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| Doug's Rants | November 14, 2019

The Time And The Place?

What a scene it must have been at the Hart School Board meeting last week where protesters showed up at a meeting meant to further the cause of educating the teenagers of the Santa Clarita Valley. Were the protesters there to voice differences they have with district policy that are adversely affecting the good of students?  NO, they were there to call for board member Joe Messina to step down from the board for his alleged role in Katie Hill’s resignation, which has absolutely nothing to do with school district matters.

Their claim is he got a hold of the damning photos and shared them with Republicans who used them against Hill (which Messina vehemently denies). Why didn’t the protesters show up at Hill’s estranged husband’s house and protest the guy who took and was the source of the photos? That seems to me to be more apropos then showing up at a meeting and delaying the intended efforts by a school board for their own political hatred of one Joe Messina.

And believe me political hate (maybe personal hate, I don’t know) for Joe Messina was their motivation based on past spiteful efforts against him. David Barlavi, a local attorney, member of the Saugus Union School District Board and well known locally as a staunch liberal Democrat, presumably can’t stand Messina’s political views, is the one who organized the protest at the board meeting. This is the same guy who used to organize protests outside of the hotel where the Mayors Prayer Breakfast Messina coordinates each year was being held.

These are quotes from those protesters in years past.


“It’s disgraceful the way Messina exploits prayer and Christ to sell his bigotry business.”

“Thank you Dunamis Group and our beloved Mr. Messina for once again this year bringing hatred to our community in the name of God.”

 “It biases you in your position on the school board to have your views against homosexuals and transgendered people.”

 Trump Like?

This reminds me somewhat of President Trump is facing these days, they couldn’t get him on the Russian Collusion thing so they looked for another bogus way to try and get rid of him. David Barlavi and his followers have tried for years to derail Messina’s role on the Hart School Board. It’s not only the prayer breakfast he organizes each year, but for years his detractors have vehemently railed against him being on the school board because of the national radio show he hosts on a nightly basis. Yea really, they don’t think he is a worthy board member because the conservative views he touts on the show will somehow infiltrate the board while he performs his board duties and end up harming students. Yes they are serious, Common Sensers they’re not!

Now the Barlavi gang has jumped on the opportunity of the notion Messina is the reason Katie Hill is no longer representing this district and they’re piling on their past efforts to get him off the board with something that has nothing to do with his performance and duties as a board member. Sounds a little like Trump derangement syndrome, they don’t like him as president, not for the job he is doing, just because of their hatred for him.


Statements attributed to David Barlavi from an article in The Signal newspaper:

A school board member should be a good example to students and Messina’s alleged behavior was not.”

“We should not have someone on our school board that teaches bullying to our boys against girls”        

“But we need to educate our community, we need to make sure that Katie Hill’s resignation is seen as the lesson it needs to be; that bullying is wrong, taunting women is wrong.”   

I’m almost rantless on this mumbo jumbo liberal political speak. What the freak is Barlavi talking about, that Messina with his alleged behavior, teaches boys to bully girls? That Hill’s resignation is some sort of lesson that should educate the community as some sort of moral lesson about taunting women?

For those who aren’t aware Barlavi was the subject himself for behavior unbecoming a school board member and it was not alleged, as a photo of him holding a hand over his heart and his fist in the air while reciting The Pledge of Allegiance graced the front page of this newspaper and was all over social media. (He discontinued the practice after  much flak.)

The only educating Mr. Barlavi purports with his words, are that he and his followers are liberal spinners of an issue resulting from a public person who got caught doing wrong things. They are deflecting criticism from where it should be and trying to place it on someone they have a long standing hate for at a venue they shouldn’t have gone near for that purpose and for that I say shame on them!

Leaving California for Redder Pastures:        

That was the headline in the LA Times two days after an op-ed piece in The Signal newspaper by Brian Baker entitled “Adios, Farewll Commiefornia” and one day after Gary Horton’s piece entitled “Commiefornia? Try Capitalist Paradise Instead.”

I laughed to myself at the LA Time’s headline and wondered if Horton saw it because he seemed so butt hurt that Baker dare criticize this state in The Signal. A state that has drifted so far to the left it’s puking blue everywhere we look.

