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| Doug's Rants, Gazette | September 19, 2013

Random Rants:

Don’t feel much like ranting…I’m preoccupied with the upcoming trial vs. The Signal and also this letter we got in the mail at home. It was from an anonymous neighbor asking that we do something about our dogs barking “day and night.” First of all, they don’t bark all night because they sleep with us and I wish they were outside! Second of all, whenever I come home in the middle or end of the day, they’re sound asleep inside the house. We have checked with neighbors across the street and next door, no “day and night” barking heard by them. If you live on Clearlake Drive, please have the courtesy to identify yourself as the secret letter writer and let’s have an adult conversation as to when you hear this “day and night” barking! I certainly would prefer to figure it out and solve it…as it stands now I don’t know what the problem is!

With that being said:

I don’t feel like ranting about how embarrassing it is to have the President of Russia lecture us in the New York Times about how to conduct our affairs in the Middle East. Can you imagine how Presidents Kennedy, Reagan, Bush, Clinton and Bush would have reacted to something like this? What response was there from our current President? Did you hear any? I think we look like embarrassing, weak wimps! Come on, Mr. President, grow some testicles and at least talk some tough stuff and tell that S.O.B. to mind his own freaking business and, while you’re at it, tell him to turn that Snowden dude over to us!

I don’t feel like ranting about our state legislature either…how they passed some idiotic bills that make it hard to fathom how seemingly intelligent people can get elected and then pass this crap! Gender challenged kids allowed to use the opposite sex restrooms and showers, driver licenses for illegal immigrants, the highest minimum wage in the nation and mandated overtime pay for nannies, just to name a few.


Don’t get me started on this minimum wage thing, I’ll rant until blood shoots out of my eyes! How anyone thinks this will help the economy is way beyond me. Ask most business owners what this will do and you’ll hear, “I’ll have to cut hours and lay people off.” What else can a business owner do to absorb this government mandated wage? It will stifle expansion and job growth – is that what these Einsteins in Sacramento want?

I was going to rant about how, after taking prayer out of schools, our society has been in a moral free fall that seemingly has no bottom. But, I don’t feel like it…maybe next week.

I really don’t feel like ranting about Obamacare. The more I read and hear, the scarier it gets. What’s going to happen when the millions of folks get insurance that haven’t had it and they start seeing doctors? Are we growing more physicians? Are we all going to have delays in seeing our doctors or getting treatment because of all these new patients flooding the system?

While I’m on the subject, how come the left is so opposed to showing I.D.s when voting? And the Obama Administration sued Arizona over asking for proof of citizenship when pulling someone over for a traffic violation, but they’re just fine that we all have to show proof of citizenship before receiving any sort of medical care under the new law? And what about the IRS being in charge of Obamacare? Need I say more?

I kind of feel like ranting about the Dodgers, though. I ranted about how pathetic they were (back in June), but they completely turned things around. I’m not giving myself credit for that, but they need help again (at least through September 16!)

Recent Headlines Catching My Attention:

“Social Security made $1.3 billion in improper disability payments”: Still don’t think it’s scary they’re the ones who will be running the new Affordable Care plan?
“Minimum wage hike splits SCV”: I don’t know how split we are…the article only cited one person in favor of it, and that was a state senator from Agoura.

“State lawmakers resist the urge to spend”: I wish they would have resisted a heck of a lot more than just spending.

“A new polygamous family on reality TV”: Watch out, Duck Dynasty!

Quotes of the Week

“I’m losing weight on the Obama plan. It’s easy, just let Vladimir Putin eat your lunch” (Jay Leno)
“After reading Putin’s letter in the New York Times, Fox News was so impressed, they offered him his own show” (Jay Leno)

“I think our problem is primarily a spiritual one. Where there is no Jesus, evil always reigns” (Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty)

“Why do we even live in this state?!” (Jim Backer)

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