Wine of the Week – Wine Etiquette

| Entertainment | December 28, 2017

by Beth Heiserman

I was taught that there is never a right or wrong about a wine; as long as you enjoy it, it should be great. Many so-called “wine snobs” say sometimes that if a wine has won many awards or has been rated over 90 by certain people, that is a great wine, but it’s just their opinion. Their palates are different than yours, so why should they say what you should like? You can take their advice, but don’t expect to think that every wine critic will share your palate. They may only enjoy dry wines and not fruit forward or vice versa, and you might not share their outlook. Wine is very subjective. If you like a wine, that’s all that matters.

When going to a wine event or tasting, there really isn’t a dress code. Casual dress is okay, but I wouldn’t advise shoes that aren’t comfortable. Wear something where your feet are most happy when standing. It’s a good idea not to wear cologne or perfume, because it allows your senses to obtain the most aromas. When wearing cologne, you sometimes pick up the floral notes from the perfume instead of the wine, and sometimes you can taste it when it’s very strong. My nose is so sensitive I sometimes feel I smell everything … good and bad!

If you go with a party of 6 or more, reservations are a plus. See if the winery has tasting notes and prices available to you. When a fee is charged it is usually okay for two people to share one glass and pay only one tasting fee. Wineries are limited by law to 1-ounce pours, so don’t insist on more.

Come and see us at Reyes Winery. We are open Saturdays and Sundays 11 a.m.-5 p.m., but we will also be open on Friday, December 29 from 1 p.m.-5 p.m. Happy New Year!


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