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| Entertainment | August 8, 2019

Live Music this week in SCV!

Aug 9, Fri             6–8pm                  Valencia Marketplace           Fort Worth West band            Country
7–9pm                  Rock Inn (Lake Hughes)                        Nathan on piano                       Piano
7–10pm                Hyatt Val. Lounge                   Dole – Humphries duo            Folk rk, CR
7:30–10:30p        Vincenzo’s Newhall               Wardencliff quartet                 Jazzy mix
8–11pm                Wine 661                                    Bill Cinque & Friends                Classic rock
8–11pm                The Local Pub n Grill               Nick Horn                                     Pop & orig
8–11:30p              Vincent Hill Station                 7th Switch on the patio            Classic rock
9–12m                  Newhall Press Room             James Hackett                            Acoustic rock
9–12m                  Salt Creek Grille                       Lance Allyn                                  Acoustic CR
9–1am                  Doc’s Inn                                   Frankly Speaking                      Rock classics

Aug 10, Sat

6–10pm                Vincent Hill Station                 Sweetwater Gentlemen        Bluegrass

7–10pm     Santa Clarita Central Park     Grateful Shred (G.Dead trib)               Summer Concerts
7:30–10p              Vincenzo’s Newhall               Scambooty band                      Swing classics


8–10pm     Double Trouble Wines          John Surge – the Haymakers                Country
8–11pm                The Local Pub n Grill               Ryan Matthew                           Live music
8–11pm                Wine 661                                    Bill Horn & Tom Kolb                Classic rock
8–12m                  VFW 6885                                   Nomad band                               Classic rock
9–12m                  Salt Creek Grille                                      Galo Pacheco                              Classic rock

9–12m                  Newhall Press Room             Ann Drexler                                 Jazz, R&B

9–12m                  Rock Inn (Lake Hughes)         Robert Heft Blues Band        Blues mix

Aug 11, Sun        10a–2p                                 Saugus Swap meet                 Sweetwater Gentlemen        Bluegrass
1–5pm                  Rock Inn (Lake Hughes)         Natalie Wattre                          Folk rock
3–7pm                  Vincent Hill                                Moldy Marvin’s Open Mic     Various
5–8pm                  Salt Creek Grill                          G – 3  Band                                  Classic rock
5–9pm                  VFW 6885                                   Mary White band                      Country
5–9pm                  Amer Legion Newhall            SCV Blues Society Jam            Blues Jam

Aug 13, Tues      6–9:30p                Wolf Creek Brewery              Sean Wiggins duo                     Classic rock

7–10pm     Bergie’s steakhouse              Eric Garcia, Moses Sparks, John Davis

Aug 14, Wed      6–9pm                  Route 66 Classic Grill              Various bands                            Live music

Aug 15, Thur       6:30–9p                Brewery Draconum                Sean Wiggins duo                     Classic rock
7–10pm                Bergie’s steakhouse              Gary Coppola + Time Mach   Classic rock
7–10pm                Senses in Old Town Nwhl     Havana Nights theme            Latin Jazz

Aug 16, Fri           6–8pm                  Valencia Marketplace           Ride the Tide band                   Pop & rock
6–9pm                  Wolf Creek Brewery              various bands                             Live music
7 – 9pm                Rock Inn                                      Nathan on piano                       Piano
7–10pm                Hyatt Val. Lounge                   Lance Allyn                                  Acoustic CR
8–11pm                Wine 661                                    Bill Cinque & friends                Classic covers
8–11pm                The Local Pub & Grill              Nick Horn                                     Live music
8–11:30p              Vincent Hill Station                 Benny Thomas Band                Country
8–1am                 Amer Legion Newhall            Heavy Metal night                    Hard rock
9–12m                  Alchemy                                    Vinyl Gypsies band                   Classic rock
9–12m                  Salt Creek Grille                       Galo Pacheco                              Classic rock

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