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| Entertainment | August 11, 2017

Half New Brunswick, half Santa Clarita, Love Underwater is the geographical centaur of the Antifolk genre — you can decide later which city represents the head and which is assigned to the lower body in this particular metaphor.

Love Underwater originated in New Jersey, but due to lead vocalist Leila Bishop’s recent move, takes up residence in SCV. Other members included Ben Brown-McMillin, Lex Douras, Wyatt Rydelewski, Marc Stasio, Jill Deegan, Kai Kiernan, and Victoria Romano.

Together, the band is a large ensemble sporting a gigantic harp. The harp part might sound strange to some, but that’s exactly what the genre antifolk is built for. Some describe antifolk as the evolution of folk, or the merging of punk and folk. The genre puts lyrical content above all else, and promotes uniqueness and personality as a staple.

The New Jersey natives put out their latest album Crosswick in the summer of 2016. As of recent months, the group began donating all merch proceeds to charity, particularly the Transgender Law Center.

For more information about Love Underwater, find them on Facebook or visit https://loveunderwater.bandcamp.com/





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