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| Doug's Rants | June 25, 2020

A Goodbye For Now:

As I was contemplating how to begin this difficult rant, a song came to mind by Jackson Browne, whose music I have enjoyed since the early seventies (only when he sings though. When he talks, not so much, as he is a diehard liberal).

All good things have to come to an end
The thrills have to fade
Before they come ‘round again
The bills will be paid
And the pleasure will mend
All good things have to come to an end.

This is the next to last issue of the Gazette newspaper as we know it. Next week’s (July 3) edition will be the last one for now. Mrs. Ranter and I have always planned on retiring at some point and moving to Indiana to be closer to our oldest son, his wife and our three grandkids.  We would always ask each other, “When will be the right time?”

Well, the big-bad virus answered that question rather abruptly. Before virus time, our publishing company (the Gazette, Canyon Country and PetMe Magazines) were chugging along okay. There wasn’t any profit, but we always managed to break even. Along came the virus, and whamo! Our revenue plummeted by 70%.


We reached out to our readers for help, and over $8,000 in donations came in. We were blown away, which makes this decision even more painful. Those donations, along with the PPP loan we received, kept us afloat from the end of March until now.

To put it plain and simple, the Gazette (we were forced to pause the two magazines in March) is now unable to generate enough revenue to pay the bills. That’s when Mrs. Ranter and I knew the answer to our question as when to retire! (No pay, no stay in California.)

It Was Going to Happen Anyway:     

I’m sure you are well aware of the demise of the newspaper industry. It’s been downhill since 2007, with over 2,000 newspapers (mostly small weeklies) going out of business nationwide.

One writer summed it up this way:  “Printing sheets of paper to be delivered to a driveway only to be consumed in a matter of minutes is not long for this world. Most readers don’t want to pay for news and advertisers are finding less expensive and more targeted ways of reaching consumers. Local news is and should be gathered and disseminated online. With more than 80% of Americans having access to the internet, this form of transmission is fast and shareable.”             

Another reason this chapter was bound to end sooner or later is the bill our Left-wing whacko California legislature passed last year. AB 5, restricting the use of independent contractors, was going to be another possible death knell for this newspaper and others. Newspapers rely heavily on independent carriers to distribute their products, and the Gazette is no different. Come 2021 when those folks will be forced to become employees, it would have added additional cost to an already overloaded expense burden.

But Wait!         

There is some possible good news; after we get settled in Indiana, we’ll revisit the possibility of resurrecting the Gazette in one form or another, which will include the “Rant.”  It’s something we can do from Indiana and make it readily available to you here, so stay tuned. In the meantime, in mid-August, I’ll be delivering this rant in the form of a blog at www.dougsrant.com.

Gutless Wonders: 

I’ll tell you one of the regrets I have about closing this chapter of the Gazette, and it’s that the left wingers in Santa Clarita – who throw out unfounded and unfair racial accusations behind the gutless cover of Facebook – are going to think they won and claim they’re the cause of the Gazette’s demise.

Listen up, you spineless wonders: I have never spoken a word to you, but in typical left-wing fashion, you spew out hate that is so far from the truth about who I am. It makes you look like the fools you are.

When you nonsensical, emotion-driven, amateur, wannabe culture changers tried to close the Gazette down last year by whining to our advertisers that I was racist, it didn’t do a damn bit of good. Be assured, chicken crap Facebook warriors; you had NOTHING to do with the troubles that forced the changes we’re undergoing, and if you think you did, you’re more ignorant than you appear to be.

What’s Happening To Our Nation?

Is it just me, or is America coming apart at the cultural seams? My goodness, over the last few weeks, we’ve seen things that cause intense bewilderment! I had never heard of the term “cancel culture” until recently. I looked up the definition so I wouldn’t be out of the loop: “Cancel culture refers to the popular practice of withdrawing support for (canceling) public figures and companies after they have done or said something considered objectionable or offensive. Cancel culture is generally discussed as being performed on social media in the form of group shaming.

Oh! It’s a social media group shaming thing. I can relate to that, and now that I think about it, me and this newspaper have fallen victim to this new left-wing evil.

I’m guessing that all of the crazed graffiti and statue destroying is part of this cancel culture thing. But, I’m confused as to how defacing a historical church, knocking down a statue, or covering it with an American flag and setting it on fire will bring about any type of change.

Please, maybe one of you left wing zealots will kindly enlighten me as to how these illegal acts will bring about the change you so strongly desire. Otherwise it seems like they’re a bunch of whining babies starving for attention and throwing tantrums, like kids in a grocery store not getting the candy they want.

