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| Doug's Rants | August 29, 2019

Really Jonathan?

 In April of this year Jonathan Kraut wrote an op-ed in the Signal Newspaper entitled “Santa Claritans Should Choose Our Own Mayor.” I was all over that one, really liking and agreeing with all the points he made. The one in this past Tuesday’s Signal, “Comparing MAGA-ism vs. McCarthyism,” not so much.

Kraut contends that Trump’s push backs on those who disagree with him are kindred to Joseph McCarthy’s accusations of various folks being communists back in the day. He cited Wikipedia’s definition of McCarthyism as “the practice of making accusations of subversion or treason without proper regard for evidence.” Really? He interprets Trump’s New York street style vocabulary, while shooting from the hip, as meeting that definition? Kraut also asserts that Trump supporters will be crying in their beer at some point, “I predict 36% (his favorable rating) of die-hard Trump supporters are going to one day experience regret, disappointment and even shame from being part of the MAGA Movement.”

What he fails to mention is die-hard supporters feeling ecstatic over the job of Making America Great Again the President has done. While we recognize he’s not the best articulator in the world, and sometimes causes our heads to shake with what he says or tweets, we don’t evaluate him on personality or presidential decorum. We also don’t emotionally stretch our thinking into obscure reasoning that he is an evil demon.

This reminds me somewhat of a psychiatrist, Dr. Allen Francis, on CNN the other day spouting, “Calling Trump crazy hides the fact that we’re crazy for having elected him and even crazier for allowing his crazy policies to persist. Trump is as destructive a person in this century as Hitler, Stalin, Mao in the last century. He may be responsible for many more million deaths than they were.” Kraut’s claims are not as far out as this guy, but they hold the same puzzling distortion of reality.


Kraut finished up with, “One day that 36% will know that Trump unorthodox conduct was motivated by narcissism and not patriotism, by selfish interest not national interest, and by creating dissent not solutions.” Wow, I didn’t know Jonathan had the ability to infiltrate someone’s brain to know their true motivation.

But, I’ll say this — even if those motivations are true, I’ll take the job Trump has done over Obama, who was the master of presidential political correctness and slickness. Only the Lord knows what his motivations were, but look where they got us!

 *Coincidently, right after I completed this portion of the rant I received this from a reader: “Regarding Jonathan Kraut’s Op Ed in the 8/27/19 Signal ‘Comparing MAGA-ism vs. McCarthyism.” Does Kraut realize that the core of his piece accurately describes the last two plus years of the Mueller investigation and the continued attacks by the House Judiciary and Intelligence Committees. Reps Nadler and Schiff are today’s McCarthy — going after everyone who was ever associated with President Trump and accusing them of un-American behavior.” –Tom

Be Careful What You Wish For?

 Of course Jonathan Kraut is not the only one who badly wants a Democrat in the White House come 2021. The lovable Bill Maher is wishing and hoping for a recession soon to help the Dem’s chances of ousting Trump. No matter the pain for businesses and families in America, he just wants the “hated one” out of office and has no care for what happens to every day Americans. Now that’s what I call real liberal love.

 They want so badly for Trump to be gone they look like crazed fans on TV in the bottom of the ninth of the World Series with caps on backwards, fingers crossed, some in fervent prayer and others with tears streaming down their cheeks.

Are they being careful of what they wish for? Of course not, they’re just riding the wave of emotional hate that could carry them to crash on the beach of real life realities.

What do they want, high unemployment again, a labor participation rate as low as the floor, those applying for food stamps again at record levels as was the case in the Obama years? Do they want the stifling business regulations re-implemented, to reverse the tax cuts that have benefited millions of our citizens, and while they’re at it, to raise the corporate tax level back to being one of the highest in the world?

Wait, lets’ shut down new oil production efforts and re-shackle energy production so we can become ultra-dependent on foreign nations who will have us by the “you know what” again.

Let’s not forget what a Dem president will do to add to the monstrous debt, already smothering us, by spending trillions of dollars on numerous programs that only serve to sooth their liberal emotional souls. IS THIS WHAT THEY REALLY WANT?!

