Garage Chronicles At Green Tower Games

| Entertainment | August 2, 2018

Garage Chronicles, a pop-up comedy show based in Santa Clarita, once again made its rounds at Green Tower Games in Newhall last Saturday.

After closing, the store transformed into a comedy venue, equipped with a live audience and seasoned comedians from all over Southern California.

Andrea Pazmino

Andy Benedetti

Brian Jacobovitz


Isaac Hirsch

Kane Holloway

Kelly Spillman

Nick Skardarasy

Tommy McGuan

The night’s lineup included stand-up comedians Tommy McGuan, Kane Holloway, Nick Skardarasy, Andrea Pazmino, Andy Benedetti, Isaac Hirsch, Brian Jacobovitz, and headliner Kelly Spillman, who doubles as a college professor at College of the Canyons.

The goal of Garage Chronicles is to provide stand-up comedians with a venue to hone their crafts, without the cumbersome bureaucracy that often comes with booking a traditional venue in Los Angeles.

For more information about Garage Chronicles, or to get updates about future shows, follow @GC_Comedy on Instagram, or email McGuan92@gmail.com

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