The Bewilderment Never Ends These Days:

-What happened to the rule of law? When a group of whatever they are called can take over and occupy a chunk of a major city, including residences, businesses and even a police building, it turns into mob rule. Now, copycat mobs in other cities are jealous of their Seattle brethren and are trying to do the same thing.

-Safety and security are the foundation of this country, and the responsibility of our president and every governor, county supervisor and mayor. So why is it so many Democrat leaders across the land are the ones being soft on civil unrest, turning a blind eye to destruction, looting and arson? I just don’t get it. Instead of live and let live, they’re allowing live and let die. It seems as though they are encouraging ghetto civil war!

-I need someone on the left side of things to tell me one good thing that has come from liberal policies. Seriously, whether its legislation, executive orders, managing municipalities, keeping crime down, helping the downtrodden or education – point to me any good outcomes. Please spare me the ideological, feel-good, could of would of crap that permeates liberal wishful thinking. Just show me the facts and nothing but the facts.

-Defund police departments? Please, that’s so insane, I’m not going to waste the keyboard pecking to even address it.

-You think things are bad now, go ahead and support Joe Biden and the likes of Christy Smith with your hopes of a Democrat majority in the senate and every office held by the same. If that happens, can you say we ain’t seen nothing yet?                                      

-Does “Black Lives Matter” really care about Black lives?  Not if you take into consideration a headline from this past Monday: Deadly weekend in Seattle, Chicago, Minneapolis as New York City reports uptick in shootings (notice all are under Democrat control, just sayin’)Most of the victims were Black, and tragically included two 3-year-olds.  If “Black Lives Matter” folks really cared about Black lives, shouldn’t they be pouring into these cities to help save the lives of those they claim to matter?

Come on, Josh!

Josh Heath is at it again with his op-ed in The Signal.

After the countless number of deaths from police brutality, George Floyd’s passing was a breaking point. Seeing an innocent man have the life sucked out of him, as he cried for his mother, struck a deep chord in the American psyche.”

Me: Completely concur with the innocent man portion, but “countless number of deaths from police brutality” is a stretch. He should have included some facts to back up the broad statement.

“Most marched nonviolently, chanting for justice at the night sky, hoping their countrymen and a watchful God could hear them. Some, seeing a member of their own race tortured to death, lost all faith and decided to destroy whatever property they could find.”

Me: I don’t think the destroying of property had anything to do with looters losing all faith. The motivation for those guilty of destroying to gain entry was to get as much free stuff as they could carry, and had nothing to do with George Floyd.

“It is up to all of us to reach out to both the peaceful and the disillusioned during this critical juncture in history.”

Me: It does sound noble for us “to reach out” during this “critical juncture in history,” but I could use some help by way of an explanation of what and how reaching out looks like. To me it sounds like ideological, feel-good, hollow words.

“At a certain point, Americans must abandon partisanship and simply act with love towards a Black community that has been so grievously harmed.”

Me: I agree with “abandon partisanship and simply act with love,” but I think we should do that with folks from all walks of life. All races have been “grievously harmed” at certain times throughout history, and all should be treated with love and respect. As far as the Black community is concerned, I strongly recommend Josh read the teachings of Horace Cooper, Dr. Shelby Steele, Dr. Thomas Sowell, Larry Elder and even Dr. Ben Carson, all black men who have a down to earth, common sense, realistic approach to the plight of black people.

Letter To The Ranter:



Thanks for fighting the good fight. I’m so glad to have met you both. I’m sad for our country and community, but I know you will enjoy your grandkids. You’ve paid a high price. If you think it would help to start a campaign to boycott the gutless advertisers, why not ask your readers to phone in to them their support for you, and their plans to boycott those businesses who cave in?  You probably have thought of this and have your reasons.  God bless you and the Mrs., and guide your steps.  RH



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Doug Sutton is the publisher of Santa Clarita Gazette, Canyon Country and Pet Me Magazine. Doug is active in Rotary Club of Santa Clarita, Heart of the Canyons Church, and a past board member of the local Chamber of Commerce. Doug and Jeannie have been married for 35 years, living in the Santa Clarita Valley for over 20 years, raising their 3 sons here.

3 Responses to “Doug’s Rant”

  1. Tom Schmidt on June 25, 2020 @ 6:00 pm

    Doug, sorry to see you go. Not everyone appreciates that the first amendment applies to everyone. I hope you do well in your adventure. Being close to your family and especially your grandchildren should make you and Jeannie happy as hell. Looking forward to reading your blog. Keep ranting.


  2. Doug, thank you for providing me with a platform to voice my opinions. It meant the world to me.

  3. Having spent my entire life in journalism, I always bemoan the loss of all print publications.
    That even includes your laughable excuse for a newspaper.

    But don’t kid yourself Doug, nobody is going to miss it and least of all your sophomoric rants.

    Good riddance.

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