Wine of the Week: Agua Dulce Delight

| Entertainment | April 18, 2019

Yesterday, we began to bottle our 12-year-old port. It took eight of us and two days to complete. I know many people have waited patiently for this special release, so stay tuned for the release date.

Reyes Winery’s 12-year-old Agua Dulce Delight is a tribute to craftsmanship. After a decade of care and slow oak maturation, we bottled this amazing example of elaborate flavors and artistry port-style dessert wine. This is for those who appreciate the quality and complexities of wine. It has aromas of fresh figs and orange blossom honey. This blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Syrah was aged in French oak barrels, where over time it acquired its sophisticated notes of caramel, dates, and a hint of chocolate. This exceptional wine has a smooth, silky texture, with subtle oak nuances that deliver a long elegant finish. What I would suggest as a pairing with this spectacular dessert wine is a fig cake or a blue cheesecake. I also would suggest a port-soaked chocolate cake with a cocoa mascarpone cream filling and fudge frosting.

Recently, I bought some goat cheese filled with figs, and I was thinking about crackers that I have had many times which also have dried fruit in them. To put a little bit of the goat cheese on this cracker would be such an amazing pairing; even brie with fig jam on top. It has such delightful caramel notes that I would even suggest having salted-caramel ice cream with a touch of this dessert wine on top. Robert keeps mentioning that German chocolate cake would be the best paring. I think it’s because he’s partial to the coconut and the milk chocolate. German chocolate has the same texture as this magnificent 12-year-old port-like dessert wine. He thinks of German chocolate cake as having a moist frosting that just melts in your mouth, and would pair really perfectly with this wine.

After all these years, the wine is so fruity. In spite of its age, the wine has preserved its original fruitiness. This one will be available in two sizes, 375 or 750 mL. You never know when I will pre-release it in the tasting room and have it as the wine of the day. Keep reading our blog for our official release date.


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