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| Entertainment | June 14, 2018

If Goat Lake was the name of a real band, they might run into some stiff competition with Santa Clarita’s latest up-and-comers, Sheep Creek. And boy, would some of us pay to see that rivalry.

Composed of Everett Barton, Maggie Herr, and Nick Jennings, Sheep Creek released their latest album this month titled “Little One,” which is available on most major music streaming services.

The Gazette recently caught up with Sheep Creek and discussed their newest project.

How would you describe your style/genre?

This album is a bit of indie pop with a dash of folk, but something we’re looking to do is keep exploring new sounds between albums.


How did the band get together?

Everett: I’ve been best friends with Maggie since kindergarten, but then went to a different junior high which is where I met Nick. They both became friends a while back, and shortly after I had the idea to build Sheep Creek, a name we could work under to make films, music and more together. About a year ago we started messing around with an EP for fun, and during that time Nick played me a demo of the song Katie Sue, which I loved, and we brought him on to help with some more tracks to make it a full album. Towards the end I brought on my friends from college, Rachel and Emma, to help with some singing and the album art.

What do you hope to accomplish with your music? Do you have any future goals as a band?

Maggie: One of the main themes of every project so far is that we want to put things out there just for its own sake. We enjoy the process of creating songs and aren’t afraid to let the public see what we’ve come up with. If people find joy in what we’ve put together, that’s awesome, but even if it doesn’t resonate with everyone, we’re learning and growing a lot from the process. Our more immediate plans are to finish our second music video and another short film over this summer which will have a taste of some new music.

Do you perform live around town?

Not yet, but we’re looking into doing a performance this summer, so stay tuned.

What sets you apart from other bands?

Nick: None of us had experience working on such a big original music project before, so we tried to approach it in our own unique way. Maybe it’s since we’re all such good friends, but it’s pretty amazing that I can come in with a guitar riff and hand it off to Maggie, who can add a bridge and chorus, and then Everett and I can write up lyrics in his Toyota Avalon at 1:00 a.m. while Maggie works on implementing other instruments. Then, I can add some backing vocals before Maggie and Everett come in and mix the songs; just the fact that we’re all so involved and able to cooperate so well I think is really special.

What was your process with Little One?

Sometimes one of us would have an entire song ready, while other times we’d each come in with just a scrap of something and somehow all the individual bits come together seamlessly. Behind each of those parts to the songs is a story. We always aim for each song to tell its own unique story, but also work as a piece of a bigger story in the context of the album. Some lyrics were inspired by real life events, or a dream. Some melodies came from a song one of us made for fun before, but with some fine tuning it’s made into something really special.

For more information about Sheep Creek, follow @Sheep_Creek on Instagram.

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