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| Doug's Rants | February 20, 2020

 Mike Garcia:

 As I’ve written before I’m all in for Mike Garcia becoming our next Representative in Washington. I’ve heard him speak twice, have chatted with him some and, let me tell you, he as solid as solid gets as a man and a conservative. Mike is a down to earth family guy with a stellar resume that includes being in harm’s way for this nation as a fighter pilot in Iraq.

I particularly appreciate him being the only candidate I’ve heard list the national debt as a concern, an issue all Americans should  be very concerned about. His other campaign issues are National Security, Building the Wall, Immigration Reform, Term Limits, Socialism and Taxes.

 Garcia’s vision for our district and this country are core conservative, common sense values that are proving these days to be what makes America great. If we head back down the path the Dems want to take us, we could end up in the throngs of an Obama like syndrome with weak defense, weak economy, all the while hearing we are a great nation because of feel good measures that in reality actually poison the great things we’re seeing in America today.

Christy Smith:


By contrast, one of  Mike Garcia’s opponents, Dem Christy Smith, lists some of her important issues as Taking on Corporate Polluters and the Climate Crisis, Advocating for Women and Families, Enacting Gun Safety measures (we know what that means), Building Affordable Housing and Ensuring Human rights for all.        

All noble causes (except gun control) but to me are ideological goals that don’t really do what is intended, are expensive and end up with hollow results, not the results that make America great.

As an example, another one of Smith’s priorities is “Growing the Middle Class and Small Business.” Okay, that’s a good thing, but it’s already happening with President Trump’s vision, how is her vision different?

This is straight from her campaign website. “She believes we must make smart investments in transportation infrastructure, education, scientific research, and renewable and clean energy industries to create sustainable jobs in our community that will also pay the mortgage.  She also believes we should do more to help people start and grow small businesses right here at home and give people the career skills they need by making colleges and trade schools more affordable and accessible, all the while ensuring that workers have the right to organize and have a voice in the workplace through unions.”

 I say, all the while using tax payer dollars to prop up the economy the same way Obama did in his days and how did that work out?  Smith’s type of concept smells like the infamous Solyndra deal that misled the Dems to loan, with visions of grandeur, $535 Million for a solar project loan that later went toes up

For the sake of this district and our nation we need Mike Garcia and many more like him to save us from falling into the pit of what the left think is filled with milk and honey when actually it’s sewer like swamp water.

She and Others:

Christy Smith and other Dem candidates running for different levels of office across our land are all singing the same song, get rid of Trump and all of those who support his policies. I’m a bit baffled with that, how can they honestly say they have something better than what is happening now?

As an example, Job creation under Trump, 2 million jobs forecasted, 7 million jobs actually created.

Middle-class income growth – adjusted for inflation

Bush $402

Obama $1043

Trump  $5003

How Americans view their personal finances: 74% believe next year will be better and 59% say they’re better off than last year.

I mean come on, the facts and figures of what’s going on right now are filled with good news the nation only dreamed of before Trump took office. His vision and follow-through of reduced regulations and lower taxes have greatly contributed to    record low unemployment for ALL genders and races, a surge in manufacturing activity, a Stock Market enabling the coffers of 401k’s and most retirement funds to fill up to the brim and GDP growth that towers over the meek years of the Dem held White House of 2009-2016.

What’s not to like, combine these facts with record high domestic oil production, a military rebuilt to garner respect and an attitude of American leadership that was embarrassingly lacking.

Let me ask you what of the Dem campaign issues would take this nation anywhere near the heights of what we’ve experienced since January of 2017? Review Christy Smith’s views and ambitions compared to those of Mike Garcia’s and tell me which would keep us where we are now or even propel us to greater heights of American Exceptionalism?

For my friends on the left, please don’t be blinded by personality or platforms that sound good and make you feel good, but really don’t directly affect your life or that of your family and friends. Please look at the true realities of life and make your voting decisions based on that, even if they conflict with the emotional ideology of the way liberal’s think life should be in America.

