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| Doug's Rants | January 16, 2014

Random Rants:

These are really random

-I’m in a quandary over this one: the City of Santa Clarita in conjunction with MTA are trying to force advertising companies to take down all of the billboards along Railroad Avenue and Soledad. As a result of this, it could be beneficial to my company – increasing our ad revenue with the loss of some of our competition. But, on the other hand, I hate to see any form of government being able to step in and put a company out of business just because they want to improve the aesthetic look of an area. Look, I want a good looking city as much as the next guy, but at the cost of shutting down a legitimate business? Will there be any form of compensation to this company, like there is with eminent domain procedures? Does this open the door for any arbitrary act of this kind, perhaps putting other businesses under?

-Another quandary: this over the unemployment extension being debated in Congress. I don’t want folks to suffer, but at the same time, do we become enablers to the people who are not really giving the effort to find work? Necessity is the best motivation there is! I also think, as do the Republicans, if we’re going to extend this benefit, we have to cut spending somewhere else to offset the unanticipated cost. Why are the Democrats so against this? If they really care about the plight of the unemployed, why won’t they agree to spending cuts somewhere else to get the benefits going again?

-How come the refurbished exit ramps at Lyons and I-5 are all green and pretty looking, but the ramps at Sand Canyon and the 14 freeway have this ugly sort of cactus with rock landscaping?! Does this bring back the point of the east side being the stepchild of the City of Santa Clarita? By comparing the looks of each of these beatification projects, it sure looks that way! I wonder what the new median going up Golden Valley Road towards Sierra Highway is going to look like.


-Why is it the Federal Government initiated an investigation into Chris Christie’s bridge fiasco with lightning speed, but there hasn’t been much done on the Benghazi issue, the IRS scandal…or what about the President ignoring the constitution and changing the healthcare law when it suits his fancy?

-Debate over raising the debt ceiling is coming down the track quickly. Are the Democrats just gonna sit back and watch the Tea Party members of Congress go at it with the moderate Republicans, while waiting for the inevitable cave-in of those on the so called right?

-Eliminating poverty has raised its head again. How much has been spent since Lyndon Johnson launched his anti-poverty program 50 years ago? How much has poverty gone down with the billions of dollars that have been wasted on this project? What does that tell you – keep throwing more money at the program to get the same results?

-The labor participation rate is the lowest it’s been in some 36 years. How well have all the job stimulus programs worked that the government has spent millions or billions of dollars on?

-Is it true the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and over again, expecting the same results? If it is true, does that mean the “federal powers that be” are insane?

-We really need dramatic change in the election this November. Can you imagine what it will be like if we don’t have an effective deterrent to our president? Do you realize he still has three more years in office, and if he doesn’t have a congressional deterrent we could be in deep poop?!

Recent Headlines Catching My Attention:

Government Spent Millions on Penis Pumps! Oh my! I have to be careful how I rant about this one, so I’m not gonna rant a thing!

Millionaire Asks for $12-an-Hour State Wages: I hope this Einstein doesn’t run for state office, he would probably win!

Youth Misery Index Skyrockets to all Time High Under Obama: So us middle aged, middle income people aren’t the only ones in misery? Misery loves company!

Obamacare’s Hidden Penalty that Could Wallop Your Wallet
Will we just roll over and accept this, like everything else?

Quotes of the Week

“Paying people not to work creates jobs.” (Barack Obama)

“If we increase the minimum wage, people will lose jobs.” (Senator Mike Lee)

“Young people are suffering under this economy, they’re still living in their parents homes, unable to find full-time jobs that pay them what they need to pay back their debt.” (Ashley Pratte, of the Young America’s Foundation)

“I will not apologize for my faith, my family values or supporting the constitution!” (Unknown)

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