them gives two rips about this, and it’s all about the votes. Shameful!

 Gay men need to be feminists too (Headline)

*After reading the article, I still don’t get it (Me)

 “I had no sense that he was the soulless bastard that he’s turned into, he used to be kind of like the boob of New York that pretended to be wealthy—or we thought was wealthy—and now he’s just  psychotic.”  (David Letterman on President Trump)

*Hey Dave, have you given any consideration as to the actual job he is doing as president, putting aside you’re personality conflict you have with the man?  We’ve heard and seen you say and do some pretty stupid things along the way, and I don’t think you’d appreciate the same sort of assessment of you as a person.  (Me)

“President Trump has common sense. He doesn’t get caught up in the weeds and he continues to keep us safe. So we don’t go to war with Iran. The Strait of Hormuz is still open and that, my friends, is a good news Trump story.” (Judge Jeanine Piro)

*What she said. (Me)

Eric Trump Says He Was Victim of ‘Disgusting Act’ at Bar, Employee Reportedly Arrested (Headline)

He was harassed and spit at while visiting an upscale Chicago bar just because he’s the president’s son?  Loving compassion by a liberal at its finest. (Me)

“You can do heroin and take a dump on the sidewalk, but vaping is where San Francisco draws the line.” (Tom Elliot)

*It’s a crazy, mixed-up liberal world out there! (Me)

 Letter to the Ranter:

Ok, you look nuts. Then I read the article and figured you have to be nuts to publicly praise the orange buffoon in the WH.   Julie


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  1. Phillis McKenna on June 29, 2019 @ 1:39 pm

    Think it is nice to honor the LGBTQ community but a whole month is a bit too politically correct. By the way, I lived in the SF Bay area in the 70”s and can’t for the life of me think there were any racially segregated schools in Oakland or Berkeley. I will research this but I do not remember any busing in that area either. I am sure Kamala would not lie about this, though.

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