Climate Crisis Derangement Syndrome?

This Climate Crisis thing is starting to bug me more than the fanatical Bernie Bros who are about as civil as a raccoon being interrupted while going through your trash. Anyway, the headline that set me off read, “Airlines fear spread of flight shaming”  I thought huh, what is flight shaming?

And oh my goodness it’s the fear airlines have that climate change fanatics will rally their brethren to boycott air travel, which they claim is already occurring in Europe with air travel down 4%. Then I saw the possible reason why, the teenage queen of the climate change crisis, Greta Thunberg was shown on a ship crossing the ocean to reap her acclaim in America because she refuses to travel by air so as to not pollute the sky and contribute to the undoing of the world as we know it.

I saw that emissions from all type of commercial flights comprise 2.4% of all global CO2 emissions, now that’s a reason to boycott air travel if I’ve ever heard one. Then there was the op-ed about a “lot of aircraft noise lately in SCV” it seems as though flight patterns have changed over our valley creating a “veritable  freeway of airplane noise and pollution over once quiet neighborhoods”, I exclaimed to myself “who knew?” I haven’t heard any more air plane noise than usual and haven’t heard anyone complain about it, but then what do I know?

I did have to chuckle though having grown up in Tucson where Davis Monthan Air Force base is located. On a daily basis and frequently through-out the day those jets flew loud and low over neighborhoods and schools, guess what, we never gave those  jets a second thought as they zoomed across the skies. We realized the base was an important part of the community and the loud planes were a necessary part of that.  

Anyway, recently I saw something about banning motor vehicles in parts of downtown Los Angles and other cities considering the same sort of thing to fight climate crisis (or is it to appease climate change alarmists?).  I thought, heck, lets ban vehicles in downtown Newhall, on Town Center Drive, who needs those stinkin polluters there anyway. 

Wait a Minute!

Later as I was cruising the 14 from Newhall to Lancaster noticing the steep terrains that come and go along the way it suddenly hit me, it can’t be this way, look at all of the climate crisis causing emissions that are emitted when cars and trucks have to climb those hills. We absolutely have to level the 14 to be flat and free of extra emissions if we’re going to get out of this alive! And what about the Grapevine, we need the Army Core of Engineers to flatten that sucker.

Speaking of the Grapevine, as you travel north on the 5 you eventually come upon Harris Ranch and tell you what, with that many cows congregated in one area, can you imagine the huge amount of flatus being emitted into the atmosphere, joining the already harmful air plane pollution, each and every one of those cows gotta go! I don’t know how much more climate change stress I can take.                                                                             

 Quotes, Quips & Headlines:

 Bernie Sanders’ campaign manager says Fox News has been ‘more fair’ than MSNBC  (Headline)

*Is he serious right now, does Bernie know he said it? (Me)

Time Magazine Cover Crowns Gay Pete Buttigieg and ‘Wife’ As America’s ‘First Family’  (Headline)

*Perhaps they should have waited to see if he even wins the nomination, but that’s feel good liberal emotion for you.  (Me)

Jewish LGBT Feminist ‘Historian’ Trashes George Washington As A ‘Liar’ And ‘Cheat’ In New Book (Headline)

*You mean to tell me there is now George Washington derangement syndrome too? (Me)

Bernie Sanders Blasts Michael Bloomberg and His ‘Racist Policies’ at Massive Rally (Headline)

*Hey Mike, now you know how Donald Trump feels. (Me)

Obama Tries to Take Credit for Trump Economy  (Headline)

“Odd, because he never seemed to stop blaming Bush when he was in office.”  (Dan Bongino)

“Brian Stelter (CNN) is what happens when you give a TV show to a guy with heavy self-esteem issues, a razor-thin resume, and who measures life experience by how many coffees he’s fetched for the boss. He’s a sorry soul and an embarrassment to his network.”  (Dan Bongino)

*Hey Dan, Humpty Dumpty is very sensitive you know.  (Me)



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