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| Entertainment | May 11, 2018

No, he is not critically acclaimed actor Rob Lowe, and yes, his work history includes employment at the home and garden store, Lowe’s. This specific Rob Lowe is a 26-year-old musician and Golden Valley High School graduate who released his debut album “I Was Sober” last month.

Rob Lowe writes emo music, and not the kind an angsty teenager would play on a demo guitar at a music store. He prefers the term “Midwestern Emo,” which he uses to separate himself from the current, popular emo sound. That, combined with folk and math rock influences makes Lowe’s recent album similar to the stylings of Empire! Empire! and Sun Kil Moon.

Although he is not the teen in guitar center blasting his troubles through a speaker, his album has its share of sad storytelling lyrics. “I used to write standard poetry type lyrics and I just hated everything I wrote, but then I experimented with telling stories and it makes a lot more sense for me,” Lowe said.

As for his writing process, he takes his time.

“I’ll usually mess around on guitar until I stumble upon a riff or a chord progression I like. I’ll record it, and then forget about it,” Lowe said. “It took me like a year to record all the guitar parts.”


If you Google Rob Lowe, you will stumble upon the 54-year-old actor. For more information about this Rob Lowe, go to https://robertlowe.bandcamp.com/.

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