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| Doug's Rants | June 18, 2020

There They Go Again:

Once again, this publisher (ranter) has come under attack for his written thoughts in last week’s column. The initial hit this time originated from the same gentleman who came after me when Christy Smith announced a boycott of the Gazette over what I wrote last year. Last time, he organized a campaign contacting our advertisers, claiming their businesses would be boycotted if they continued their ads with us.

This all emanates from a Santa Clarita Facebook group that has over 27,000 members. The racial criticisms towards me from members of this group generated over 500 comments last week, some in support, most with unkind words.


The SCV has had it with this sort of blatant racist trash. You’re free to say whatever you like, but you’re not immune from the consequences.”


“If he wants people to stop calling him a racist dumbass maybe he could stop acting like a racist dumbass His Trump facemask says it all. He is part of the cancer. You’re such a headass it’s sad.”

“If you left the bubble of SCV and stepped into the real world you’d see how f***ed and racist in the head you are.”

“Sad you have 3 kids who you’ll raise to be ignorant and racist just like you. Please respond to this I’d love to see what your dumbass says. Doug seems like a miserable, racist dumb ass…WHITE guy who IS the problem. Shut your pie hole please.”        

I’m Not the Only One:

This is the same group who recently did pretty much the same thing to City Councilman Bob Kellar, demanding he resign from the council for statements he made ten years ago that were taken out of context. I’ve known Bob for over twenty years, and while we haven’t always agreed on things, he is one of the most honorable and decent human beings I’ve known. He is the farthest thing from racist as one can be. For him to be attacked like this from these whining liberals hiding in Facebook is complete crap!

What’s Their End Game?

When they started in on me last week, the gentleman who got the whole thing going deviously attributed quotes to me that were NOT mine.  They came from a “Letter to the Ranter” sent in by someone I don’t even know. Typical of lefty methods when going on the attack, those in this group didn’t bother to read my whole column, they just latched on to remarks that were and weren’t mine and took them to the liberal bank of B.S.

After the screaming meanies are finished, what will they have accomplished other than feeling better about themselves, thinking their venomous attacks will somehow change the world? Let’s say, for example, Bob Kellar did resign from the city council and this Ranter removed himself from the Gazette. How would that help fix the racial problems they are so adamant exist?

The point is, their raging righteousness doesn’t address or solve a damn thing, but that doesn’t matter. All that matters is them shooting their angry liberal arrows far and wide, with hopes of filling a void they refuse to fill with constructive, common sense dialogue.              

Words & Symbols Matter?

I guess I shouldn’t, but I continue to be astounded by the screaming Left’s focus on words and monuments having to be destroyed in order to save the day. They go totally berserk when words are spoken or written in a manner that they think will cause the universe go off its track. If it’s a symbol which offends them, like a flag or a statue, it’s got to go that minute, by fire or joyous destruction. If it’s words said, or not said, or something written, or something that should have been written, it’s “Katie, bar the door!” as their hate pours out all over their device screens.

It completely escapes me that instead of engaging in civil discourse, or finding measured steps to seek some sort of common ground with those they disagree with (even hate), many Lefties just go balls-to-the-wall crazy on the streets or use social media to vent their hysteria. I have a son and some good friends who disagree with almost everything I write in this space, but they don’t lash out with venom or hate. We civilly discuss our differences and vote our own way. Why can’t all Lefties adopt that frame of mind and lose the hate and anger?

What Can We Do?

Most Lefty’s seem so shallow to me. The local ones took my words and branded me a racist and an awful human being. I’ve never even met or spoken to any of these people, yet in their minds, I’m crap.  Nothing I say or write from this point on will ever change their perception. And while I could care less what they think, I find it sad and confusing they live their lives like that.

It reminds me of something I read: “How Social Media Works: Me: ‘I prefer mangoes to oranges.’  Random Person: ‘So basically what you’re saying is you hate oranges. You also failed to mention pineapples, bananas and grapefruits meaning you hate them too.’”

I know I’m not racist, and I bet most folks who have been labeled that way aren’t either. So what can we do? No matter the words we use to try convince them otherwise, we know our words would go in one ear and out the other.

I like what Rush Limbaugh said: “Most people in this country do not think they’re racist. They think they’ve gone out of their way to avoid being racists. They’ve gone out of their way to be cooperating. They’ve gone out of their way to be sympathetic. It doesn’t compute. Many people are asking, what the hell else can I do?”

