Artist of the Week – Diggy Kat of Vufcup

| Entertainment | August 24, 2017

Vufcup, an experimental rock band from Santa Clarita, recently released their 6th album earlier this month, a monumental accomplishment for anyone in the music business. For Diggy Kat of Vufcup, this album represents years of hard work, creativity, and many, many bass players.

Diggy Kat, the lead singer of Vufcup, has lived in Santa Clarita for most of his life. Growing up, Diggy was homeschooled – which he jokes was due to the fact that he couldn’t be trusted out in public. Because he was able to spend so much time studying what he loved, rather than learning traditional public school material at a rigid pace, he developed his passion for history and music.

Diggy Kat’s music expertise eventually lead him to perform in many different groups throughout the years – all of which have pointed straight to Vufcup. As each band came and went, Diggy took his songs with him, adding to Vufcup’s current discography.

But one of the most unique takeaways from each musical endeavor has to be from the summer of 1996, when a band mate of Diggy’s suggested stage names – and that’s when the name “Diggy Kat” stuck. The name Vufcup, according to Diggy, was born in 1992: “It was originally kind of a nonsensical name. I made up a meaning for it.”

Vufcup’s legacy has spanned far beyond the borders of Santa Clarita. After releasing a demo cassette in 2002, their music reached over 20 different states and 9 countries. And although Vufcup was gaining traction across the world, their hometown of Santa Clarita had virtually no music scene.


“The only part of the SCV music scene was the Vu – a bar in Newhall,” said Diggy. “That closed down. But we travel about an hour and we are in Hollywood and Los Angeles.”
Diggy also co-hosts Lucky Star Radio, an online alternative radio station which he co-founded with his friends Miss Mouse and BK Diaz.

For now, Vufcup has not planned any live performances, but Diggy said that could change: “We want to come back hard. We aren’t messing around anymore.”

For more information about Vufcup, visit vufcupofficial.bandcamp.com. To tune in to Lucky Star Radio, visit luckystarradio.com.

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