Garage Chronicles Returns to SCV

| Entertainment | July 19, 2018

Last Saturday, Santa Clarita’s comedy scene was back. In a backyard, that is.

The Garage Chronicles, a mobile stand-up series created by Santa Clarita resident Tommy McGuan, features seasoned stand-up comedians from all over Los Angeles. The event brings the community together for a night of free entertainment and gives comedians a place to hone their craft, without the hassle of the bureaucracy that comedians often face when booking comedy venues.

Saturday’s event had a secret lineup, which could only be accessed by emailing the event coordinators directly. Those who made the effort to inquire about the “who, what, where” enjoyed an eclectic lineup, as well as the company of several wandering cats parading around the backyard.

The next Garage Chronicles will be held at Green Tower Games on July 28 at 10 p.m. Tickets to this show will cost $5 each, whereas most other Garage Chronicles performances are free.

For more information about Garage Chronicles, follow @gc_comedyshow on Instagram or email Tommy McGuan at McGuan92@gmail.com


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