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| Doug's Rants | July 2, 2020

A Bit of Rant Reminiscing:  

As I sat down to peck away at my last rant in this form of the Gazette, I found myself staring at the keyboard and drifting off into thoughts of the past and the type of  stuff I’ve covered over the years. The first Rants were mostly about President Obama and how I felt he was economically running our country into the ground and embarrassing the heck out of us around the globe. I think most of you would agree that’s exactly what happened.

Much of this space has been filled with one Donald Trump; how he shook this nation loose from Obama’s economic strangle hold and through his guidance, proved that capitalism set free from high taxes, absurd regulations and implementation of some business-like common sense, lead to one of the greatest economies of all time.

Oh yeah, and our president returned this nation to a global power, regaining the respect Obama/Biden let slip through the cracks of shameful “leading from behind” and even some rather corrupt goings on, like Fast and Furious, Benghazi and cash payments to Iran. Don’t forget Vice President Biden’s infamous threat to withhold $1 billion from Ukraine if they didn’t fire the prosecutor who was investigating his son.

Of course I had to refute Obama’s claim that there wasn’t a smidgen of scandal during his time in office. I felt I needed to remind Barack of Solyndra, IRS targeting, spying on journalists, Hillary’s emails, unmasking of political rivals, the unlawful prosecution of Mike Flynn as Obama was leaving the Whitehouse, and the best one of all – the attempted coup of one President Trump. Otherwise, his time as president was clean as a whistle.


Probably the most common issue I’ve blathered about is the HUGE fault of both parties in the swamp (still getting dangerously worse by the hour) for the insane amount of Federal debt that many agree could result in the horrendous downfall of our country. The thing is, no one is talking about it or even trying to do anything about it. God help us all if what the experts are saying could happen eventually does happen.

Round Two:

My second round of hate mail from the faceless Facebook warriors as a result of last month’s rant (June 12):

“From my years on this earth interacting with black friends and law enforcement friends, and keeping close tabs on all news stories, I just don’t see any indication of law enforcement contributing to the systemic racism that is being screamed from the rooftops as a result of one man’s death. Sure, there are bad things that happen to black people at the hands of white officers at times, but how prevalent is it really?  There are statistics to back up the fact that it just isn’t.”

Oh my, the hateful venom spewed out at me was as if I was committing a hate crime. Whatever happened to evaluating people by the content of their character by way of their actions, NOT by misinterpreted words or insinuations?

I truly believe systemic racism is minimal in our culture today. I’m not the only one; I urge those who hate me for my written thoughts to read the writings of these folks:

Leo Terrell, Horace Cooper, Shelby Steele, Thomas Sowell, Larry Elder, Ben Carson, Candace Owens, Condoleezza Rice, Alan Keyes, Herman Cain and Walter Williams, all black people who denounce systemic racisms as being prevalent in our society, especially among police forces.

Alexx Rufus, a successful business guy here in Santa Clarita, who happens to be black, a millennial and spent part of his youth living on the south side of Chicago, wrote this in the Gazette last year:

It amazed me and actually makes me scratch my head at the things called racist today. I disagree with you politically (YOU’RE RACIST), I disagree with you morally (YOU’RE RACIST), I believe capitalism is a great system (Oh now you’re REALLY RACIST), I believe everyone can be racist, not just white people (SHUT UP, KILL HIM, HE’S NOT BLACK)! Is there racism in the world? Of course, and there always will be as long as there are people.

I’ve now reached a point in life that in order to convince me something is racist, I need to see a court case with tons of evidence, a scooter and a flying unicorn in order to believe it. This is because everything is claimed to be racist in today’s society. I’m just waiting for the day we say toilets are racist because they are white.

In my view, this has much to do with the Democratic party wanting control of our nation’s laws and wanting to remain in power. Although the right is not innocent of not spinning narratives in their favor, I’ve seen the left spin so many narratives it’s astonishing. If you’re a Christian, it’s because you’re a white supremacist. If you voted for Trump it’s because you’re racist. If you support borders it’s because your racist, if your last sentence (see above) couldn’t distinguish between your and you’re, you’re racist. The narrative of “if you disagree with me, it’s because you’re racist” is used so much by liberals that when I hear it, I immediately lose interest in the conversation.

Here is an intelligent man who has experienced racism in his life making good points as to the racial hysteria that is engulfing our society these days – and many on the left would call him an “Uncle Tom” for his views. Many of their lefty brethren have shamefully labeled the notable black authors listed above as such. To me, that’s a horrible form of racism, but the hypocritical left-leaners are so blinded by selfish, nonsensical, emotional and irrational thinking, they will never see it. So sad.

