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| Doug's Rants | March 5, 2020

Not So Super Tuesday:

As I start this week’s rant it’s Super Tuesday and I ain’t feeling too super, I’m not sure why because at this point I don’t even know how the battle for Katie Hill’s seat turns out.

Maybe it’s because I’m a brand new member of the Medicare club and while that’s depressing enough as it is to be of age to join the club, it’s also driving me nuts. One month the insulin prescribed for me is $42, the following month it’s $123! Being a rookie in the club I inquired as to why and found out something about being in (or out?) of something called a donut hole, say what? I can’t even eat donuts!

I asked the doctor for another brand and was pleasantly surprised to find out it was $62. But, the nice lady I talked to from the club office informed me it would also surpass $100 next month! I then turned to the trusty club manual for fun facts to find out why, but with me being math challenged, I declared screw it, I’ll just have to wait until the Dems let Trump do his job and get the cost of insulin down for all of us old folks.

Maybe II


Maybe I’m not feeling so super on this Super Tuesday because these are such crazy and confusing times for this conservative patriot. Millions of Americans (including my youngest son) are embracing socialism with their fanatical support of Bernie Sanders. It figures many Californians are foaming at the mouth over Bernie because voters here seem to like high taxes, insane laws and regulations on business out the wazoo. It bewilders me to no end that voters in this Golden State relish this type of muck that holds them down, but repeatedly send Sanders-like politicians to Sacramento to screw everyone’s life up!

Millions more are supporting Joe Biden despite of his seemingly mental decline, reminding me of the song Dazed & Confused, leaving me confused as to why so many of his supporters think the gentleman could lead this nation.

Maybe III

Maybe it’s these bizarre but sad headlines I came across while surfing the World Wide Web that have me missing out on the thrill of Super Tuesday.

Some Libs saying they want the Coronavirus so they can give it to Trump supporters.

Children are losing sleep and having bad dreams over climate change, study finds

Donna Brazile Tells GOP Head Ronna McDaniel to Go to Hell on live TV

PETA Applauds Alaska Airlines for Dropping Iditarod Sponsorship

Uproar After ‘Sunday Service’ Replaces Transgender Show

Many Millennials Can’t Change A Light Bulb By Themselves, Survey Finds

Rob Reiner: If Dems Don’t Take Out Trump in 2020 We Will Lose Our Democracy and Earth

Maybe IV

Maybe my Super Tuesday funk is from the developing paranoia that just hit home for me when I took a break from this downcast ranting and went to the bank. While I was punching in my pin number at the ATM it dawned on me that somebody with the damn virus could have touched the same keys I did and what about the twenty dollar bill, who’s been touching that?  Then I stopped for gas, what if the last person at the pump has the virus and touched everything I touched? After that I went inside the convenience market to get a bottle of water and quickly realized I grabbed the door handle that hundreds of people have grabbed recently!

See what I mean, it’s difficult for a guy like me to enjoy Super Tuesday after enduring what I have had to endure, it could be worse I suppose, at least I’m not in the cruise line business.

Seriously Though:

When the virus thing hit the news some weeks back I remember thinking there is no way I’ll end up ranting about this will I?  I really don’t want to, but as what usually happens when I think that, I end up doing so anyway. I started ruminating on it when our 401k looked like it was circling the drain last week and then on Super Tuesday a columnist in the Signal Newspaper wrote an op-ed about it. I’m not begrudging what the gentleman wrote, because it seems he’s buying what the mass media is purporting on the virus and who knows how this thing will turn out.

He wrote; “I recommend you and your family be prepared to self-quarantine for two to three weeks. Fluids like Gatorade with electrolytes, bottled water, over-the-counter medications that address the flu, staples like rice, potatoes, pasta, canned fruit and frozen vegetables might be goods to have on hand.”

That’s good advice for everyone no matter what the emergency is, but then he went on with; “I would expect the feds to recommend self-quarantine for non-essential personnel at some point in the coming weeks.”  Further on he wrote; “Restaurants, schools, concerts, religious services and sporting events could be on hold. Groceries and essentials could be delivered at your door and paid by credit card. Human interaction could be reduced to a minimum as the virus runs its course.”

