The ARTree Offers New Spotlight Saturday Workshop Animation before Film

| Entertainment | July 18, 2019

The ARTree builds community by providing opportunities to nurture creative thinking and expression through the unique power of the arts. They offer classes and events throughout the year. They have just announced a new workshop series – Spotlight Saturdays, with the first event, Animation before Film, taking place on August 10th from 10am-1-pm for individuals 12-years-old and up.

Class size will be between four to 12 students for an optimal learning experience and will be offered at a cost of $50. The workshop is described as, “It’s alive! Learn how animation “works,” create updated versions of historical techniques, and bring your art to life! Students will make original animated gadgets such as zoetropes, flipbooks, and phenakistocopes (ya… it’s a thing!) and capture their creations digitally to share and showcase. No artistic skills necessary and mad scientists are always welcome.”

Course Objectives/ Outcomes:
-Introduction to early optical devices which incorporate or utilize animation.

-Students will learn a basic understanding of how animation works and the elements needed to create the illusion of movement.

-Historical artists, animators, and filmmakers will be covered related to the content.


-Students will create zoetrope strips, thaumatropes, flipbooks and phenakistiscopes, if time allows, in this workshop.

-Students will also learn a selection of the animation principles developed by Ollie Johnston and Frank Thomas from Disney Animation Studios.

The ARTree Community Arts Center is located at 22508 6th Street in Newhall. Visit https://theartree.org/ or call (661) 673-7500 to register.

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