Ted Nugent Brought Guitars and Greatness to Santa Clarita

| Entertainment | July 25, 2019

by Eric Goldin

The Motor City Madman graced the Santa Clarita Valley with his presence last Sunday. I got chills down my spine when I had the privilege of seeing the most underappreciated rocker in history play in my home city. Even though Los Angeles is filled with far-left extremists who may hate his existence, he was able to venture past the dreck and come to Santa Clarita. Nugent forced his way through the leftist jungle of LA and got on stage at The Canyon restaurant located at the Valencia Town Center. The venue was packed and amped up even hours before he got on stage. People absolutely love Uncle Ted! The man just turned seventy this year, but he’s in tremendous shape. He has the energy of a twenty-year-old, and he still has the stamina to put on an absolutely electrifying concert.

Ted Nugent started his rock career in the 1960s as the lead guitarist for the Amboy Dukes. He eventually went off on his own and came up with hit songs, such as Cat Scratch Fever, Great White Buffalo and Weekend Warriors. Detroit has always been a hotbed for great musical talent, and he represents the Motor City proudly. Ted Nugent is a master with the guitar. It’s no hyperbole to say that he’s definitely one of the all-time greats to ever string a guitar. His rifts are absolutely epic! I would even go as far as to say that his guitar skills are on par with Jimi Hendrix.

Ted is not just a guitarist – the man can sing savagely and give the people some pure unadulterated hard rock music. Ted is one of the greatest showmen in rock history. In his youth he did some of the wildest antics ever seen on stage. He would swing down on stage like Tarzan and shoot his bow-and-arrow while his audience looked on in amazement. Ted isn’t quite so crazy nowadays but he still knows how to get a crowd into a frenzy. The Motown Madman knows how to make his entire show enthralling from start to finish.

He deserves to take his rightful place in the Rock Hall of Fame, but the people who run it have denied him year after year. The only reason why he hasn’t been inducted into the hall of fame yet is because of his conservative political views and the fact that he’s a proud supporter of the second amendment. Ted doesn’t beat around the bush – he believes that we should all have the right to carry a firearm without the government constantly harassing us with more and more regulations. Ted believes that “gun safety” should mean teaching everybody how to use a firearm properly, so they can defend themselves if a situation were to ever arise where they needed to. Ted will continue to bravely fight for what he believes in. Nothing intimidates him.


I feel for all the people who didn’t spend their Sunday evening with Ted. They missed an explosive show where he played all his great songs. He entertained and delighted the crowd with humor and his trademark witticisms. My favorite moment was when he was talking about needing a permit in California to carry a gun. He said, “Here’s my permit!” while he pretended to reach into his pocket and then he stuck up his middle finger. The man is hilarious! It was also really cool when he showed off the different vintage guitars he owns and told the crowd a little bit about their history. I’ve seen many concerts at The Canyon restaurant, but I must say that the two Ted Nugent concerts (the other one July 1st, 2018) were the most fun I’ve had there. It’s impossible not to have fun when he’s around. Ted plays his music so loud that you’ll remember him for the rest of your life. Next time Ted comes to Santa Clarita; don’t miss your chance to see him.

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  1. Greatness? I beg to differ.

  2. You mean BIGOT……RACIST….Certainly not greatness.

  3. Pedophile and guitar “hack.”

  4. http://polipace.com/2018/03/31/nras-ted-nugent-sex-adopted-daughter-wrote-song/

  5. Does the Canyon need the money that badly? We will never patronize a club that features the likes of him. Boycott the Canyon Club everybody!

  6. POS

  7. Clapton can outplay him with his feet.

  8. The leftist trolls seem to love your site.

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