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| Doug's Rants | February 27, 2020

Chicken Crap Politics:

When I saw the negative TV ad about Mike Garcia not paying taxes it didn’t seem true to me, that’s not the Mike Garcia I know and with the vicious tone of the ad it smelled like BS smear tactics, which I hate with a passion.

The ad was paid for by some PAC and I don’t know if it’s the same PAC Mike is talking about in a statement he made, but after reading the statement, something sure stinks in the back of the refrigerator.

“The Democrats and Pelosi are terrified of our grassroots campaign, so terrified that the Democrat’s House PAC is now running over $300,000 of ads for Steve Knight. I’ve heard of running against Democrats. And I’ve heard of running against Republicans. But running against a Republican who is supported by Democrat Nancy Pelosi is a new one. The Dems don’t want me to win, and they’re paying big money to confuse the voters into supporting my opponents.”

Local political observer, Betty Arenson posted this a few days ago bringing the puzzling pieces together:


“The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is at it again. They are running ads against the respectable and honorable veteran Mike Garcia claiming he does not pay his taxes. IT IS A TOTAL LIE! The facts are: Mike Garcia sold a residential property (included two units) in Tulare County, Ca. in the first half of 2019. As is quite common in real estate, the county levied a supplemental tax of about $1,000.00. With that levy comes the default act of filing two liens (two units); an automatic process. The property was assessed in May 2019 for the 2018 period of ownership. Mike Garcia learned of the lien in July 2019 with a DUE DATE TO PAY OF FEBRUARY 28, 2020….a date as of this writing is not here yet. The liens have been paid and there is not scandal but for the Democrat’s lies. 

The bible tells us in proverbs, “The Lord despises every kind of cheating. Some men enjoy cheating, but the cake they buy with such ill-gotten gain will turn to gravel in their mouths.” This sure applies to the Houston Astros, but in this case it applies to cheating by a Dem party who claims to be all about fairness and equality, showing shameless chicken crap hypocrisy!

Stopped in My Tracks: 

I was puttering around the house the other evening with Jesse Watter’s show on in the background when he said something I hadn’t really thought of, stopping me in my tracks. He laid out a possible scenario of President Bernie Sanders, upon taking office, issuing executive orders such as immediate ceasing of fossil fuel exploration or even production cutbacks, shutting down coal mines and perhaps some sort of gun confiscation. I thought of him probably re-instituting the regulations on businesses that Trump reversed and of course initiating economy killing legislation right away.

Jesse mentioned the possibility of President Sander’s actions causing anarchy with the streets of America flooded with panicked people. Farfetched you say, what if the dollar shrinks to a minuscule value, rapid inflation, affecting food and fuel shortages occur. What if his actions result in American’s 401k’s and other investments dissolving before their very eyes?

A Fine Mess:

If Bernie moves into the White House can you imagine the number of corporations that would pick up and get the heck out of dodge before we can say State of the Union?  Those companies could leave behind a trail of empty buildings, unemployed workers with a nation in economic ruin. A ruin that will make the climate change crisis look like an episode of the old TV show, Truth or Consequences.

I have a friend who has worked for a major investment company for many years. He is convinced that if Bernie wins the election the stock market will NOT open on November 4th to try and delay the crash that will be seen and felt around the world.

I Can Hear it Now:

I know, I know, people will say I’m an alarmist, a pessimist and I don’t deal in reality, but I’m telling you even if things don’t happen to the extreme of the preceding, it will be bad for you, me, ours and yours. Some will say this won’t matter because Bernie will never be elected president, hellooo….was anyone saying that about Trump four years ago today?

My concern is Bernie appeals strongly to the throngs of folks who want the good life money can help with, but are unwilling to put forth what is needed to better themselves to gain that type of life. Many voters today have a mind-set of taking the easy road because of the way they were raised.

The political alternative Bernie is selling is taken very seriously by millions of millennial voters and their yet to be recruited brethren who will vote right there with them, because Bernie’s way sounds so hassle free. What they don’t realize is much of what they enjoy in life is a result of capitalism and could disappear if socialism takes over the country. How to convince them of that is beyond me.