 Quotes, Quips and Headlines:

Fox News outdraws CNN, MSNBC again, extending win streak to 212 straight months. (Headline)

 *CNN even finished behind the kid’s network, Nickelodeon, what does that tell you?  (Me)

 Trump was right to push back against climate and the other niche agenda items and insist that the G-7 leaders focus on the big economic policy questions.” (James Morris, Fox News)

*Sounds like me ranting about what’s important in the real realities of life. (Me)

Trump Doesn’t Attend the G7 Climate Session, Has Meetings with India and Germany (Headline)

*Smart move. (Me)

“Look at Crazy Bernie’s climate change plan, it’s $16 trillion! This is after he’s granted health care — free health care — to every illegal immigrant paid for with a middle tax increase. The federal budget every year is $4 trillion to $4.5 trillion. His climate change plan is four times that. We don’t have that money. We don’t even have the money we spend now, technically. So they’re reduced now to literally admitting that they’re Santa Claus. Who can announce that they’re going to give away the most?” (Rush Limbaugh)

*It’s not just Bernie, the other candidates are touting huge Santa Clausism, I guess the outcome will be determined by who can out Santa Claus who. (Me)

 Letters to the Ranter:


I fully support your right to free speech and wish I could do more to cheer you on in the face of this mindless boycott project, but I am more than 1500 miles north of you, in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Do you think it would it help if I emailed your advertisers with a statement of support? Yours in sanity, David

 Good day Doug!

I just finished reading this week’s paper (not all of it! Some of the left wing trash is too much for me!)

 All I have to say is please keep up the good work you’re doing with your column!! I cannot believe how low our society is becoming! There are many who this weekend are rejoicing about a man’s death and hoping it was painful!! If Conservatives were to say that about one of theirs! Can you imagine!? I just pray that many people, (and I believe they will) keep reading your writings every week! Next year’s elections are going to be crucial!! Can we reverse some of the mistakes of the past while keeping Trump and the like!? I sure hope so!

 Keep up the good work Doug!! And thank you for putting up with all the negative feedback! You’re smart enough to know where it comes from, and why!!!



I hope your advertising revenue has soared since the apparently underqualified elected official decided she didn’t like what you wrote so you should be shut down.

 The way I learned it was “I don’t like what you say but I will defend your right to say it”. There is a lesson there for the lefties. If the demo brat doesn’t like what you say then you are automatically wrong and need to be silenced. I appreciate that you publish both sides of the issues in the Gazette, Keep up the good work. Freedom of Speech, Freedom of the Press. Two pretty powerful and necessary freedoms.



Because you’re a white guy supporting Trump, you have a target on you. My strong assumption is that they will try to find some way to corrupt what you said about being “proud of being white” and link it to being a white supremacist who has become bold because of Trump. But, anyone – including liberals – that read your article can clearly understand you don’t support racism. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with being proud of your race/heritage. It made you who you are today. And you hit the nail on the head when you everyone is equal in God’s eyes so it’s His opinion that matters most. So to hate your diverse background is basically equivalent to saying, “God made a mistake.” Everyone has the right to be proud of who they are, no matter what color they are.

In my opinion on racism, I think more of it comes from the far left. They are constantly creating narratives that are designed to keep ethnic people afraid. By keeping ethnic people afraid, they keep them in mental prisons. A person in a mental prison will respond no differently than an animal completely surrounded by people wanting to harm it. The animal will strike as viciously as it needs to in order to feel protected. Same with people. And unfortunately, the left is creating that same scenario for people that refuse to use their brains to think and really see they are being conditioned to act in a hateful manner towards people with differing beliefs.

 In response to them contacting advertisers, it amazes me that it is white liberals telling people they are racist. As a black man, that has experienced true racism simply because of the color of my skin, me and my siblings being told by a couple of our white teachers in elementary that black people descended from apes, having to fight and even threatened to be killed, from white students leaving derogatory n-word messages on our whiteboards in school – even to the point of not meeting my grandfather because his parents didn’t want to be known for having a black grandchild (my mother), I’d welcome a white liberal to tell me what I am supposed to consider racist and what I’m not supposed to consider racist.


Hi Doug, I look forward to reading your article every week. Your article is the only way we can get a non-racist unbiased opinion out there. The leftists get “very uneasy” when they hear the truth.

Keep up your patriotic, unselfish work.

– Timothy

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