Band of the Week – The Siren and the Poet

| Entertainment | April 14, 2017

The Siren and the Poet, a progressive folk band from Santa Clarita, is composed of singer/songwriter Connor Pratt — and that’s just about it.

A lover of the arts, Pratt attended Sonoma University in Arizona for acting. Throughout his studies, he found himself writing music much of the time.

“I like to call my style ‘progressive folk.’ It’s centered around the idea that my own narrative and life are constantly changing so, therefore, the sound that expresses it should be as well,” says Pratt. “It can vary from stripped-down acoustic guitar to a more dramatic soundscape with synthesizers and sound effects.”

Pratt’s solo project stems from previous endeavors with another band, Condemn Us as Saviors, which he describes as an extension of the musical concepts and material that were otherwise intentionally left out of songs in the original group.

Although there are more words in the band’s name than there are band members, Connor has goals of changing that someday.


“I hope to make it into a collaborative project in the future, finding other musicians to lend their hand to my sound.”

For those who would like to find out more information about The Siren and the Poet, visit the project’s Facebook page, where you can check out the band’s music, performance dates, and videos. Or, follow Connor Pratt on Instagram.

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