Band of the Week: The Basted Mamas

| Entertainment | May 17, 2018

The Basted Mamas are an “anti-funk” band from College of the Canyons. Yes – you read correctly. They made up a genre.

Perhaps you’ve heard of anti-folk, which is the subversion of ‘60s political protest folk in an attempt to bash pretension. The Basted Mamas, however, is anti-funk – a subversion of traditional funk with an anti-folk twist. Funk also refers to a strong odor, which one would expect a Basted Mama to have. You can smell these performers all the way from Valencia.

The term “baste,” according to an online dictionary, refers to the pouring of juices or melted fat over (meat) during cooking in order to keep it moist. The term “mama” refers to a mother. Go figure.

The group’s songs take on tough subjects, like the existential crises of a pet fish, and murder conspiracies concerning cannibalistic mothers – all with pronounced bass lines, pre-programmed drum tracks, and sometimes, a capella rap.

The Basted Mamas make surprise appearances at open mics, mostly because “no one has offered, or is even willing to book (them).” They say that they do not need to rehearse either, “because rehearsing is the opposite of art.”


Despite their questionable work ethic, The Basted Mamas are committed to spoon feeding a misguided anti-corporate agenda to audiences across the SCV.

“We just want people to stop buying things,” says the band’s website. “If you need more soap, don’t use soap. If you ran out of heart medication, just muster up the willpower to live.”

The Basted Mamas are coming out with their first album, which will be released at the end of this month. For more information about The Basted Mamas, keep Googling the name until something comes up. They will be on the map … eventually.

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