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| Doug's Rants, Gazette | October 24, 2013

Random Rants:

I thought I’d be ranting about the Chloride (salt) issue facing our valley, and how the informal poll I took resulted in most folks not knowing anything about it. For some reason, I’m not in the mood to rant about this “salt scam” that is going to cost each and every one of us, one way or the other. If you want your property tax bill to go up or want to pay a lot more when going out to eat, don’t worry about it. If you do care, I highly suggest you look into this, because it will cost you. It’s a fraudulent scam that is going to end up with us getting screwed! Stay tuned.

I’m ranted up!
As you might have imagined, I’m really ranted up about this government shutdown-debt ceiling-Obamacare mess! I’ve heard the phrase most of my adult life: “You have to stand for something or you’ll fall for anything.” Well…most Republicans in Washington fell big time on this one. This nation is in huge trouble, tumbling downhill so fast it’s scary! As dumb as I am (and I see this), you don’t think the smart Republicans back there don’t see it? Yet, when faced with making a tough, difficult stand they wilted like a delicate flower in the heat. Even our own Buck McKeon drank the Kool-Aid and caved.

Tough Stuff
I know, I know, debt ceilings and shutdowns are tough stuff to deal with and could have negative ramifications. But, sometimes tough stuff has to be done for the greater good of all. And besides, as I ranted a couple of weeks ago, no one really knows what would have happened with the same debt ceiling, because it’s never happened before. I really think it’s something we need to go through. But, folks on the left and the weak kneed moderates on the right don’t have the stones to go down this road, for fear of many things (mostly, how they will be perceived by others). I say get me 20 more Ted Cruzes and let’s have some gut wrenching, refreshing, courageous change in this sewage pool of debt and mamby pamby bull crap!

Don’t be so selfish!
Let’s for once think about our kids/grandkids and what it will be like for them if we don’t get our act together. I hear, “Doug, you don’t know what you’re talking about, we can’t take the risk of all this, it could have terrible consequences even for you and your business.” I’ll tell you what, I’m willing to take the chance of personal economic hardship to fix this country, and all the gutless in Washington should too! We must take a stand for the future of this country and not let it slide into an economically downtrodden, socialist nation!  Am I the only one who is ranted up about this?! Sometimes I feel like I am.


Third Party?
I know President Reagan said something along the lines of “we don’t need a third party, just a better Republican party.” I wonder what he would be thinking now? I don’t see how things will change much with the group of moderate Republicans we have now. I’m thinking more and more that an official Tea Party is the only chance we have of getting done what needs to be done with the type of people who have the guts to do it. As things get worse and worse, (been to a grocery store lately?), our only political hope is for the platform of the Tea Party to become a recognized necessity by the majority of Americans who should come flocking to the new party, knowing it’s the only way to thrive again as a nation.

Recent Headlines Catching My Attention:

“The Great Santa Clarita Salt Scam”: TimBen Boydston wrote a great column in “The Signal” regarding this. If you’re not familiar with the issue, it’s a good way to learn about it.

“Republicans are Growing Weaker by the Week”: Sad, but very true.

“Company Hired to Build Obamacare Website Previously Fired by a Provincial Health Agency in Canada”: Oh really, go figure, why? Why ask why?

“How to Avoid Another Shutdown”: I don’t think it should be avoided.

“Good Job, RINOs (Republicans in name only). America Has No Debt Ceiling and Federal Workers Get a Pay Raise”: What can I say?

Quotes of the Week

“Washington’s definition of Bipartisan means Republicans rolling over to do what Democrats and their leftist cheerleaders in the media want. Not what the American people want.” (J.D. Hayworth)

“I’m not just a rock star and bow hunting addict. I’m a gung ho American first and dedicated patriot fighting for liberty – just like you. I’m terrified by where Barack Obama and his radical America hating leftist goons are leading this great country.” (Ted Nugent)

“The moderate leaders of the GOP have done it again; after speaking boldly and letting Americans believe that they will actually fight to do what is best for Americans. Republican leaders on Capital Hill caved to extortion of the Democrats.” (unknown)

“I have respect for what the Tea Party people are doing. These are Americans, they’re loyal, they’re patriotic and taxpayers and fed up with what’s going on in Washington.” (Dick Cheney)

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