Whatever Happened?

Is it just me, but wasn’t there a huge issue engulfing the nation just a few short weeks ago?  You remember, and by the way whatever happened to that impeachment thing that was supposedly tearing the fabric of our nation to shreds, because of the treasonous actions by our dictator-type president?

Hmm…that thing went by way of a fad that sizzles and quickly burns out.  Now we can get back to good old fashioned hate for our president, based mainly on his personality. If any of his haters would look at the facts, and nothing but the facts, using at least one quarter of their smarts, could they possibly see some of his worth as a president?

No they won’t, so now they are retreating back to their claims of Trump being a dictator and just like Hitler, which is real mature, intelligent thinking if you ask me.  If I were to have criticized Obama and called him names, like we see with Trump, the likes of a Christy Smith and her followers would have screamed racism to the tenth degree and maybe even picketed outside of the Gazette office trying to take me out. All of this is HYPROCISY at its best.

Quotes, Quips & Headlines:

“I need to find a way beyond what I’ve already done to express my heartfelt gratitude and thanks and appreciation for the outpouring that continues to come in from people. I’m thinking there are more prayers for me in this country than can be counted, than can be tabulated. And I just am confident as heck that they matter, that they’re effective. So please accept this as an ongoing and never-ending thank you to everybody.”  (Rush Limbaugh)

*Good to hear, but it’s also being reported Rush has received an abundance of hate and mean-spirited thoughts about his “suffering” from those on the left who despise him because of his beliefs. I just can’t fathom this; if Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff or even Rachael Maddow announced they had advanced lung cancer I would be hoping for their recovery. Are these people so morally and spiritually depleted they can’t overcome their personal feelings of hate toward the man as he fights for his life?  (Me)

“It looks like the coronavirus is being weaponized as yet another element to bring down Donald Trump. The coronavirus is the common cold, folks. The Drive-By Media hype of this thing as a pandemic, as, ‘Oh, my God. If you get it, you’re dead,’ do you know what the — I think the survival rate is 98 percent. Ninety-eight percent of people get the coronavirus survive. It’s a respiratory system virus. I believe the way it’s being weaponized is by virtue of the media, and I think that it is an effort to bring down Trump, and one of the ways it’s being used to do this is to scare the investors, to scare people in business,” (Rush Limbaugh)

*Rush has a way of getting the bottom of things using common sense that escapes many.  (Me)

Arizona gas tax could double (Headline)

*My home state has been invaded by Californians, will I ever have a safe haven to escape too?  (Me)

Eleven years ago today, near the bottom of the worst recession in generations, I signed the Recovery Act, paving the way for more than a decade of economic growth and the longest streak of job creation in American history.”  (Barrack Obama)

*Sure he did, all it took was around $800 billion of tax payers money (we didn’t have) in stimulus legislation, that legislation also paid for unemployment and food stamp benefits. He also used the jewel called “quantitative easing” that pumped trillions of dollars into the economy, while keeping the prime interest rate at 0 percent, talk about a fake propped up economy. I like the way President Trump brought Obama’s economy back from the dead with good ole fashion, freed up capitalism. (Me)

Sanders sends Democratic establishment into panic mode  (Headline)

*Can you imagine the states of millions of people’s minds if the dude wins on November 3rd, talk about panic mode!   (Me)

Letter to the Ranter:


This morning, I thought of how difficult it would be to wake up in an isolation unit in Nebraska with coronavirus. I also thought of what it might be like to return home after such an experience, so I composed the following, which is airing today on KHUG: Our thoughts go out to Carl Goldman, who tested positive for Coronavirus. Carl is in isolation in Nebraska with his wife Jeri. They are fellow broadcasters who own KHTS radio here in the SCV. Whether you pray, meditate, or just want to send healing thoughts their way, please pause for a moment. Look, while I never met Carl or Jeri, they are fellow broadcasters, and I welcome them back to the SCV when they are able to come back home.

I believe that all of us who serve the public through the media are special people, and even though I never met them, I sincerely send them my prayers and healing wishes.  




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