Band of the Week – The Suspenders

| Entertainment | March 17, 2017

When there’s an emergency, you can call 911 – or, you can call The Suspenders. With a drummer in the LAPD, a Beverly Hills Detective/bassist, a retired police officer on vocals, and a guitarist in the postal service, this group puts the “blue” in blues.

The Suspenders play anything from Led Zeppelin to B.B. King, and their modus operandi is blues/rock covers. “Some people play golf, we play rock ‘n’ roll and blues,” says lead vocalist Mike Mathis, who makes it his goal to ensure that everything they accomplish is for the sake of fun.
“If we are not having fun, we’re done,” says Mathis. “I am not into personality clashes or turning this into some kind of drill.”

Having a good time is not a problem for these longtime buddies. Some of them, Mathis says, have been playing together for about 20 years. All of these band members have years of experience under their belts. Well, not belts – suspenders.

The group’s name stems from making light of their age. “The Suspenders is an inside joke about being older. We aren’t kids, and we have a lot of background in music,” Mathis said.

Throughout the group’s years of being together, they have played at The Improv, The Londoner, and several other local venues. As for their latest gig, they will be playing at Schoonerville in Saugus on April 28 at 8:00 p.m.


For more information about The Suspenders, check out their Facebook. Or, you can visit their twitter page online.



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