Rollercoasterwater Releases New Album ‘Well Aware’

| Entertainment | July 13, 2017

No, that’s not your CD player skipping, or your fax machine having a psychedelic stroke. It’s Rollercoasterwater’s new album “Well Aware,” and it’s ready to be blasted through your Subaru’s speakers.

Rollercoasterwater is an experimental psychedelic electronic band that originated in Santa Clarita, started by vocalist/samplist Chuckie Behring and percussionist Robin Levy in 2011. Together, this psychedelic, experimental pop group has opened up for big names, including Avery Tare from Animal Collective.

“It started (with) me in my teenage years being a choir boy and discovering loopers and electronic instruments and how they could be used with my classical vocal training,” said Behring.

With this, he set out to “make pop music that felt futuristic.”

To listen to their new album, check out Rollercoasterwater’s social media pages, where it can be streamed online.





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