Letters to The Ranter:

This article (on 6/12) is a PERFECT example of RACISM. You disgusting person. And anyone who agrees with you is just as disgusting. Yvette A

LOVE THE MASK! Tell it Doug.. 19 unarmed WHITE men killed by police last year, 9 black men, IN a year. 18 black men killed in 24 hours in Chicago, BLM no where to be found. 3 Black Cops didn’t get the send off George got, Equality? BLM? Unreal! Joe

Talk to your black friends. Do you have any black friends? I mean it’s not their responsibility to educate you on what’s going on but it’s better than asking white people that are also in your bubble. If you sincerely want to know what’s going on ask someone that knows. Also – your trump face mask is revolting. He just gassed and shot rubber bullets at Americans. He is part of the problem. Lisa

We love reading your thoughts! I gotta share this with you with all the recent nonsense. Back in 1988, I was a high school kid who got his first job, like most of the kids up here back then, at Magic Mountain. I was working in Bugs Bunny Land and a child tried to get on one of the rides who was clearly too tall. I told him sorry and he runs off. A few minutes later, he comes back with his mother screaming at me demanding to see my supervisor. I went and got him and he told the child to stand next to the sign to which he was clearly over the limit, about 6” over, that is until he started bending his knees. We both saw him do that and he was again denied to which his mother started screaming that we were both racists and that she was going to complain to corporate and all the tv stations and, I’ll never forget this, “Own the park and everything we have”. And they wonder why they don’t get any respect. Continue on with your rants! AZ

What is actually wrong with you? First off, you don’t speak for all white people. Some of us don’t have this much hate and bigotry in our hearts.
Secondly, you’ve misspelled a number of words and made grammatical errors in your article, so having an actual intelligent dialogue with you about race is most likely impossible. I would suggest hiring an editor. What I do find hope in? The number of people at recent BLM rallies shows us your (and other racist old whites) thinking is old and tired and will soon be a thing of the past.
Hopefully you might take the time left in your life to educate yourself and grow as a human, instead of continuing to fester in your unwarranted bitterness. Get over your entitlement and actually meet people in the black community. Because as of today, you’re a disgrace to this community and I hope my and others efforts to remove your so called “newspaper” from Vons, is successful. Look in a mirror and reflect on who you’ve become. Because it’s not American and it’s not humanity. Kara

Ranter’s Note: The part of this letter with her criticism regarding the “misspelled number of words and grammatical errors” reminds me that attacking style is giving up on listening to what is being said. Not to mention no specifics are given, just throwing out words and berating my intelligence, and we have a great editor.

I wanted to scream listening and watching the week long “celebration of life” of George Floyd as if he were a candidate for sainthood. Should he have been celebrated? Absolutely not. Should he have been mourned? Yes, by his immediate family and friends. George Floyd was a thug, plain and simple. He had multiple imprisonments for drugs and armed robbery. The most heinous of which was holding a gun to the belly of a pregnant woman while he robbed her. When he died he was trying to pass a counterfeit bill and had alcohol and meth in his system. Yea, he was a real role model. Max

I read the whole column with interest. No matter how you explain why you’re not a racist and what has caused a lot of the racism lately, you are likely going to be booed and chastised. I might mention one of the things that bothered me about George Floyd‘s death was first of all how unnecessary and horrific it was, but then to watch it be shown on every news channel maybe 20 times before the funeral on each station, was liberal media Brainwashing. They’re doing a lot of that lately. Even about the virus they dramatize numbers that are actually from Tests and many of them are passed case is being counted as current. I noticed they said 42% increase in hospitalizations in LA County, but they don’t tell you 42% of what like 42% of 50 would be very few hospitalizations but then most people don’t know how to figure percentages so they get away with it. Many hospitalizations had nothing to do with the virus lately. The liberal media has a big illiterate fan club and they applaud anything that is sent or printed by them. And yet the reelection of Donald Trump is pretty secure even though the polls are also skewed. And by the way I think your mask is great and I wish I had one although I really rebel When told to wear one outside. Don’t give up I’m telling it like it is! The smart people are listening and the others are irrelevant. Shirley

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  1. Doug,

    After reading your current rant and rereading your previous rant and all of the comments pertaining to them I have come to the conclusion that most people have no sense of common sense or even comprehending what you have written . I don’t even know where to start. BLM is a business not a movement. NOTHING I have read from you is remotely racist. In every police body cam footage that I have seen the suspect has simply not done what was asked and therefore you get what you get.

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