These are Insanely Crazy Times (to Put it Mildly):   

Waking up this morning and listening to parts of radio shows hosted by Hugh Hewitt, Glenn Beck, Mike Gallagher and then turning on Fox News, as I sat browsing the L.A. Liberal Times, I starting thinking these are truly astonishing and crazy times, to the likes I can ever remember seeing during my time on this earth. Seriously, if you recall a period of time that was as crazy as we’re seeing now, let me know, because it would be fascinating to look back at.

-The VIRUS, the VIRUS and the Virus! What else needs to be said? This thing affected every American like nothing else ever has. Who would have ever thought we would see the day where so many aspects of our lives were cancelled, we would have to hibernate in our homes? Did you ever imagine going anywhere without seeing people’s faces?

-As I touched upon earlier, this racism thing has gone completely upside down and sideways. Statues being destroyed, screams for streets, buildings, schools and military bases to be renamed. Sections of cities taken over by mobs as they use racism as justification for breaking the law, while Democrat leaders seem to sit idly by singing Kumbaya. Now there are threats of violence against Fourth of July celebrations as they are deemed as glorifying White Supremacy.

-In Texas, of all places, the Real Estate Association is asking realtors to refrain from using the term master bedroom because of the slavery connotation.

-After 112 people were shot in New York City in nine days, the City Council cuts the police budget by $1 billion.

-In Minneapolis, the City Council is about to replace their police department with a Department of Community of Safety and Violence Prevention.

-We see a couple in St. Louis holding guns outside of their home, protecting their lives and possessions as a mob marches through their neighborhood on their way to the mayor’s house with no law enforcement in sight. Now, an ultra-liberal District Attorney is threatening to indict them.

-Bernie and the squad of four lady Congress people are demanding 10% of the entire military budget to invest in climate control.

I could go on and on, but what is really scary to me is what this country will be like in 5, 10, 20, 30 years if this craziness trends the way it has been.

It’s Not a Goodbye, Just a ‘Til Next Time’

Well folks, this is it for a while. Look for me at dougsrant.com in five or six weeks, and if things work out, here’s hoping for a return of the Gazette in some form or fashion this fall.

I would tell you it’s been a joy bringing you the Rant all these years, but I don’t like to lie. Yeah, it’s been fun at times, but it can be a grind coming up with 1,800 words every week in addition to all of my publisher duties. And it has come with a fair share of frustrating “writers’ block” days, only to wake up the next day with my brain brimming with ranting material.

I can assure you, though, the most rewarding part of all this has been the incredible amount of responses and support for this column and the Gazette overall. For that, I say, THANK YOU SO, SO MUCH!

Letters to The Ranter:


Looks like Gary Horton threw all his talking points into one column, perhaps as a gift for your final Rant. How much gun murder and rioting in Democrat run cities has to take place before Gary even once mentions it?  OPTP


Having spent my entire life in journalism, I always bemoan the loss of all print publications. That even includes your laughable excuse for a newspaper.

But don’t kid yourself Doug; nobody is going to miss it and least of all your sophomoric rants. Good riddance. Tgapen


The Gazette is the only paper in town that mattered. Very sorry to see you go.

Good luck and enjoy your new home. HC


Sorry to see you go. Not everyone appreciates that the first amendment applies to everyone. I hope you do well in your adventure. Being close to your family and especially your grandchildren should make you and Jeannie happy as hell. Looking  forward to reading your blog. Keep ranting. Tom


Congratulations on moving to be near your grandkids! It is a new adventure for both you and Mrs. Ranter and your family. I must say that I am sad that your paper is going the way of the dodo. Your weekly columnists have shown many different perspectives in our community. I was going to write anyway about the very hate filled letters you got last week.

 What happened to “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all”?It is one thing to have a differing opinion, but to make it so personal? What is wrong in this world?! It seems that zero tolerance is the new order and it is frightening. Wake up, people! Slowly but surely only one side will remain. And don’t think for a moment that that side cares about us. At any rate, I will miss this paper, but I wish you the very best! Ann




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  1. Enjoy your next chapter!🇺🇸🇺🇸

  2. You may not have as much to Rant about in Indiana. We lived there for over 30 years. The cold winters will be worth an article or two. Hope you will be back in the Fall!

  3. Terri Lovell on July 3, 2020 @ 9:15 pm

    Best wishes and Godspeed Doug! There’s a better life out there outside California.

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