Horton was so upset he even ripped the state of Colorado where Baker is moving to with;  “So, I take it rather personally when various opinion writers dump all over our fair state – especially in favor of some much lesser locale, landlocked between Polygamy Central and Home on the Range.” Gee, I wonder what he would have wrote if Baker was moving to Utah?

I’m sorry Horton was upset that his beloved state was ripped in the newspapers, but I ask you, how many folks do you know who have already left or are planning to move out of California? My wife I know a dozen or so families that are gone and plenty more who are seriously planning to leave and even more considering it.

As the LA Times reported in their article many who are fleeing the state are sick of high taxes, luke warm support for law enforcement and polices that are leaning more and more to open borders.

Sure enough Baker summarized his reasons for leaving with; “a cesspool of corrupt politics, insane social and fiscal policies, out-of-control taxation, outrageous cost of living, an inundation of illegal immigrants and welfare mooches, and a general decline in many ways to a Third-World standard of living (I’m looking at your poop patrols, San Fran, as well as the homeless camps in so many areas around the state).” 

I think he pretty much nailed it and I betcha almost every right leaning Common Senser still living here concurs with him greatly.

It seems to me almost every lefty like Horton loves it here and therein lies the problem; they will continue to vote for lawmakers who will continue to shove the left leaning nonsense down us Common Sensers throats for the foreseeable future.

I know one thing for sure, there is no way Mr. and Mrs. Ranter will able to afford to live here when we retire and even if we could afford to, I don’t  think we would stay here as the liberal swamp rises higher and higher, surrounding us and drowning us.          


Why would so many on the left hate the following?  Why are we Common Sensers, God and America loving folks labeled as right wing nuts for our beliefs in the following?  (Sent to me)

GOOD MORNING, WELCOME TO THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, a Christian Nation, land of the free and BECAUSE of the brave.

How may I help you,

Press ‹1› for English.

Press ‹2› to disconnect until you learn to speak English.

And remember only two defining forces have ever offered to die for you, Jesus Christ and the American Soldier.

One died for your soul,

The other for your freedom.

2020 will be here in a few Months.

A Nation of Sheep – Breeds a Government of Wolves!

Quips Quotes & Headlines

“I think we’re going to enter years and years, if not decades of darkness. I see the mass of illegal immigrants, who are illiterate even in their own language. They have none of our shared values. They will never be Americans and embrace the values that built this country. They’ve been steeped in hatred for this nation by the media and the universities. And they have a very dim view of our nation, even though they love the benefits that have accrued from far better people than them.”  (Michael Savage, radio show host and author)

*It’s easy for me to see his pessimism, it’s staring us in the face, but try sharing this with a liberal and you’ll get boycotted!  (Me)

“I’m so glad we don’t have to thank veterans the other 364 days.” (David Barlavi, Saugus school board member and potential candidate for Christy Smith’s seat in the State Assembly)

*Yea, the same guy who protests prayer breakfasts and raises his fist during the pledge of allegiance.  (Me)

“I hope he doesn’t recuse himself from the race”  (Judge Jeanine Pirro on Jeff Sessions running for his old Senate seat)

*I think Sessions was a terrible Attorney General, but an excellent Senator. To his credit he never responded negatively to Trump’s harsh criticism of him.  (Me)

“Our nation and the rights of her people are under attack, not by a foreign adversary, but from enemies within who are willing to take away each of the rights which has made the United States of America a beacon of freedom, individualism and innovation to the rest of the world. They are attempting to dismantle the very documents which have made this nation so great and has led to our astronomical amount of prosperity.” (Robert Patrick Lewis from his speech this past Monday at the City’s Veterans Day event), his speech can be read in its entirety on page 14.

Letters to the Ranter

Dear Ranter,

After looking at you picture in your rant (11/8/19 edition), I think you are trying to make it look like you have a headache.  I think you are constipated.  KC

Ranter’s Note: Do you think KC is trying to tell me I’m full of it?


It was sickening to see Katie Hill’s concession speech.  She said there was a double standard.  Really.  She left on her own to avoid the House ethics committee where they would have found a lot more evidence against her then she admitted.  She was actually pushed by the Democrats to make them look good.  They wanted her out.  No double standard at all.  Lynda


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