The Canyon Comes to Town

| Entertainment, News | August 17, 2017

In the three decades since Santa Clarita was founded, the community’s never grown a reputation for notable nightlife. That could change by October. Sterling Venue Ventures is nearly ready to open the doors to Canyon Santa Clarita, taking up seven former retail store spaces in the Westfield Town Center Mall.

Approximately 1,000 guests will be able to fill the concert venue, where food and drinks are served to add a flavorful backdrop for the musical performance.

The corporation’s owner Lance Sterling developed the gold standard in nighttime entertainment since he ran operations at the House of Blues in Los Angeles.

“Treating a customer well used to be looked down upon,” Sterling told the Gazette in January. “We had to explain we were a concert entity, but we did things differently. Now, at Canyon Club, it’s acceptable to go to a venue and have dinner.”

Many Santa Clarita residents have made the trip down to Agoura Hills to go to Sterling’s concert site The Canyon Club. He says the newest site will resemble the Agoura venue and The Rose in Pasadena, another one of Sterling’s clubs.


Most bands are “regulars,” playing every year at one or more of Sterling’s venues. They include names such as Pat Benatar, Kenny Loggins, Willy Nelson, and the Gin Blossoms.

“We have standard operating procedures — the bands expect a certain thing and customers expect a certain thing,” Sterling says.

It is clear the business owner has it down to a science, considering he was pretty much “spot on” in estimating construction time.

“We’re doing well. The city’s been great — everybody’s pushing me along as best they can,” Sterling says. “We’ve given ourselves 3-4 weeks of just stuff happening, and only one of those four weeks has been eaten up.”

Sterling gets some deja vu by including Caliburger in the plan, a restaurant also at The Rose, and he has worked with Westfield in the past.

“They called us in and showed us locations in the mall. It was amazing that a city actually asked us to come,” Sterling says, underscoring Santa Clarita’s readiness for such a newcomer.

Sterling’s son, also named Lance, will be general manager of the new location. He had moved to Santa Clarita and felt the area was economically ready for the company’s brand. In addition to music, The Canyon Santa Clarita will also host comedy and murder mystery events.

The grand opening bands will be a surprise, but tickets for fall concerts can already be purchased on the Canyon Club website. Visit Wheremusicmeetsthesoul.com.

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