I’m sorry, but I think that is over reacting, to be sure the only thing I really know about virus’ are how crappy they make me feel. Mrs. Ranter and I both had the flu a month or so ago and while very unpleasant it was gone in a few days and we are no worse for wear.

As with the flu that we all try to fight off every year, there are folks among us who are vulnerable to any virus, putting them at risk for serious illness. Of course we should do everything possible to help prevent them from being exposed, but to shut down life as we know it just doesn’t make sense to me.

Damn Media?

This virus seems to be nothing more than a bad cold which all of us have had to deal with since we were born. While the virus in question reportedly spreads like a bat out of hell, to me the danger is being blown up to panic proportions by the media. Are they looking to make extra bucks with ratings from an over blown crisis, are they trying to sabotage Trump, or are they just power hungry, control freaks?

Whatever the reason, shame on them, this reminds me of the fear mongering they attempt with dreaded climate change. As one pundit put it; “It is a press-induced panic that will have real consequences and it will not be from the virus itself. We have eight deaths from the coronavirus, 18,000 from the flu. Why isn’t the message, get your flu vaccine?”        

The big shame of this is the hurt it’s putting on businesses, the travel industry is getting killed, and the supply chain is being choked off because of the panic the media is puking out, even resulting in some people being thrown into bankruptcy.


When I think about the consequences of some sort of required home quarantine, I think about the many small businesses that advertize in the Gazette. Very few could survive more than a few days without conducting their business and this newspaper would not survive with the loss of advertizing revenue resulting from such an extreme measure as was alluded to in the Signal column.

Chill out media and those who think media spews the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Let’s do the best we can to prevent this from spreading, taking care of ourselves, while taking the chance of getting this bug as we do with every virus every day of every year. I think it’s more than worth it than to ruin the lives of many people because of hyped up panic.

Quips Quotes & Headlines

This is sad and scary. Sad for him (Joe Biden), because onset dementia is a terrifying and horrible disease. Scary for us, because a serious contender for the presidency is actually campaigning proudly on raising taxes for the working American, and doing so gleefully. (James Wood)

*It’s easy to make fun of Joe, but the state of his mind is a sad thing. This was brought home Sunday morning when Chris Wallace asked him about and showed clips of his mental gaffes, Biden got a puzzled look on his face then attempted to explain them away. When Wallace wrapped up the interview he thanked Biden and Joe answered “Thanks Chuck.”   (Me)

Hillary Clinton to Be Deposed Over Her Private Email Server Fiasco (Headline)

*Is this the beginning of uncovering the corruptness that could and should get several of Obama’s lieutenants in a heap of legal hot water?  (Me)

“When I look at Bernie Sanders and his socialistic ideas it reminds me of the initials of his first and last name, Straight B.S.”

“We need more free thinkers and less free loaders and if you are a freeloader, we need you to get up off your seat and do-nothing and go get you a job!”

“Black people don’t need reparations, black people need liberation from the Democrat plantation.”  (Diamond & Silk from their speech at CPAC last week) 

*Let’s hope there are a bunch more black folks who think like these two ladies do and not a bunch more that think like the ones who voted for Biden in South Carolina.  (Me)

“Given status of the race, I’m going to switch my vote from Warren to Biden. No slight at Warren, but she has no path at this point and I feel Biden presents the strongest possible chance at beating Trump and taking back the Senate & holding the House.

(Bill Murray)

*Yep, it’s that Bill Murray and he obviously leans far left which is typical of those in his field. But seriously, can you imagine Biden or Sanders as president with Dems controlling both the House and Senate? If that were to happen it may be best to turn assets into cash or precious metals, stash them in a safe place and build a high wall around our homes.  (Me)

Letter to the Ranter
Refer to Gary Horton’s 3/4/20 column in the Signal Opinion page. It’s a good read. Gary’s inner Steinbeck was in good form. When absent Trump bashing, Gary can write a very reasonable and persuasive family story about the painful evolution of America – and the world for that matter. There’s a good Americana social message screenplay “The Hortons” in his piece. The tail end of the story is of course Gary himself who lives in Santa Clarita, coffees at Starbucks, and enjoys the fruits of capitalism. Could he really see himself in a Bernie Sanders America? Tom



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