Band of the Week – Apollo 69

| Entertainment | November 10, 2017

If you weren’t alive when Neil Armstrong landed on the moon (or when Stanley Kubrick directed the moon landing), you can still experience the next best thing, right here in Santa Clarita.

Apollo 69, a psychedelic punk/rock band from Santa Clarita, was established by Andre Shahjanian, Nate Ramer, Zach Lindquist, and Tyler Bernstein after the friends began making music last summer.

Last month the group released their debut album, “Homemade Honey,” and after one month of Sound Cloud exposure, their single, “Flowers,” has been played over 2,000 times.

According to Andre Shajhanian, the album name came from the crude practice of irrigating their throats with honey before singing. “We used to down honey before we sang so we could hit the notes,” he explained.

So far, Apollo 69 has played two concerts, and the group is planning additional performances for the coming months. To find out more about Apollo 69, visit www.facebook.com/Apollo69band. To find out the truth about the moon landing, ask the band after one of their shows.


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